Patiala Babes 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Plays Prank With Hanuman

Patiala Babes 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita finds out that Hanuman Singh/HS is chatting with her on her facebook page and irritating her. HS says it is Veer Balika/Minnie’s plan and requests not to scold Veer Balika. Minnie makes sad face. At Khatri’s office, Ashok working on his laptop reminisces Mita fighting with him. Khatri walks in and seeing him sad offers him liquor. Ashok says he cannot go home inebriated. Khatri says he can sleep on sofa and asks to call his wife and inform that he will not come home. Mita picks call and asks it is already 11:30 p.m. where is he. He says he is busy at work planning budget, so he will not come home tonight. She asks what work. He yells that he has lots of work pressure and will come home in the morning. Mita feels bad. Khatri says women yell, but it is their chance to enjoy

with friends and share their emotions. They both cheers.

Next morning, Babita informs Nayeem Bi/NB about HS and Minnie playing prank on her. NB laughs and says good she and Minnie reconciled and says HS has golden heart, even though she rejected his love, he still helps her, she should not be so rude and continue friendship with him. Babita says even she can play a prank in friendship. She walks to HS and scolds him for criticizing her as fan and damaging her image. HS nervously says he will delete comments. Babita says on social media, once commented cannot be deleted, it is a permanent damage, he ruined her image. He says he will apologize. She says apology won’t be enough, walking away. He thinks what else he should do, he thought they are good friends now.

At Khurana house, Dadaji arranges carrom coins to play with Biji. Biji seeing Mita in kitchen feels bad for her and tells Dadaji that Mita is feeling alone and they need to do something. Dadaji asks Mita what is she drinking. She says lemonade. He asks if she will not serve him. She says she will prepare one for him then. He asks her to come and sit in front of him and asks if she knows to play carrom. She says no. He explains rules and asks her and Biji to play. Biji takes Mita’s side and plays wrongly. He acts her arguing with her. Mita laughs loudly seeing their argument. Biji says they heard a laugh in this house after a long time. Dadaji emoitionally says they are missing Minnie’s mischieves and laughs. Mita feels guilty that Babit and Minnie had to leave house because of her and considers herself responsible. Biji says they cannot change whatever happened, she should not take stress and try to keep herself happy. Mita nods yes and walking to her room sends facebook friendship request to Minnie and likes her posts.

Minnie returns from college with Preet discussing about their college projects. She sees Mita’s friendship request and stands fuming. Preet asks why she got angry suddenly. Minnie says Mita liked her facebook posts. Preet suggests her to set privacy so that only friends can see her posts. Minnie says Mita must be stressed after whatever happened to her. Preet reminds what Mita did to her and Babita. Minnie says she knows, but Papaji rudely behaved with her and even pushed her. Preet asks if her opinion is changing regarding Mita. Minnie says no and sees Mita’s friend request. Preet asks if she will accept request. Minnie says no. Preet says let us chill out with coffee.

HS enjoying chat with Laala and explains him whole situation happened with Babita. Laala suggests him to not pay attention to her and not make an eye contact with her.

Precap: Babita seeing HS not making eye contact with her scolds him. HS nervously thinks how to make eye contact with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. All I see about Mini-Babita relationship with Mita is, it should not be hatred, nor a friendship. Cause yes, Mita did wrong in the past. But giving emphaty to her doesn’t mean you have to be friend with her. Mini gives her pity for her, cause she knows that Babes is in the same place..

  2. hello im modiji

    HS is funny he’s the jolly go boy in the show # babita and hs should enjoy each other’s company

  3. SsiyAa

    amazing..!!.. everything gone unpredictable.. it was prank that babita played on HS… also babita didn’t made it big issue… good yaar!!.. very honest approach by makers…
    now ashok drunk and will reach home..huh.. hate him as a person….’
    lala gave fuddu advice not to make eye contact.. pehle bhi kaunsa eye contact krte the dono.. chori chori hi to HS dekha karta tha babes ko… but it would be fun to watch…
    the best thing i love about this serial is, the makers focus on developing the characters and relationship between each other.. like the development of mita and biji in today’s episode.. since long they are slowly slowly developing babita and HS relationship, development of babita as strong and confident woman, etc. like many things…. makers are in no hush-push… loved it..

  4. SsiyAa

    #sad news for those who love the actors in this serial… #update- hunar ali aka mita has left the show as she was unhappy with the script she was getting, so in serial she will leave her husband and go back to london forever…
    i don’t know about others but everything was good, yes may be she was getting less screenspace but all know that the story is more about mother-daughter. will miss her i loved her for her realistic acting. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    and yes, leaving ashok was the right option if he cannot change himself for anyone, that has to happened one day.

    1. If that happens, i will miss mita a lot. Yes the writers made her character a little contradictory, i cannot understand how an independent and strong woman like her could stay with a man like ashok for so long… But i dont want her to leave either. I like her role and she shows that not all second wives are vamp or evil beings. They can be nice too in their own way… I sincerely hoped the show would given a mesaage where ashok rectifies his mistake instead of mita leaving altogether

      1. SsiyAa

        She had left already, and the good thing is makers aren’t thinking to replace her instead they ended it with justice. and may be ashok understand his mistakes after she leave or something may happen as makers will take care of that. even i loved since the entry mita i was thinking they will make her negative but thankgod, she was the best to watch. i loved her acting too so natural and emotional. how her one decision changed her life and made her what she never thought to be. her role is a lesson that it’s not wrong to choose emotions but person does matters. she thought ashok love her so he will change for her, but he didn’t. so what her decision came out to be wrong, so what ashok didn’t changed but that doesn’t mean she should carry the burden her whole life. even she can decide to move on and let the ashok repent for what he bowed.

      2. naruto uzumaki

        i have been happy sooner or later the main leads will exit and this show will finish itself

    2. I have read that she didn’t want to quit, she was okay with her character having not much to do but she just said to the producers she doesn’t want to play a mom for this particular role. The producers initially assured her they will bring a miscarriage but then out of nowhere called her saying they will wrap up her role.
      This is the link
      didn’t expect that from a show that talks about work ethics and women rights

      1. SsiyAa

        miscarriage due to society pressure or lack of empathy and attention from family could have been the also one topic to be shown… i didn’t knew this side of the story.. feeling bad for hunar, also makers loss the chance to show one more topic… i thought she decided to leave on her own.. this isn’t justice… #sad

      2. I agree with SsiyAa. At least show miscarriage due to abusive marriage. This is realistic. After miscarriage, then it makes sense for Mita to divorce Ashok and move back to London.

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