Patiala Babes 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie’s Brave Act

Patiala Babes 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie does exercise in the morning on terrace and seeing Mickie on road calls him and asks to come up. He ignores her and walks away angrily. Nayeem Bi/NB noticing that calls her over phone and asks why her makhan/butter walked away like oil. Minnie says he is not her makhan and explains what happened the other day. NB says she should apologize her friends and cheer them up. Babita with HS brings new TV and tells him that Minnie was hurt by reporter’s behavior. HS says that is why she brought this TV for Minnie to cheer her up. Babita thanks HS for his help and says she always troubles him. He says yes always, but he likes her pestering always and wants her to. She asks what did he say. He stands nervous. Their discussion continues.

HS and Laala fix TV in hall to watch Babita’s

interview. NB, Dadaji, and Biji also join to watch interview. Minnie returns home and gets excited seeing TV, thanks HS. HS signals at Babita. Babita says she bought it and Minnie can watch any program she likes, but first they will watch their interview. Minnie happily hugs and thanks her for surprise gift. NB says she will hug her twice seeing her surprise gift and calls Preet, Mickey, and Bobby. Minnie asks if they are not angry on her. Mickey says yes, but they came to watch her interview. Bobby sits next to Minnie and says he will watch Minnie giving credit even to them sitting next to her. Minnie walks to NB and asks what did she lie. NB says she had to do this to bring her friends here. Interview starts. Reporter introduces Babita in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu Thi’s Tulsi Virani style and describe how she built her business single-handedly and how she takes care of Minnie as a single parent. Babita then speaks about HS as a lamp in the temple and it is good their relationship does not have any tag, they are friends and admirers, etc.. They all wait for Minnie’s interview, but reporter ends program. Everyone get sad.

Minnie tries to cheer herself. Babit calls reporter and scolds her for not airing Minnie’s interview. Reporter says due to time constraints, she showed what was needed. Minnie stops Babita and says Babita is famous now and she should not scold reporters, else they will air news against her. Babita says even then. HS asks Mickey to bring DSLR, he will take Minnie’s interview and air it in whole locality. Minnie says she is not a girl to cheer her up. Biji and Dadaji walk to their home. Minnie drops them home and cheer up Biji that she is happy with Babita’s success as she is Babita’s teacher like HS says in his style. She walks away continuing to cheer them. NB says Minnie is a pure gold, she did not get jealous of her mother. Dadaji says why not as Minnie is Babita’s mother since the beginning. Biji says she is worried that Minnie should not lose her childhood while trying to act as Babita’s mother.

Babita clears mess with HS feeling sad for Minnie and says she never thought of a life without Minnie. HS says she should be proud of Minnie. Babita continues speaking and giving him credit for her success along with Minnie and thanks him forever. HS thinks she is great, first she becomes dear one and then sends him far away by thanking him. Minnie returns home and pampers Babita. Babita says I am not a kid. Minnie asks if she is still stuck at interview issue, she should feeling guilty about past and move forward. Babita says she is not. Minnie reminds her of old incident where Babita eats Minnie’s ice cream and feels guilty and says she should not feel guilty and should smile now. Babita smiles. Minnie says that is my Babes and should continue smiling always. Babita says even HS felt guilty and told he came between them. Minnie says now HS also started…asks Matarani how can she handle 2 kids. Babita asks her not to disturb HS now. Minnie says she will speak to him in the morning and asks Babita to wake her up early morning for studies. Next morning, Babita wakes up Minnie. Minnie says 2 more minutes. HS with Laala brings TV and says now Minnie and her mother can watch TV in privacy. Minnie asks if Babita told that, why he thinks they need privacy. She hugs him and says he is also part of their lives and a family member. HS gets emotional hearing that.

Precap: Minnie hears recording of HS’ confession that he loves Babita.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    Hmm.. Predictable that they won’t show Minnie part in interview.. Felt bad for her she deserved the first credit.. . Sometimes I feel like ashnoour’s acting is more than her age I mean it feels overacting very rarely but sometimes… Biji lines were true, “babita ki maa bante bante Minnie apna bachpan naa kho de”… Well that’s actually is happening…
    Waiting for next episode as there we’ll get to see her reactions on learning hs feelings 💘…. As per SBS clips she will get hurt badly emotionally and will have stomach ache too due to stress… She won’t behave mannerly with hanuman after this.. Will wait to see how quick she will have realisation…. Now the episodes come for 32minutes

    1. Hi SsiyAa, you said rightly yesterday that Minnie is the actual reason behind Babita’s fame. Minnie trained as to how to speak for the videos, she edited them, she handled all the social media publicity… and now to become a footnote in her mother’s success story is very hurtful. I am surprised Minnie did not show her real feelings and put up a brave front instead… btw, i also feel the lines are sometimes too cheesy. like when the reporter asked Babita about HS, she replied Hanumaji is like the flame of a diya whose light spreads everywhere etc etc. i dont know if 35yr olds actually talk like that, but sometimes the show becomes ‘artistic’ rather than realistic

  2. so far its been a pleasure to watch , but if the writers are going to show rubbish like other serials then it will go downhill from here on . Minnie should chill as well as babes. we all love our children and would do anything for them but here babes gets bit OTT when its anything to do with Minnie. cat and mouse between babes and HS at times gets boring. she needs to be strong and take the initiative Minnie will not be there for here always. give the child back her life babes. its not always about you and your feelings Minnie has them as well..

  3. I wonder how much money Babita has… she just weeks ago bought the shop at 10 lakhs. Adding the money from sponsorship with her savings, she spent almost everything she had. she was also shown filling new utensils in the shop. she still has to run her catering business everyday but gets paid only at the end of the month… she keeps saying she is getting more orders by the day but has she already earned enough to buy a TV? The TV looked quite big and costly, maybe another 30-40k… i know this is nitpicking from all the things shown in the episode, but everyday i feel like the writers do not show very consistently how much Babita is making, or if she is working hard enough day and night to justify this sort of wealth
    Minnie put her mother’s happiness in the forefront today. I love how much she cares about Babita that she did not let her see even one sad expression. But her big smile was in itself an indication for all the elders. Only Preet was immature to not understand at once how Minnie must be feeling… and i am glad that next morning she also showed how much she cares about HS and called him part of her family. I just hope after hearing the audio clip tomorrow, the sad parts dont drag for many episodes and Minnie reconciles soon. They will make a happy family together.
    Btw, did anyone notice that Minnie now has started calling Nayeen Bi as dadi amma. It was also nice to see everyone, Biji papaji, Mickey, happy, preet, Nayeenbi, Lala, HS… all of them were present for the TV interview. If someone from a small moholla gets a TV interview, then even the neighbours would crowd their house during the telecast. Its a big occasion and am glad almost everyone important was present. (disappointed that there wasn’t a scene of Khatri fuming because he got no footage in the interview 😛 )

  4. I think we’re eventually going to get a timeskip, Minnie will go to London to study leaving everyone behind. She’ll probably be in the same position as Mita with Mickey and Preet will be in Babita’s shoes… life is a circle after all

  5. Well, I don’t think that Mini is on brave act. She is just try to look strong, but she failed.

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