Patiala Babes 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Finds Out Shocking Truth

Patiala Babes 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie tells Hanuman Singh/HS that they are family now and he need not talk about privacy, he can fix back TV in hall. She then rushes to take bath saying Babita that she will get late for lecture. In the afternoon, Kammo while working in Babita’s shop tells NB it is very hot here. NB says she will ask Babita to fix AC here. Babita returns to her shop. Minnie returns from college with Mickey and their bike splash dirt on Khatri. Khatri yells at them while they both laugh. Babit walks to them and scolds them. Mickey smirking says his bike skid. Khatri walks to them and teases that Minnie roams with boys whole day and why not as she learnt it from her mother. NB warns to mind his tongue. Khatri says whole locality watched Babita and HS’ fondness for each other on TV yesterday and

their affair. Kammo warns not to speak ill. Minnie confronts Khatri saying his thinking is so ugly like his ugly face and says it is friendship which dirty mind like Khatri won’t understand, nobody should dare to doubt their true friendship. Khatri says whole locality will see over time how their affairs blooms.

Minnie with Mickey returns home and their chatting starts. Mickey asks not to pay heed to Khatri’s words and says he thought about her signal towards Preet. Minnie checks her laptop and finds Laala and HS’ voice recording where HS expresses his love for Babita and hopes she realizes his love for her. Mickey tries to calm her down, but she angrily asks him to leave. She closes her room door and cries reminiscing HS’ fatherly affection for her and kindness for Babita and shouts why did HS do this, they were so happy together and he spoilt everything.

HS returns with 2 gunny bags full of mangoes and calls Babita and Minnie. Minnie walks to him. He excitedly describes qualities of Malihabad Dusehri mangoes and how enjoy them. Minnie asks why did he bring them. HS asks what does she mean. Minnie asks if he brought it for Babita, he brought whole dosa stall and lots more when Babita wished; what should she consider seeing all this; why he does so much for Babita, why he is so fond of her, he does not have to interfere in their lives. HS gets angry and confronts her. She walks into her room. HS continues venting out his anger asking what does she think of him. Babita returns home and asks what happened. HS asks her to teach some manners and how to speak to elders to Minnie. Babita walks into room and asks why did she misbehave with HS, she should go and apologize him. Minnie tries to explain her feelings, but Babita walks away insisting to apologize HS. Mickey comes to meet Minnie. Minnie cries that she thought HS is a perfect man, but how can he think of Babes like that; Khatri is already badmouthing about them, etc. She continues venting out her feelings and crying. Mickey asks how can she stop anyone from loving, nobody has control over feelings, Preet loves him and it happens, even HS developed feelings and love for Babita living together and it is natural. Minnie asks even if he loves her. Mickey says if she has gone mad, Babes is her mother. She says she means Preet. He says no, it is Preet’s feelings and the girl he loves does not understand his feelings, pointing at Minnie.

Precap: HS tells Minnie that he will not let anyone break rules. Minnie says she will leave his house as they are just tenants and can shift house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Minnie definately needs to learn some manners…she has no respect for elders. Great kid but manners is essential.

    1. i nevermind khatri’s words what i am concerned is about babita holding back for her grown up daughter makers need to bring imarti for hs soon and minnie should focus on mickey and yes its high time give babita hs some time by keeping minnie in pin drop silence
      girls of minnie age i tell u are very confused when a boy says he loves her girls think of them as gunda or some even think them as they intend them for *** and if same boys don’t pay heed to gals they say mumma boys # these girls just want everything acc to themselves and boys have become kabir singh # ghor kalyug hai bro

      1. i will just say follow your heart babita if it has love for hs then be with him and get happy and don’t mind minnie i m damm sure even minnie will do that once she gains maturity in her decisions

    2. Minnie needs to know its not every thing has to be centred round her and babes. Yes they look out for each other but as soon as Minnie is not given importance she has a hissy fit babes needs to be tuff with Minnie and her hysterical mood swings. It’s OK for her to say hs we are family but does not really mean it as soon as she finds out the it’s a different story. Mother shoulbd a mother and daughter a daughter not try to be your mothers mother.

  2. Although i can understand where Minnie’s insecurity is coming from, it is not HS’s feelings which will ruin their relationship, it is Minnie’s reckless reaction to it. And god knows what will happen when she finds out even Babita is aware of HS’s feelings. And today, when Khatri was bad mouthing Babita, it was clear Babita wasn’t able to reply anything because in her heart she knew even she has feelings for HS. How will Minnie react when she discovers this? I think the problem is… Minnie has been acting as the adult for too long. She thinks she should hide this from her babes, from Nayeen Bi, from dadaji, from everyone and she needs to still protect her babes somehow. While in reality half those people already know and if she shares or asks for their advice, they will be in a better position to help her deal with the situation. I feel Dadaji might even support Babita and HS relationship because he wants Babita to move forward too. Anyways, its common for teenagers to share with their friends rather than elders, and i am glad that Minnie at least is talking to Mickey about it. tomorrow is going to be another sad episode. I dont know how HS is going to reply to Minnie’s suggestion of leaving the house. but if he gets angry and tells her to leave according to her wishes, then am sure that Minnie will indeed insist on leaving… i hope she cools down a little bit and at least think whether this can also be good for her babes. There is hell of a difference between Ashok and Hanuman, and if Babita wishes, she should get a chance to choose her life partner again
    Btw, i dont know how this Mickey-Minnie-Preet situation is going to pan out. Mickey even today indicated that he still likes Minnie. But since he has found out about Preet’s crush, he has been thinking if he should date her or not. In teenage years it is very common to jump from one crush to the other and Mickey was anyways shown to have one girlfriend after another in the beginning of the show. Still, if he still likes Minnie, i hope he does the mature thing and stay away from Preet too
    as a last note, Babita should really start hiring new people in her shop. The writers cant seriously expect us to believe that only THREE people are doing all the shopping, washing, preparing, cooking for a growing business for months now!

    1. Khyati Madaan

      Minnie is just being too much….it will get a hell lot more easier for babita to move on if minnie stops acting mature because she is not mature enough to take long time decisions. She still feels that she needs to protect babita from the world but babita has grown incredibly strong and a lot more wise. She now takes decisions kepping in mind her and minnie’s future and soes not feel insecure about minnie as she knows she needs to give space to minnie so that she grows and her teen years do not get spoiled. But minnie is acting a lot more immature that expected. She maybe coreect in some parts but that girl seriously needs to learn some manners. She just can’t be rude anytime she likes and talk sweetly according to her own wish. I agree that she supported her mother and acted wise to take decisions for her but she can’t be such a spoilt brat and so mannerless and rude. Someone needs to give her a piece of mind. I really like mickey’s character. He is always their for minnie and his suggestions are reaalt good. He judges both the sides of the situation and then gives his opinion on the matter and explains minnie with a calm mind. He is much more mature than minnie and also wiser. He is never rude and always tries to make minnie understand the second person’s opinion. As for the lart when he was talkimg about preet and his relation, I think he wanted to see whether minnie would get jealous or not or whether she would be affected by the same but as usual their was no effect of it on minnie and so I think he concluded at last that minnie is not interested in him and he even indirectly pointed it out.
      As far as I fell, maybe minnie will realize that babaita also needs a life partner and maybe she will slowly and steadily accept hanuman and babaita’s relation and it may also happen that after seeing their relation, her faith in love is restored again.
      This is just my opinion ( and kinda very long)…..

  3. SsiyAa

    see dhara.. what you said in yesterday’s episode comment, they showed khatri and minnie fight.. and the way khatri made her feel bad about not been shown in interview… like khatri everyone will think same about babita and hs for the way media gave them more priority and showed only them… his song made me laugh’ “pyaar bina chain kha ree… “….
    but the way minnie challenged khatri about having no affair, “nain mattakka” and only friendship between babes and HS…. felt bad for babita, if it’s not true then it is easy to be ignored but when it is true it matters alot….
    and mickey’s thought about preet, the way he was trying to tell her…he was looking cute at that time…
    .then there’s comes a confession… touched by minnie’s pain and her emotional thoughts, she was so confident about HS and babes but that is broken now..everything was mixed today… mixed emotions, mixed thoughts.. complaint, aggression, pain, tears, … got connected to today’s episode, liked the episode today.. everyone is hiding something inside them…
    insecurity and fear to get part from babita because of hanuman is in mind of minnie, fear of getting down in eyes of minnie and feelings for HS is hidden in babita and HS hiding the feeling for babita and wish to form family with them…
    i was waiting for minnie’s side on this and first reaction on this….
    ..mickey tried to explain her well.. but minnie’s hatred for love-shov has blind-folded her… i guess when minni will learn about babita’s feeling that can make her introspect herself.. waiting for that part.. till that minnie will be rude and against HS we know that..

    1. I was wondering if the show is going to go off air when all the characters started exiting one by one. After all, sony doesnt drag any of its shows for years. But then patiala babes telecast time got shifted and the characters promote the new timing everyday during breaks, so maybe there will be a change in storyline. I just hope patiala babes doesnt end so soon. I will miss the show dearly

  4. Writers did not drag any other storyline but this one they will and it be boring as Al other serials do this. They just drag drag till you have steam coming from ears I hope this one has a happy conclusion. Minnie has to be in love to understand the meaning of love. She totally overacted. About time babes open her mouth and say she has feelings for hs as well. Mini should be supportive in this like she has always been with all decisions babes has taken so far. Like biji said she’s afraid she will forget being daughter and become babes mother. Mother should be a mother and daughter a daughter. At the end mother is an individual and so is Minnie. Don’t impose your own thoughts, be the person u are live and let live. We all are individuals. Don’t lose this just because you are married like babes did with ashok. Hs is more forward thinking and will let mother daughter flourish, Minnie should think calmly. But if writers want to spoil the serial then who are we to waste our time and write comments.
    Also I know it’s patiala babes but others characters are interesting as well apart from ugly disgusting one shirt owner khatri. To cut story short don’t drag this storyline pls.

  5. Minnie will take some time to develop, she has been Babita’s mother for so long and now their roles are changing, Babes is getting more confident and making her own choices; she’s finally living a happy life on her own terms. It’s going to be difficult for Minnie to transition back into a child. I think Minnie is going to go live with Ashok. There will probably be a timeskip, Minnie will fall for Mickey after he marries Preet and Minnie will be the Mita. I think Babes is going to slap Minnie for her bad behavior

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