Patiala Babes 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman and Sardar Singh’s Emotional Reunion

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Patiala Babes 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lala informs HS that lawyer told that case is very weak and he will win it for sure. HS says he may win the case, but he will be in guilt forever and a fire will be burning inside him. Laala says he should not feel guilty as it was not his mistake. HS says he loved his wife a lot and in lieu of seeing her alive for long forced her to undergo operation. Kammo walks to him and he greets her and asks how is she. She asks what has he done to himself, he looks so weak, whole locality knows about his court case and he should do something before Khatri misleads Sardar Singh and loots him. HS asks if Sardar Singh met Khatri. Kammo informs that Sardar Singh sought help from Khatri and is ready to sell his village properties, he fell dizzy on road, so NB took him to her house. HS rushes towards NB’s

house. Minnie confronts Sardar Singh that HS loves Imarti immensely. Sardar Singh says he killed Imarti by getting her operation and gives her Imarti’s letter to read. Minnie reads letter with Imarti’s greeting and HS’ immense love for her, she shattered hearing about her illness. Babita continues letter that HS doesn’t even let her step down and since he came to know about her illness, he broke down and does not eat food even if she prepares his favorite food. Minnie continues that he vents out his pain via anger, Babita continues that he fights with her to make her feel normal and truth is she lived her 7 lives in this 1 life with HS, Minnie continues that he is insisting for operation, Babita continues that he wants to live long with her, Minnie continues not to leave him and take revenge from him, Babita continues truth is even father cannot tolerate her death so they both should be each other’s pillar of support. She tells Sardar Singh that he read his daughter’s letter, even then he ignored her feelings. Sardar Singh cries loudly hearing that. HS runs to him, wiping his tears asks not to cry, and hugs him tightly. Sardar Singh says he couldn’t even see his daughter one last time, he didn’t gather courage. HS says her face was bright like a sun, they will bid adieu to her the way he likes with decoration and music. Sardar Singh cries more hugging him. Minnie, Babita, and NB also cry emotionally.

HS takes Sardar Singh to his house, washes his feet and wipes them. Minnie brings water and jaggery, and HS feeds it to Sardar Singh. HS reminisces bringing Imarti’s dead body home and gets her ready like a bride as per her wish. He then opens door for neighbors. NB with others walks in and tries to console HS. They then take Imari’s body for last rights. Out of flashback, Sardar Singh cries touching ground on which Imarti was last laid. HS consoles him.

At night, Laala enters with snacks and liquor for HS and Sardar Singh and seeks Minnie’s help to serve them. Minnie sees liquor bottle and says she will not give it. Laala says it is to destress HS. Minnie snatches it back. HS watching their nok jhok asks to if they are bringing snacks or not. Minnie says his best friend brought liquor for him and asks Naanu Sardar Singh to order him not to drink liquor. HS says Sardar Singh is a big drunkard and nobody can win over him in village. Sardar Singh shyingly says only half bottle. HS says he starts with half bottle. Sardar Singh says not more than 2 bottles. HS asks Minnie to go to her mother as gents want to enjoy. Minnie emotionally blackmails him that he doesn’t care for her or Imarti’s feelings and his first priority is liquor. HS asks how can she say that and breaking liquor bottle takes Imarti’s oath not to drink again in life. Minnie emotionally hugs him. HS says how can he deny his daughter’s order ad asks Sardar Singh if he could. Sardar Singh smiles. HS asks Laala to bring lassi or some juice instead. Babita hearing their conversation gets emotional.

Next morning, Babita informs NB last night’s incident how HS promised not to touch alcohol on Minnie’s insistence. NB is amazed to hear that. Babita says her Minnie is true to her emotions and can change anyone. NB says HS considers Minnie as his daughter, should she send Babita’s proposal to him again. Babita says no need for that as he insulted her. NB says it was his anger and he loves her a lot, she should understand emotions rather than words. Babita gets adamant.

Precap: Sardar Singh tells HS that he saw how Babita understood Imarti’s emotions, should he give HS’ marriage proposal to her. HS says no need. Minnie hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This episode was on the expected lines….no further dragging and no unnecessary drama…the only surprise was that all important letter that Minnie reads…seeing yesterday’s precap,I thought a second letter of Imarti would be discovered which Babita would read out and prove HS’s innocence..but this is where the writers have caught us on wrong foot…loved Babita in that scene…..she analyses the contents of the letter so beautifully that it looked as if she knew Imarti personally….I always admired Babita but this particular scene simply left me spell bound….well,I don’t have many words to put my feelings here ,but my respect for this role has increased ten folds after this specific scene where Babita,keeping aside her own pain and hurt and without a trace of jealousy,steps into Imarti’s shoes and brings out the real essence of her words….love you Paridhi! Kudos to the writers for ending this court drama in this novel way without maligning HS’s character….I think NB will succeed in soothing Babita’s hurt ego but still not a word between HS and Babita…there is no overlooking the fact that HS has not looked at her even once during that entire scene where Minnie coaxes him into promising that he won’t drink anymore…And the precap is not encouraging either….what does HS want..that the first move should come from Babita or he is not interested in this second relationship anymore????

    1. Nirjhar Chakravortty

      How their silance will break or they will remain silent for ever then Minnie’s all efforts will fail?
      I love that song ‘Ranzha ranzha Mai kardi ……….’ I am not Punjabi but I love it.

  2. SsiyAa

    Can there be any better word than BEAUTIFUL ❤✨….???
    So immense.. Such a thought.. Didn’t stopped myself from crying… The depth of involvement of mine was so much as if someone actually left me…
    Babita became the voice of imarti’s feeling and that scene touched me.. And HS bringing imarti and making her ready, observed HS so much of pain.. I realised may be I have started understanding these characters to the extent that cried with them but still as a viewer I take care to observe other things too… And I can say their simplicity doesn’t disappoints me… That song, that scene was just “WoW????”…
    But now the story needs change. I like the way khatri refused to be fake witness but creepy person again came in his form after hearing ” property ” ??.
    I’m completely satisfied with babita not forgiving hanuman for he insulted her doesn’t matter intentions….. Understanding someone is onething but tolerating their wrong is other… We have the right to express our mood according to the good or bad situation but someone shouldn’t be berated like this… I won’t mind if they show verbal fight between HS and babita…
    But at the same time I feel this is something enough now and story has to be changed now… Something different need to be added now..

  3. I do not agree with nayeen bi in the last scene at all. Yes earlier babita had fought with hs a lot due to misunderstandings. Be it when hs was training babita for college competition or when he gifted minnie the camera… But its not like hs did not get uoset each time or maintain his distance. Only when babita used to realized her mistake and aske for forgiveness that hs used to return to his normal behaviour again. Then why should babita forgive hs without waiting for an apology? Nayeen bi is behaving as if babita should just ignore what hs did. Yes in love people forgive and accept many many things… And if we look at babita’s behaviour she hasnt stopped caring. She was still happy when hs finally promised to never touch alcohol again… But if babita starts behaving normally it would mean indirectly telling hs that it is okay for him to behave rudely when he is hurt for whatever reasons. I hope babita stays put and doesnt listen to nayeen bi. The condition hs is right now, it is possible he will reject babita again even if she tries to be normal from her side. Babita deserves better…
    Apart from this the entire episode was emotional… Imarti wrote ‘father you must take revenge from man for each of the things after i am gone’. Imarti had written it lovingly and figuratively but sardar singh took it literally in his anger. It was touching how babita expressed imarti’s underlying feelings clearly and was able to convince sardar singh… Am a little disappointed imarti’s scenes ended so soon. I really enjoyed watching imarti and hs. But i am also glad there was not much melodrama or unnecessary court case… Thank god hs and sardar singh finally reconciled
    I wish hs had stopped driniking when babita asked him to. But he was in better mood today and minnie asked him honestly. The fact is babita was never expressive about her emotions and that is why hs wouldnt listen to her. He kept asking from which right she was demanding such things from him. But minnie clearly said if hs cared for her feelings he wouldnt drink. And hs listened. Glad that he wont be drinking anymore.
    Am waiting to see what the next track will be. Now it seems sardar singh too will say that hs should think about babita… I wish everyone would stop pressuring hs and babita to get together and let the two have some breathing space. Let the two figure out for themselves what they want or how they should proceed.

    1. *training minnie for college competition

    2. Shade

      I too feel the same, Babita should not give in so easily. I watched all previous episodes sterday and am totally confused with the sudden change in track.(last two weeks). Previously I felt HS love for Babita was genuine but now I have a feel he was just flirting with her. And sorry I hate HS now. His love for Imarthi is true but he played with Babita’s feelings even after knowing how she struggled in her life. Disappointed ?

      1. Perminder Virk

        You are wrong shade.
        He did not play with her feelings but Babita has been giving him on and off signals.
        The court notice spoiled it all and he was harsh to both of them to get them away from him as he did not to hurt them but Mini say through him and stood by him but Babita jumped ship at the 1st chance she got.

        But they need to talk between them with what they want.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Emotional episode… But last secene was uncessary…. Liked how Minnie dedicated Sardar singh as Nanu????

  5. SsiyAa

    would like to watch you all this… teamwork of patiala babes..
    and this are lots of compiled videos from behind the scenes..
    must watch…

  6. SsiyAa

    interview of anirudh and paridhi

  7. Shade

    Yes Perminder virk, U r right. But Babita realised her love for HS much later but HS was in love with her for a long time then y dint he come forward and propose her. When Babita tried to stop him from drinking, he created a scene and simply said Imarthi Ji imarthi hi or something. On the day of Pooja he received the court notice, he was upset I understand but when Babita enquired he could have told her the truth or at least he could have told her not disturb him. Instead he abused her. What ever maybe the reason an Abuse is an Abuse. When she knew about the case not even once she said she dint trust him, she left his house only keeping in mind those harsh words. Also she was the one who cleared all the misunderstanding between HS and his In law. Did HS thank Babita for that or did he ask her sorry for those humiliating words.

  8. Shesha485

    Wow! Patiala Babes has these much comments. Online fan base is the real fan base.

    About episode, It is rocking. Too emotional.

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