Patiala Babes 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mita’s Offer For Babita and Minnie

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Patiala Babes 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chef Vikas Khanna asks Babita to share her aloo tikki’s recipe. Babita says it her usual family recipe and noting special in it. Minnie address reporters it is their family’s old recipe passed on since generations. Babita says this recipe has her grandma, her maa and her experiences hidden and gives an emotional speech shyingly. Vikas addresses reporters that Babita described the emotions a recipe carries in it and forgot one thing to describe in ingredient, her shyness. He reveals that he will include Patiala Babes Ki Sharmili tikki as his book’s star recipe. Babita and Minnie rejoice while Khatri and his wife fume in jealousy.

In Khurana house, Lovely blasts Sukhi for failing in his business repeatedly. He tries to calm her down, but she continues that she does not

want to stay in her parents’ house, but she is helpless because of Sukhi’s failures. Dadaji with Biji returns and shouts that a girl’s real place is in her sasural and not maika. Sukhi says it is his mistake as he cannot give the happiness Lovely desires. Lovely continues yelling and walks in. Biji confronts Dadaji and says Lovely felt bad. Dadaji says let them, he just told truth.

Nayeem bi and Babita chat while doing household chores. Nayeem bi asks why did she allow reporters inside house when she feels shy, she should have informed Vikas to come alone without any limelight. Babita gives her reasoning and finally accepts that she wants Ashok to see her news in newspaper and realize her worth. She pours out her heart emotionally. Nayeem bi silently hears her.

Mita meets Minnie outside her college. Minnie fumes seeing her. Mita nervously explains that she had sent Babita’s jewelry back, but he pawned it to invest in business, so she wants to give company’s 10% shares to Babita and Minnie. Minnie says she does not need her favor. Mita says it is Minnie’s right and she should accept it. Minnie’s class starts and she leaves.

In Khurana house, Ashok offers job to Sukhi in his company. Lovely opposes and starts arguing. Ashok tries to explain her in his arrogant style. Mita enters and asks him to calm down and then explain. Lovely asks if Mita asked him to hire Sukhi. Ashok says yes and asking Sukhi to think about his offer leaves for office. Lovely shouts she does not like Meeta bossing over Sukhi and storms away.

Minnie returns home and informs her what Mita told and says she thinks Babita should accept this offer. Babita asks how can she. Minnie gives her explanation and says it is her right as it was her jewelry. Babita reminisces Ashok’s allegations and arrogance towards her.

Precap: Laala and Hanuman inform that their superior ordered to keep officers fit and give them balanced diet. Minnie asks who will prepare balanced diet for them. Hanuman says Babita, who else.

Update Credit to: MA

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