Patiala Babes 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Ties Rakhi To Hanuman

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Patiala Babes 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nayeem Bi/NB scolds lady to stop eating shamelessly and why did she lie that she is a reporter. Lady says she is not reporter, she is Babita’s best friend Poonam. Minnie asks if she is Babita’s childhood friend. Poonam says yes and asks who is she. Minnie says she is Babita’s daughter Minnie and takes her home where Babita and she reminisce school memories. Poonam says she is happily married now with 2 children. Babita says she has not changed at all. Poonam says even she has not changed, she is still same shy Babita; asks if she stays in HS’ haveli, he looked flirty type. Minnie thinks HS is gone now. Babita gets angry hearing that. Minnie explains whole story and cries that HS is a good man. Poonam asks her to relax. On the other side, NB asks HS to forget his

anger and marry Babita. HS says he is happy the way he is and has decided already. Poonam hears Babita’s love story and asks if she loves HS, then why don’t she forget his bitter words and reaccept his love. Babita says he didn’t even apologize. Babita asks if she wants him to fall on her feet, she knows how Babita is and should take a decision as life doesn’t give a second chance for everyone. Minnie hears their conversation.

Biji gets money from Lovely and Sukhi and informs Dadaji that she will pay NB’s rent and some more money as grocery expenses. Dadaji says she is right, they are indebted with NB’s favors. NB enters, and Biji gives her money. NB says she is not so cunning to take money for food, god will not forgive her if she does that. Biji asks how will they clear her debts. NB says time will come and there shouldn’t be any money involved between relationship, only dearness and affection can be exchanged.

Minnie stands in balcony reminiscing Poonam’s words. Poonam asks if she is thinking about Babita and HS. Minnie says HS is a good man and she wants Babes to start a new life with him not because everyone approved but because they love and respect each other. Poonam says Babita is hesitant due to her responsibilities and Minnie is her responsibility, so she needs to handle situation carefully. Minnie says Babes must have informed that HS had Imarti in his life before Babes. Poonam says even Babita had Ashok in her life, but HS forgot her past and accepted Babita. Minnie says there was no love between her parents. Poonam says at least some love was there, so Minnie came in the world. Babita should accept HS with his past; their past will stay with them forever, one cannot escape from past but should enjoy it in present, Babita has hope of better future. Minnie asks where was she all these days, if she had come before, she wouldn’t have handled situations alone. Poonam says she can call her any time for help. Babita hears their conversation and sits on bed reminiscing Poonam and Minnie’s conversation, HS’ bitter words, etc..

Next morning, HS prepares tea in his kichen when Babita loudly wishes Happy Republic Day to him. He turns and says it is Happy Independence Day. Minnie wishes happy swatantrata divas. HS offers her tea. Laala enters and says he is late as all his cousin sisters took time to tie rakhi on his wrist. Minnie ties rakhi to HS and asks nek. HS gives her 1000 rs and asks if she will not tie rakhi to anyone else. She says she has Pinku mama’s son, but they are not in talking terms, Babes loves his bother a lot and misses him though. Kammo with other Patiala Babes employees enters and ties rakhi to HS and Laala. Minnie then meets Mickey and Preet and their chat continues. Minnie sees Preet sad and asks reason. Mickey says Bobby has gone out and has not returned yet, she is sad because of that.

Babita misses Pinku while preparing food. Minnie walks to her and requests to call him as he also must be eagerly waiting to hear her, at least the feeling of not trying once will not be there. Babitga calls Pinku and hears ring at home. Minnie excitedly rushes to balcony and gets happy seeing Pinku. Babita also gets happy hearing that. Minnie hugs Pinku and his wife. Babita walks to her brother who touches her feet emotionally. She asks how is he. He nods yes. Minnie says she thought he forgot them and wouldn’t come. Pinku’s wife says he is fasting since morning as he doesn’t have food before Babita ties him rakhi, he was feeling guilty for breaking up with his sister and wanted to meet her, but could not; HS came and informed how much she is eager to meet her brother, so they came here running to meet her. Babita with teary eyes looks at HS.

Precap: HS tells Minnie that she doesn’t need tenant but owner in his house, ask her mother if she will marry him. Minnie and Babita get emotional hearing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    They are dragging too much, infect their ego is getting too much… But liked how Hanuman fulfilled his duties and called babita brother… ??????Poonam made babita realise that Babita shyness turned into Anger though it was not direct but she did…
    I was laughing hard khatri wife and gang use to hurt Hanuman and today they came to tie rakhi to hanuman…????

    1. SsiyAa

      mickey was more funny and real with his words, “ghar me bhai kam pad jate hain ladkiyon ko jo bahar rakhi lekar ghumti rehti hain ab ladkiyaan..”.. ????… i have heard this from so many times from almost every boy complaining out there with the exact same line.
      it would have been more funny if every lady of mohalla (with whomever khatri ever flirted) would have went to khatri to tie rakhi to him… his expressions would have rocked ????… but such punctured creep mind ko koi touch bhi kyun kare.. ????.. apne hi haant gande honge ??

  2. SsiyAa

    thanks @MA for quick update…
    the precap surprised me…. so, are makers planning marriage track next?.
    so babita realised that even she had many times had spoken harsh to HS, and this time HS is not ready to bow. Well as i said only direct face to face communication is the solution to this, it seems that will happen soon. And that video link shared by @Shade and @MeeTooPatialaBabes hint me the same. HS and Babita might have direct talk about their feelings and HS may tell her they are family now and their frame is deserved to be there on wall too.
    and Poonam, i was right she was there for one episode and came as an answer to few of their unanswered questions. Her part was nice and she was very true about her words. Felt like it’s me who is speaking, however good or bad past is… it has to be accepted and present can be controlled then only. Her each and every sentence made sense, like koi to feeling hogi ashok aur babita ke beech jo minnie born hui, and that is true. Before generations hardly knew what love is, their marriage, child, family etc. was all part of their responsibility and some in feeling of affection had kids and some had kids to fill the emptiness in their life/house and some to show the society that their woman is not infertile…etc. etc many reasons. 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 might have felt that love. Today divorce cases have increased because people are running behind emotions, they have so many expectations, they know about the available choices… but before it wasn’t like that. All they knew is their values and responsibilities with some stereotype believes.
    none of them were wrong. but i feel one should have tolerance, patience and responsibility feeling at the same time. Past generation has to know the margin of tolerance and new generation should learn not run behind everything. Emotions are transient, they fade with time, evolve with environment thus one should not run behind it as it is natural and will happen on its own. But one should understand where to stop with the knowledge of truth and vow of commitment that love means full acceptance with minimal expectations of always being responsible to that one person you chose.
    Honestly speaking ‘m not in favor of adultering it’s a complete cheat in my eyes. if you make committment or take vows then fulfill your promise and if you have even a 1% doubt then let that person go before so none of your life can ruin. Hurting your better-half or leaving them for your so-called late realised love who is third party is highly wrong that Silsila badalte rishton ka tried to show. What here Babita had face. But if situations brings you in that position where you are free and getting second chance grab it with the same facts/truth.
    so, finally wish minnie get a happy family and babita will get love and hanuman having void in his life will be filled.

  3. SsiyAa

    i remember when i was in school even i always did the same mistake, mixing independence and republic day with each other, also in hindi i used to call republic as “swatantrata divas” and independence day as “gadntantra divas” which in actual is opposite of each other and i need forcefully remind myself the right term for each.
    like they showed lovely-sukkhi taking care of biji-bauji financial need… so NB wasn’t taking rent from them till now?… and that “KARZ” part hint me as if NB will ask them for Babita’s hand from HS behalf, as she said waqt aane par rishton ka karza utarna hi padega…

  4. Shade

    If precap is just a dream… ???

  5. Today its going to be a long comment. I mean i write long always but still…
    First of all about hanuman. In the first scene i was very angry at him. He said he wont restart anything from his side. Babita too had told him many things many times but he moved on, then why cant babita. Well the ans to that is babita never continued remaining this rude and distant. Yesterday parvinder said that babita never apologized for her behavior during camera gift. Thats true. But babita accepted that camera and send HS video using that camera. So HS understood babita doesnt think like the accusations anymore. But in this case HS hasnt given any indication to babita that his words shouldnt be taken seriously now. Hell he doesnt even look at her anymore… But by the last scene i was again happy with him. Actions always speak louder than words. And he showed that even now he cares for babita’s happiness when it matters. And i was thinking why then is he being so stubborn? He knows he has done wrong and is still adamant he wont apologize. Instead he is demanding that if babita feels anything for him she should forgive him anyways. Why has the rational, logical, mature HS suddenly become like this… I have come up with only one explanation. Even the next morning after HS rejected babita, he looked apologetic. When babita came downstairs and took away the folder he said nothing even though seconds ago he was fighting with minnie and didnt want her to have the folder. But cut to a few scenes forward and HS didnt even react when babita returned with bags from nayeen bi’s house. What changed inbetween? I think it was babita’s reaction. Yes babita was hurt but from HS view babita basically said ‘i think you might have killed imarti. I am not going to support you. In fact i am not going to stay in this house anymore’. I know HS was harsh the night before to push babita away, he even kept insisting that minnie too should leave with babita. Yet in our hearts we still want to hope that our loved ones will stay with us in our times of need, that they will believe in us. (Hell i am a lot like that. When i am upset i will ask everyone to leave me alone. But if really nobody comes to inquire, i get upset that nobody cares.) But Babita straight away packed and left. She saw HS begging to sardar singh but did not say anything… Again i understood babita’s feelings at that point and HS was concentrating on imarti too much, but i think he got badly hurt by babita’s behavior too. That is why i feel that although he keeps saying he doesnt want anything to do with babita, in reality he is just angry at her. He wanted to push her away but he didnt expect her to actually leave at one of his lowest points. He hides it behind indifference and coldness, but he is infact stubborn in his hurt… What do others think about this?
    Coming to the rest, i wasnt too impressed by babita’s friend poonam. I mean she returns after more than 18 years and she is all babita i know you, do this dont do this. She was giving all sorts of advise to minnie, equating babita-ashok relation with imarti-HS relation… I dont know what role poonam will play in future, but i wish she would take some time before passing judgement. I mean how did she know babita is jealous of imarti? Or did she just assume? In fact in that scene i liked minnie very much. I liked how she was questioning whether they were all forcing babita to accept HS. Yes HS is a good man but doesnt mean babita has to accept him and the choice should be hers and hers alone. But to that poonam replied something like babita is doing it bcoz of her responsibilities and minnie is babita’s biggest responsibility… Whaaat? Yes at one point babita stepped back for minnie. But right now minnie wants the relation and babita is moving away for herself and not for minnie. I dont know, just didnt like poonam overall.
    Loved that the writers showed independence day and rakhi purnima together. Other shows dont even bother keeping any connection with reality. From them it would appear indians only play holi, drink bhaang and then bad things happen. *Smack face* and rakhi is always shown as brother sister bond, which it is, but in our homes we tie rakhi even to grandfathers or uncles. That is hardly ever shown and am glad patiala babes did. Also, i bet no other serial bothered showing that this year I-day and rakhi were on same day.
    Also loved that babita’s brother finally came back. Babita’s reaction when she realized pinku’s phone was infact ringing downstairs was priceless.
    And the precap ❤❤❤. I am guessing babita will finally break the silence between her and HS on monday. She will finally let go of her anger as HS reconciled pinku with her. And when babita talks from her heart HS will melt too and we will finally get our old HS back. Someone in youtube said the precap might be a dream but am hoping, praying that its not. Because it is too cute. He still doesnt say anything to babita but the way he wakes minnie up and say ‘enough of tenants now i want landlady…’ ❤❤❤❤

    1. Shade


    2. SsiyAa

      Hii Dhara, poonam was talking on basis of possibilities. Her role was for one day only. She was just an advisor on the basis of all she knew about her friend babita till now. I will request to hear that part again. And it was babita who broke all communication link from her friend for in-laws but when poonam found her on social media, she reached her.
      Observe it again, she didn’t trusted HS in one meet but doubt and questioned babita on how much she know him?… Then to advice her friend to give second to your relationship.. Then to may be babita is Hesitatant for responsibility towards Minnie to which Minnie corrected her that no she isn’t but maY be imarti… To which she said if it is then babita has to accept HS past and all that…. Her talk made sense if heard with focused mind.. Forget for a while who she is and then see it.
      So many people come to advice when we are in problems and she is still her school time friend who know her anger and fear…

      1. Hey siya, i am not saying what poonam said was wrong absolutely. In the right context it would make sense. But in this situation it didnt feel right to me. I will try to explain… I am not blaming poonam for going away. That was babita’s decision. All i am saying is now that she has returned, she is instantly giving advise based on what she knew about babita ages ago… I know babita has changed tremendously in less than a year. When the show started, no one could even imagine babita opening and successfully running her own business. But she did it by changing things about herself bit by bit. Poonam knew babita till around the time babita got married. I am not saying a person changes completely. But neither do they remain the same. If poonam had stayed a few days and then gave her advices, it wouldnt have grated me so much. Nayeen bi pushes both HS and babita all the time and though i dont always agree with her, from her place it always seems right. Because she has watched and observed both of them all these months and then formed her opinion. Poonam on the other hand at the very first meeting gave example about babita’s stubborness in SCHOOL. By evening we are supposed to believe she has heard everything necessary from babita and by morning she is comparing ashok-babita with hanuman-imarti (i will come to that in a minute). For me it was too much too soon. Poonam mentioned her first bf ran away and she later got married to someone else. If poonam had said she was facing problems now, would it be right if babita immediately said look at your past examples, you dont judge people properly so maybe you misjudged your husband too… Again i would say it was too soon too much for me. I get they were trying to show how clase poonam used to be to babita. But this way…
        Lets talk about hs-imarti and ashok-babita comparison. say poonam is very mature and very perceptive. Still she got all her info from babita only which is biased to begin with. Did babita tell her what ashok said in court and hs was there to witness it. Did babita mention how ashok abused pregnant mita. Did she say every instance of her interaction with HS and everuthing about imarti? Did in the very first meeting and in one evening babita mentioned everything in detail? What has HS got to be insecure about regarding Ashok i ask? Yes HS doesnt bother about ashok but its too easy knowing what kind of monster ashok was and how much babita suffered. Compare that with imarti. She was gold. And HS still says he loves imarti. Does babita still say she loves ashok?… Even after all this i remember nayeen bi’s doubts after ashok’s marriage announcement that babita might move forward just to show to ashok how happy she is. At that point HS decided to wait until babita is COMPLETELY OVER her past before moving forward. He accpeted her past but he also waited for her to be over it… Now considering all this how is it right to say babita should just accept HS still chanting imarti’s name bcoz HS accepted babita’s past with ashok that was as good as over for years…
        This is just one example. Again if poonam had presented her opinion with ‘maybe…’ or ‘i feel…’ i wouldnt have minded so much bcoz then poonam would be trying to assess the situation. But she wasn’t giving her opinion or having a discussion with minnie, rather she was advising minnie as an elder on what would be the right thing to do. I hope i am able to make the difference clear. How can she decide what would be right or wrong in such a complex situation based on one evening of information? I dont know, maybe i didnt like it becoz i didnt agree with half the things she said either and thus i am biased too

      2. SsiyAa

        oo my god!!… so much of extrospection… i feel it was just too early for you to accept poonam’s affinity to be shown in one episode… because you agree with some of her words but not wanted to see that in her one meeting or may be after 2-3 days stay. i think (not surely remember) but when she was talking to minnie she used “shayad” somewhere. hahaha now i’m trying inspect the same situation again… lol..
        well i guess as a viewer we can give that much of relaxation to makers as they are sometimes in hurry to run the show on point. Other serials drag the role of friend for weeks especially when actor has good face, body etc. the face they chose for poonam role was also good and could have been dragged for days but see makers brought her for one day shoot only. i guess makers are working on terms with strong wit.

      3. To add a little more, poonam’s words ‘your mother/HS are not teenagers and they have already lived a lot of their lives. That part of their lives will always remain with them and both have to accept it’ is very good advice in itself. But when she clubs its with ‘look how hs had accepted but babita hasnt’ or ‘babita shouldnt be jealous of imarti’ i feel that here poonam is missing the mark. Like she is using the right base advise but botching it up when applying to babita-hs context.

      4. (continued) Becauae i dont feel anywhere that babita has a problem with HS past. During the alcohol scene HS and babita had a little tussle and HS went away. The next night when babita saw how shaken HS got from court notice she was worried too and rven went to check on him after his return. Until then when has babita ever stayed away from hs because of his past? The only reason was minnie but babita got past that. Now she is hurt because HS rejected her badly with insult. That is the sole reason for all her distance and stubborness. So why make it an issue that babita is jealous of imarti and thus backing away? That she hasnt accepted HS past? If poonam had said ‘maybe Babita is doing this for this reasons…’ but no. Poonam says she knows babita so we must accpet that whatever she is saying about babita’s actions and reactions are truth. But from what i have seen i dont feel they are.
        Anyways, i dont know why i am talking so much about poonam. She had had only two three scenes as of now. I dont like the beginning but if her character is given more time and allowed to settle down, i am sure i will accept her better. Currently, i just hope HS-babita start communicating again and get over their anger, hurt, coldness as soon as possible…

  6. Shade

    Thank you Dhara for mentioning about the camera issue. Each one have their own point of view, if we keep arguing then there is no use. After all it’s just a written script.

    1. Poonam, Babita’s childhood friend, what’s her real name??

  7. Perminder Virk

    So Babita has anger and ego issues when she was young as well, hardly surprising that she has still got it to date. Now we know where Mini she gets it from.
    Glad HS said that Babita has said many hurtful things to him but he just let it go putting it down to a bad day etc and never taken it to heart and did not stop talking to her but he says that he said one thing to her and its hurt her ego and now she is not talking to him.
    Liked how her friend put her right and told her to accept happiness as its coming her way. Loved the school project chat a point well noted here with Babita and her ego.
    Glad that they should the flash back of Babita being rude to Hs and dud nothing in return.
    Loved it when she said that if HS can accept Ashok why can Babes not accept Imarti also.
    Forget the past and live and enjoy the future.
    Loved the Mini tying rakhi on HS on his cousin behalf and loved Khammo and the Ladies tying rakhi on HS and Lally.
    Finally brother and sister united thanks to HS.
    Loved the precape of HS taking the marriage proposal to Babes via Mini like in the old days when he asked questions from Mini to ask her Babes.
    Well said by Phonam about Babes Anget and Ego.

  8. First of all ,there is no comparison between Babita and HS’s first marriages..Children need not be the outcome of a loving relationship…yes,Babita did love Ashok which was obvious …regarding Ashok,well! No need to go into that…he is simply a beast..Whereas HS and Imrati loved and cherished each other so much so that it would be impossible to imagine HS could love another woman in future…Like Dhara,I don’t like Poonam’s judgemental attitude…she steps into her friends’s life like a bolt from the blue and tries to opine about situations that she has not experienced….I was wrong to think of her character as a negative one but I don’t admire her ..she is too overbearing for my comfort…
    Regarding HS ‘s adamancy to apologise in words,I still feel his male ego is stopping him from doing so..Almost every man ,however good he may be ,has an ego which is termed as male chauvinism .So HS ,being a gentleman by nature ,is expressing his regrets in deeds rather than words without forgoing his ego…And I don’t agree with Poonam that a woman, if she loves someone ,should be ready to accept his insults too.. ..and we all know that apology doesn’t necessarily mean falling at one’s feet..Yes ,in a relationship patience and responsibility are very important but that should apply to both the partners….It should not be like our mothers and grannys’times where these expectations would always rest on women…but times have changed ; that’s exactly why Babita had to kick her first marriage without even thinking about the repercussions …Two decades back ,the situation would have been different,Babita would have been advised by her own mother and mother in law to tolerate Ashok’s infidelity and continue to live with him……..even in Babita’s case ,Biji ,though not that insensitive,didn’t stop Babita when she had opted to go out…she didn’t even think how her shy and docile bahu would survive and refused even to part with Babita’s jewellery….Anyways it is obvious from the pre cap that Babita will accept HS’s implicit apology and marriage proposal as well and I hope there won’t be further obstacles …STILL,I would have appreciated a straightforward apology from a gentleman like HS for using such offensive language ,even if it was meant for Babita’s peace of mind….really don’t understand the writer’s inhibitions in this respect ..

  9. Btw, i forgot to talk about one thing. When babita mentioned she has already seen a new house and woukd be moving out soon, minnie immediately started crying. Her condition is like a child caught between her parent’s divorce. She wants to stay with both of them but cant understand why suddenly both have them turned stubborn and cold. She is being forced to move out while she doesnt want to at all… Her reaction was so immediate and genuine. Hopefully next week all matters will be solved and it will be one happy family finally
    P.s. siya are you sure poonam came for only a day? I mean after mita, ashok, lovely and sukkhi left, i was expecting more new and permanent characters… The way poonam was introduced with foot stepping out of tge car first, i thought she will have a longer role

    1. SsiyAa

      yes, because there is no information about her at any portal. if she would have been that important some portal should have written something about her entry. and makers would have shown some story with her but the way they showed everything was so hurried, i mean quick. i’m sure her entry was only to reduce distances between them. her entry was introduced that way to confuse viewers, you know n everything the makers do is unpredictable. Recall day before yesterday’s precap , it was shown like babita is telling directly to minnie that she had seen other house on rent but in whole scene she was talking to poonam… they has done this many time. May be (possibly not) we get to see her in between as a friend or advisor other than that nothing important she has to do,…i’m sure about that.
      remember that chudiwala (bangle seller) with bicycle?… who entered haveli and made minnie wear bangles when she was upset and depressed and when he was making it wear to babita, HS was feeling little jealous… ok, so that man was also some popular actor, i read that later on some portal.

    1. SsiyAa

      yeah @Shade have seen that… to be honest i wasn’t in a hurry to see their marriage, the time they could have taken to understand each other that they wasted in fight, now suddenly the proposal for marriage is too early for me. i wanted to see more stories of different people either new or old subplots but something more other than their love story. Hope makers hear me from this corner.

  10. Shade

    I don’t think marriage ll happen so soon, coz HS has already said in an interview that life is not a two mins noodle.. sab kuch hoga lekhin dheere dheere hoga. So may be we can expect a twist…

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