Patiala Babes 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Gives Divorce Papers To Babita

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Patiala Babes 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khatri asks Hanuman Singh how is he related to Babita and Mini. Hanuman Singh says a gutter man can spill only dirty stink. Khatri gets angry and yells to be in his limits. Hanuman Singh shouts now gutter man will teach his limits. Kammo interferes and asks what wrong did Khatri say, how is he related to Babita and Mini. Hanuman Singh says he respects women and does not want to explain her. Kammo continues yelling at Hanuman Singh. Mini confronts her and asks what does she mean. Kammo says she is so. Mini asks she means arrogant, she is and better than Khatri who eyes on other women and society people badmouthing about each other for silly reasons, they just value blood relationship, but she and her babes value relationship of heart, they came here happily to enjoy festival, but their evil minds started conspiracies and tried to insult them, but they will not fall for their tricks.

Hanuman Singh asks Khatri if so much insult is enough or he wants more and asks Babita and Mini to perform their ritual. Babita says she did not bring oil. Makhan gives her oil and says Lucky and Billa apologized Mini already, they will apologize Babita in front of everyone now. They both hesitate. Makhan warns them that he will not let them party with him on his father’s money. They apologize. All girls clap. Nayeem bi says these girls are clapping as they imagine Mini in themselves, they want to walk freely and study further, but mischief mongers like Lucky and Billa don’t let them do so, they are proud of Mini’s daring act. Khatri and his team stand jealous. Nayeem bi asks Makhan his name. He says Makhan. She praises him for his support.

Hanuman plays drum and signals Babita and Mini to perform lohri ritual. They perform ritual and then dance with ladies. Mini hugs all ladies. Makhan tries to hug and flirt with her. She resists. He says now she is impressed and will fall into his love. She says never for the guy whose name is Makhan. They both continue dancing with ladies on Punjabi folk song. Mini gets happy seeing Mini dancing. Ashok reaches there and drags Babita from there. Mini runs behind him warning to leave her Babes. Khatri taunts Hanuman Singh how will explain relationship to Babita’s husband and with grinning face wishes happy lohri.

Ashok drags Babita to Hanuman’s house. Mini confronts him to stop misbehaving with Babes. Ashok yells why should not he, Babita has gone mad and was dancing in front of everyone. Mini asks what is wrong in it. Ashok continues that she is staying a cheap man’s house. Babita confronts that she has gone mad since he brought Mita home, she lived as Mini’s mother for many years hoping Ashok would return, but he lived with Mita and was disloyal to me. She continues confronting him. Ashok yells she is so frustrated, why don’t she leave him, he brought divorce papers and walks away asking her to sign it and return it to him. He returns home and informs his parents that he gave divorce papers to Babita. Biji yells he could have killed his parents instead of giving this new. Ashok yells he did not do anything wrong and Babita deserves this for staying in cheap man’s house. Dadaji taunts Biji that she still is supporting her son and walks away. Biji sees Dadaji’s phone ringing and picks call. Travel agent informs that Dadaji’s Haridwar ticket is booked.

Babita shatters seeing divorce papers. Mini suggests she should sign papers and divorce Papaji. Nayeem bi says her mother is emotionally drained now and she should not trouble her mother. Mini says she is try to console her mother and what is the use to be in a relationship where partner is disloyal and never cares..

Precap: Babita confronts Dadaji that there is no difference between him and his son, one is insulting his wife and another wants to divorce his wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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