Patiala Babes 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Ordeal

Patiala Babes 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita confronts college principal that she will get her daughter admitted into a correspondence course if he does not give her admission in his college. She takes Minnie out with her and reaches home. Minnie says correspondence courses are very costly, how will she manage. Hanuman asks them to stop their discussion and get ready for work as Babita is getting late for her factory. Babita reaches factory. During lunch break, workers remind Babita that she had to bring lunch for them today. Babita says she forgot as she was busy regarding her daughter’s college admission. Munna asks if admission is finished. Babita sadly says it will in some or other college.

Trilok enters and says he has dismissed Satnam as he knows he was creating havoc here. He praises Babita’s work and

says she learnt her job so soon. Babita reminiscing Minnie’s words requests him to give her an advance. He says she is so sharp that she is misusing her situation now. He gets another uniform order and asks Babita to accompany him to client’s house, he will give her advance if deal is cracked. He takes her outside Ashok’s house says they have to go to Khurana house. Babita gets nervous, but thinks she has to do this for Minnie’s admission. Preet’s mother sees them and asks Trilok where he wants to go. He says he is a uniform maker and is searching Khurana House and introduces Babita as his assistant. Lady pities at Babita’s condition. Trilok rings bell. Meeta opens door and is amused to see Babita. Trilok introduces himself and Babita as his assistant and supervisor. Biji also notices Babita, but stops seeing Babita signalling her to stop. Biji sadly reminisces bringing Babita as a bride home after getting her married to Ashok.

Meeta greets them in and asks them to sit on sofa. Triolk takes seat and when Babita tries to sit asks her to keep standing and let Meeta sit. Meeta asks Biji to get a chair for Babita. Trilok says she is habituated to stand. Lovely joins them and pities Babita’s situation. Meeta asks Biji to bring water for them. Biji walks into kitchen fuming. Lovely asks if she saw how rudely Trilok was behaving with Babitga. Biji says he does not know this house as Babita’s before, she is quiet as Babita signaled her and it is a question of Babita’s self-respect. Trilok asks Babita to note down Mita’s requirements standing. Biji offers her water. She starts drinking. Trilok scolds her to stop drinking water and note down points. Biji asks to let him finish water and Meet backs her.

Minnie meets Lucky and informs him that she did not get admission in college. He jokes it is good as boys would have been behind her else. She sees his injured hand and asks reason. He says he is participating in college’s football team and they need someone to represent them in judo and karate and shows their coach. Minnie meets coach and asks if she cna represent their college. Coach agrees and says if she wins, she can get admission in sports quota.

Trilok continues insulting Babita. Mita checks designs and does not like them. Lovely says they are dull colors, isn’t it bhabhi. Babita says yes. Trilok looks at her face.

Precap: Minnie tells Hanuman that if she wins gold in intercollege sports competition, she can get admission in sports quota. Hanuman trains her. She asks him not to inform Babes.

Update Credit to: MA

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