Patiala Babes 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s TV Interview

Patiala Babes 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita nervously informs Minnie that a local news channel wants to take her interview. Minnie excitedly says it is an amazing news. Nayeem Bi/NB it is indeed a good news, they are getting huge orders after opening a new shop. Minnie says Babes used to be similarly nervous during my exams. Babita says she will give interview only if Minnie supports her. In the evening, reporters make a camera setup and start interview. Laala watching interview with HS tells HS that the environment is energetic like HS’ marriage with Imarati. HS gets emotional and asks not discuss about it. Laala says same environment can be relived during HS and Babita’s wedding and asks if he should speak to Babita. HS stops him. Reporter starts interview and asks Babita how does she feel after tasting success in

a short span. Babita gives credit to Minnie who is not only her daughter but also her best friend and like mother who supported her always, etc. Reporter asks since how long they are staying in this house. Babita says it is rented house and Inspector Hanuman is the owner of this house. Reporter asks to describe about HS. Babita says he is the one who gave her shelter when nobody was ready to give her a shelter and all her dear ones disowned her, he filled confident in her to fight the world, etc.. Khatri sees crowd outside HS’ house and asks a girl what is happening inside. A man says reporters are taking Babita’s interview. Khatri thinks when did Babita become so much famous and tries enter house, but bouncers stop him.

Power goes during interview. Babita tells reporter that she can take interview tomorrow. Reporter says they have to air interview tomorrow and ask if they can get generator. HS says it is a middle class locality and nobody would have generator. Khatri walks in and asks not to defame locality as he has AC and new generator. Reporter asks if he can lend his generator for sometime. Khatri agrees. HS asks what he wants in return as he does not even favor his mother without anything in return. Khatri requests to interview even him. Reporter agrees. HS says he will go with Khatri and get generator. Reporter says if he is HS, she needs even his interview and he should express his feelings regarding Babita. HS stops while Minnie and Laala accompany Khatri. Reporter asks HS again to express his feelings regarding Babita. HS says when he firsts saw daughter’s mother Babita, she was innocent like a cow who is unexposed to cruel world, like a flower bud kept for pooja, etc., now she is more confident who wears anklet and walks confidently and can speak for her rights. Reporter asks him to speak same when generator comes.

Minnie and Laala get generator from Khatri’s house. Kammo stops Khatri and asks what is happening. Khatri says he convinced reporter to take his interview. Kammo tongue lashes Khatri and challenges that reporter will not take his interview. Back to HS’ house, reporter asks HS to apply some makeup. HS says he is handsome gentleman who does not need makeup. NB enters and laughs hearing that. Reportr requests for a simple touchup. Minnie finds no petrol in generator and rushes to get it with Laala. Power comes and reporter takes HS’ interview and concludes it. Minnie returns. Babita excitedly calls her. Reporter stops Minnie and says she need not need Minnie’s interview. Babita insists if she does not take Minnie’s interview, no need to air her interview. Reporter hesitantly agrees. Babita asks Minnie to get ready and once she is ready says reporter is eager to take her interview.

At night, Babita sees Minnie sad and cheers her up justifying that reporter really wanted her interview. Minnie says she didn’t mind. Babita says she is thinking of changing police department’s food menu. In the morning, HS is busy bathing with curtains around his open bathroom when soaps falls out. He searches it with extended hand. Babita notices that and goes to give soap, but drops curtain during the process. HS and Babita both get shy and nervous. HS says he did not see anything. Babita says she did see though. HS says thank god he is wearing bermuda shorts. She asks him to be ready in the afternoon as they need to go somewhere. HS thinks if she is police commissioner that she is ordering like this, but he will always obey her order.

Precap: Babita tells HS that she did not like the way reporter behaved with Minnie. HS asks if she wants to cheer up Minnie with a surprise gift. Minnie excitedly sits in front of TV to watch interview.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The situation was not right but anyone would have felt bad in Minnie’s place. She is an integral part of her mother’s life and she got late and dirty in order to arrange electricity for the interview… and then to be told that her answers were not even needed is very hurtful. I liked how Babita said that if Minnie’s interview wont be taken then she wont give permission to air her interview either… but i feel tomorrow Minnie’s part will be edited out anyways during broadcast and only Babita and HS part will be shown. The TV guys obviously think a woman setting up her own business and a white knight police officer helping her makes a better story and the teenage daughter is not that important. Babita is new to the media world and next time she should use the experience to be firm and clearly state what she wants aired and what she does not. But tomorrow Minnie is going to be badly hurt again. she is putting on a brave face for Babita’s sake but i suppose from tomorrow her anger at HS will also start. she will not like that HS was given more footage than her and when she finds out HS has feelings for Babita, she will react more strongly
    BTW, its clear that Babita is more comfortable around HS now and really likes messing around with him. But she will never put anyone above Minnie. even HS wont do that. Babita once got angry on HS when she thought Minnie was spending more time with him, but that was only a misunderstanding. The situation now is not. Minnie needs to atleast make up with her friends before she finds out. Otherwise once again she will feel alone and unable to share with anyone
    I wish Biji-papaji were present during the interview. But i am glad they at least showed them talking to Nayeen Bi later. their role is also getting diminished day by day. But I like Papaji character very much. He is very progressive and outspoken and he should be shown spending more time with Minnie at least. It would be good for Minnie too

    1. SsiyAa

      You write so well @Dhara…. The way you express each and every aspect is appreciable 👏👏👏.. Your points always match my thoughts but ability to express is too good by you.. 😍😘😘… Agree with your points and this week we’ll get to see only this…
      .Media wants masala and they got it in babita and HS and that’s going to hurt them but more badly to Minnie… Reason and vision behind babita’s fame is Minnie since starting but for TRP and spice they will edit her out.. Feel sad for Minnie she hardly got to speak 🗣.. Some strict action has to be taken against such news publishers.. I doubt if there will be any clip of Minnie either as though they were sitting on sofa together but camera man might have zoomed and focussed on babita only… This is not done….
      Also somewhat I have started to miss the originality.. Actors are doing their job well but something still feels missing and incomplete.. Feels like there’s unnecessary cheesy lines more than that needed.. May be.. May be not.. Not sure.. But something is definitely missing 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀

      1. Archi

        Well said Ssiya and Dhara.. and M agree with you. I also think that they are trying to reduce minee part as because they are focusing on HS & Babita

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