Patiala Babes 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Biji Collapses Stressed; Babita Confronts Dadaji

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Patiala Babes 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini suggests Babita let us forget our past and start afresh. Nayeem bi hopes Babita can follow Mini’s advice. Mini walks away crying, and Hanuman runs behind her. Baita cries looking at divorce papers. Mini walks near lohri fire an continues crying. Hanuman walks to her. Mini says why Babes does not uunderstand that papaji wants to divorce her, why don’t she sign papers and throw on papaji’s face and troubling herself instead. She cries loudly, and Hanuman consoles her hugging her.

Mita tells Ashok that he should not have gone to Babita with divorce papers like this, it is very difficult for Babita to accept, he was very rude. He should be sensitive, else it will be difficult even for her. Ashok shouts they are not thinking about him and behaving as if it is a big issue, they will not accept our relationship if they are allowed to. Mita saks what was Babita’s reaction when he gave divorce papers to her.

Babita looking at her mangalsutra cries. Biji unable to sleep take turns on bed reminiscing Babita’s sad face, Ashok’s arrogance, and Dadaji’s helplesslness. She gets up shouting no.. Babita reminisces marrying Ashok, Mini’s birth, Ashok meeting her when Mini was a kid, etc. A sad ghazal plays in the background. Biji imagines Mini and Babnita performing Dadaji and Biji’s wedding anniversary and cutting cake, etc… She picks water to drink continuing to reminisce all the incidents and collapses. Mita walks into kitchen and gets concerned seeing Biji on floor. She calls Ashok and Dadaji. Ashok calls doctor and after sometime over phone informs Sukhi that Biji collapsed in tension after he gave divorce papers to Babita. Babita and Mini walk in and say they came to meet Biji and came to know via neighbor, whole neighborhood knows except them, can’t Ashok call and inform them.

They walk into Biji’s room. Dadaji cries that Biji was fine last night, but got tensed hearing Ashok giving divorce papers to Babita, she collapsed after that and doctor told she is weak and very stressed. Babita pleads Biji to wake up. Biji opens eyes and asks if she came, her papaji wants to leave her alone and wants to go to Haridwar forever. Dadaji walks away feeling guilty. Babita confronts him and asks how can do this to Biji, Biji served him for years without expecting anything, he is giving her loneliness in return. Dadaji says she will not understand. Babita says Biji never asked anything from him and tolerated his ego, he is angry that his son is selfish and thinks of only himself, but even he is doing same with his super ego and doing same as his son, one threw divorce papers on his wife and other wants to leave his wife, what is there difference between them, does only he love Babita and Mini and not Biji, then why don’t he share his sorrows with Biji; he took oath to be with Biji whole life, then how can he think of leaving her alone.

Precap: Babnita confronts Ashok that he wants her to go away to hide his guilt, but it cannot be and this is his punishment.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Happy to see Babita speaking up for herself. Why do all these cheaters believe they are not wrong for all the pain they caused? Cheating on your wife for years and still blaming wife for shame?
    Ashok needs to be taught a lesson.

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episodes!

  3. Ashok’s ego is too much, don’t know where it comes from but he needs to be brought down to earth! Babita’s strength is growing day by day. I’ll be happy watch Hanuman fall for her whilst she’s on her growth path.

    1. mrs devinder.singh uk

      agree they make a nice pair. but will our society allow it they will point fingers at her but not point at ashok. khatri should be be brought down a lot as well with his filthy mind. someone should show khatri his aukat.

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