Patiala Babes 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie, A Pillar Of Support For Hanuman

Patiala Babes 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nayeem Bi/NB informs Babita, Dadaji and Biji that Imarti died during her surgery. Dadaji asks if she died in during surgery, then why HS was alleged to murder her. NB says HS had signed consent form like Babita signed one during Minnie’s appendicitis surgery. She continues that Imarti had sent a letter to Sartaj that she does not want to undergo surgery, Sartaj could not tolerate losing his daughter and keeping letter as evidence filed false culpable homicide case against HS, even judge thought its a false case and quashed it, everyone were happy that HS is safe, but Sardar did not give up and filed case again in supreme court; her HS is suffering because of Sardar’s unnecessary anger. Minnie walks in and asks Babita to return home with her. Babita reminisces HS alleging she is showing unnecessary interest in him and should concentrate on her and her daughter instead and says she will not return to HS’ house as he is really bad. Minnie says HS needs their support like he always support them and they can confront him later, but right now he needs their support. She returns home with NB and informs HS that Babes returned home. HS says she shouldn’t have returned here as he is a bad man. Minnie says she knows how bad he is, but right now they both will be beside him when he needs them most. HS cries holding her hand. Babita irons Minnie’s clothes reminiscing HS’ bitter words and burns her finger. Minnie walks in and applying ointment on her finger asks if it is paining. Babita says is pain deep inside. Minnie asks if HS’ words hurt her so much that got hurt; earlier Biji, Dadaji, Ashok, Lovely and many others spoke to her bitterly, but she never felt bad, if she loves HS so much that his words are hurting her. They will scold HS royally, but they should be his pillar of support right now and help him get out of his mess. She continues her cheering up Babita and calm her down.

Laala returns form lawyer’s office and informs HS that lawyer informed case is weak, except one clause due to which case may go against HS. HS says he loved Imarti immensely and how could know how long she would live, he can bear the burnt and is afraid that Babita and Minnie may fall into the fire along him. Laala says why is he thinking so, they both are part of his life now. HS says Babita is very innocent, but cannot fill the void of Imarti in his heart, only Imarti could set off burning fire inside him with her tears and only she could control him, Babita has to accept him with Imarti. Laala says they will accept him the way he is as he respect Babita and gave fatherly love to Minnie. HS continues pouring out his heart and feels guilty for losing Imarti.

Next morning, HS gets ready to meet lawyer and speaks to him before leaving home. Minnie walks to him and gives him prasad saying she prayed for him. He looks up and does not find Babita. Minnie says Babes was awake whole night praying for him and fell asleep sometime ago. HS says he knows she is lying, but he does not mind as she is hurt. Sardar meets Khatri and requests him to give evidence against against HS in court. Khatri says how much ever he hates HS he cannot give false evidence against him. Kammo says whole locality know how much HS loved Imarti. Sardar asks if he can at least find a good lawyer for him, he will sell his land and house in village to win this case. Greedy Khatri asks Kammo to go back to Patiala Babes kitchen and promises Sardar to find him a lawyer if he gives him some money. Kammo returns to Patiala Babes kitchen and informs NB and Minnie how Sardar is luring Khatri with money to give evidence against HS. Sardar falls down feeling dizzy on road. NB and Minnie rush to him and Minnie giving him water calls him Nanaji/grandfather asks if he is fine. Sardar gets emotional hearing that and asks who is she. She say she is Minnie, she has dadaji but does not have nanaji, if Imarti had a daughter she would have been of her age. They both take Sardar to NB’s house and NB asks Minnie to get some sweets for Sardar as he looks hypoglycemic, signalling from where to get it. Minnie rushes home and asks Babita to give some sweets as someone fell dizzy and is taken to NB’s house. Babita insists to tell who is it. Minnie says Sardar Singh and asks her to accompany her and confront him Babita reminiscing HS’ bitter words says HS warned not to interfere in his life. Minnie he said that in anger and forgetting everything, she should support him.

Precap: Babita reads Imarti’s letter in front of Sardar describing how much HS loved her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Well! It is obvious from the pre cap that Sardarji will get convinced of HS’s innocence after listening to that letter purportedly to have been written by Imarti ….the earlier letter that Imarti supposed to have written to her father expressing her inhibitions to undergo surgery might go against HS ….If Sardarji still decides to proceed with the case and produces this letter in the court ,the judge will not only question HS for his actions but the hospital as well for not taking the express written consent of the PATIENT before administering anasthesia….Spouse’s or accompanying person’s consent is taken only if the patient is not in a position to give his consent…..Even if the case is quashed in the lower court , the plaintiff can always approach the next higher court if he / she has sufficient evidence and funds….due to this reason only ,cases take years together (with all those endless adjournments) before the final judgement is given….
    So Sardarji ‘s main evidence is the letter written by Imarti to him…now he is trying to gather corroborative evidence by asking the neighbours to come as witnesses….We don’t know from where this other letter that Babita reads in the precap ,springs up ,but this must be the way out for the case to be withdrawn without all those tedious ,unpleasant proceedings of the court…..In addition to that second letter,I think Sardarji who is already low in spirits will be bowled over by Minni ‘s charm and Babita’s innocence …Anyways awaiting the upcoming episode and the end of this case….
    In this episode. I could n’t understand HS’s attitude towards Babita….Minni convinces her to come home ,but I was really surprised to see his reaction….leave alone repentance for his earlier intended harsh behaviour ; not a single word said to Babita to appease her hurt sentiments…..He seems to have gone back into his shell where there is no place for another woman other than Imarti and he says clearly to Laala that Babita ,if she wants to be with him ,should be ready to accept him with Imarti’s memories….Will any woman who has already had a bitter first marriage accept to such conditional relationship….better to stay single rather than getting compared with Imarti and feeling hurt…even Babita seems to have understood this point ….though she is trying to support HS in his case ,she is maintaining her distance and rightly so ….at least till HS comes out of this case and the trance of his past life as well..

    1. SsiyAa

      No, please don’t take me wrong… but when you enter a second relationship you have to enter it accepting their past, understanding their present to build a future. That become our attitude problem by thinking that they are comparing us, it can be that they are sharing with us….. that is the reason hanuman said in this episode that he has so much, so much of pain related to imarti that it can ruin both mother daughter with him in a flow, so if they accept him then that decision should be not an emotional but a choice.
      And i feel it’s not conditional, it’s unconditional. If you ask him forget imarti and accept me then that will be a CONDITIONAL relationship because you put one condition ahead before proceeding relation. it can only be unconditional when she ask him to share everything he has even when it’s imarti’s love or pain, ask him to be part of each other’s complexity and open to talk about everything like anything with no hesitation then why not it’s imarti’s memories….. it’ same for both.
      there’s a beautiful line by TABU in DE DE PYAAR DE, “when a child is born, the way they accept their name, surname, property, relations, the same way they have to accept their parents past doesn’t matter however good or bad it is”.. the same applies to all eternal relationships.

    2. SsiyAa

      yes sardar ji will be convinced by minnie and babita’s effort and their issues will be solved by next episode there will be no court drama… and babita is at distance because she his hurt, lala said in this episode why HS himself decided that babita will not accept him with imarti’s memories she had already accepted him…. still HS is in dilemma he want to protect mother daughter from messing with his life and ruining everyone in his pain, that is his painful fear. He don’t want be quick but slow and sensible. He can live like this alone his whole life but cannot let them suffer because of him. babita understand hanuman’s love for imarti and that doubt which was there is also solved by nayeem bi’s explanation.
      but she is not in that position anymore that anyone can berate her again. So she is at distance. Hanuman knew that only this can make her stay away from him so he did that intentionally. we know they will solve this later by apology but till that she is right to show her hurt and anger. she was also half-right to not support HS for no reason after having ashok type person in her life.
      somewhere i heard the dialogue, “life koi kapda nahi hai acha laga pehen liya kharab laga utar ke fek diya”… whatever it is, it will always be in continuation. without eraser.

  2. For the first time in this serial ,Minni looked like an innocent 17 year old….a girl who always looks confident seemed a bit lost today in the melee of adult’s emotions….both HS and her mother have retreated into their own shells and the situation is too complex for a young girl to solve….she did try her best to lighten up her mother’s mood by playing down the harshness of HS’s insensitive words ,but Babita is too hurt to respond to her overtures…At this juncture nothing but some initiative fron HS can put this unusual love story back on its tracks ….after all ,he was the one who started all this and whatever might be his problems or motive ,he should n’t have used those words that really destroy a woman’s psyche…

  3. SsiyAa

    Episode clears almost all doubts we had yesterday…
    1)reason for case
    2)reason for blaming HS
    3) reason for HS behavior towards babita…
    Tomorrow’s episode will also be emotional and all misunderstandings will be cleared between imarti’s father and husband…
    Conversation between HS and lala was so deep but clear that HS himself decided babita won’t accept him with his past… All that… It was a sensible talk…
    Conversation between Minnie and babita was exact like two friends… How they discussed about feelings love and all that…
    Tomorrow this part will also end… What next then?…
    To be honest I wanted more scenes of imarti and HS… She entered for 2 -3 episodes but felt like she was there from starting.. I don’t know about others but I genuinely feel like she marked her presence… Hatsoff to actors, so much involvement with their character,… Other shows artist-actors should watch this to understand the concept of real acting… ???????????,…

  4. It feels so nice to see some people taking intrest in this show by reading all ur comments .
    What an irony, mijority of Indian audience don’t like these kind of logical and content driven serials insted they like so called sas bahu serial where every good and bad act of main lead can be justify by the name o love .

  5. Very well written / analysis. Thanks

  6. Shade

    Hi Michelle and Dhara y no comments from your side. Love to read your comments.

    1. Hi shade, thank you for mentioning me. I try to comment as early as possible but sometimes the wriiten update is too late into the night and then i get busy the next day. I teach part time in a morning college on certain days, and today was especially hectic. Still tried to find some time and comment 🙂

    2. Shade

      Sorry Dhara, I dint know you had a busy schedule today. I was waiting for your comment till 2 and wen I dint find any comment from your side, I just enquired. Sorry once again.?

    3. Hey shade! There is no need to say sorry at all… I am glad that my comments connect with you… And i would be happy if you post regularly so we can listen to your thoughts too

  7. While watching the episode i felt worst for minnie. The adults are going through their own problems but they dont realize minnie is watching and analyzing all their moves and forming her own ideas about love and marriage. She already had a very bleak view about love and had to go through much trouble to accept hs feelings. After all this when she was finally ready to accept her new family and was expecting them to get together, both hs and babita have taken a step back for different reasons. Minnie is still trying to put on a brave and casual face, but dont the adults realize she would be hurting too through all this emotion turmoil? For minnie it will be like losing her idea of a father all over again. Its truly said that children have to suffer the worst in broken homes.
    Regarding what lakshmi and ssiyaa said about hs’s talk with lala… I understand that babita has to accept hs past in order to move forward, that it would be wrong to demand hs loves babita only. But has hs himself accepted imarti is in fact his past and not present? He keeps insisting imarti is in every breath, imarti lives through him. okay fine. But what is babita’s place in his heart and mind then? I know he is in pain and the court case has brought back many painful memories. Its ok that he is grieving. What is not ok is he has suddenly retreated into a shell and only seeing imarti everywhere. In the recorded audio clip hs was so sure that his love would bring mother daughter to him… Has that love completely diminished infront of imarti’s memories? To me it seems like hs is giving his past way way more importance and is not ready to move on. I want hs to acknowledge babita, i want hs to declare his love for babita, i want hs to be passionate and to want to be with babita… Otherwise its selfish on his part to demand that babita HAS to accept him with his past while he chooses to continue living in that past and is unable to even give emotional support to babita in present.
    And i dont understand… Has babita ever said that she has problems with imarti or hs’s past? In fact babita has immense respect for imarti. Only once did she bring imarti’s name to try to stop hs from drinking but it was less of a comaprison between herself and imarti, and more of a way to stop hs. So why does hs think babita wont be able to accept it? Or is it that hs himself is unable to understand? Does he think he is insulting imarti’s memory by falling in love with babita?
    I have no objection that babita has decided to step back. After everything that she has gone through it makes sense for her character to value her own self respect above everything else now. Am sure if hs apologizes or wants to renew the relation babita will reconsider. But until then it is the dignified thing to stay away from the man who specifically asked you to stay away by insulting you.
    After today’s episode it seems a little more practical that imarti’s letter might be accepted as evidence in court. Although why hs had to sign the consent letter and not imarti, we will never know. Did imarti lose consciousness in hospital too? anyways, As others have already guessed, sardar singh will probably withdraw the case after listening to minnie and babita. I wonder what will be hs reaction if before leaving sardar singh says babita reminds him of imarti
    Also, i have said it a hundred times already but the show needs more subplot. Earlier story was babita centric but there were always small plots about mita, lovely’s insecurity, preet’s early marriage, ashok’s business etc etc… let the main story may be more about hs now, but bring in smaller stories. Bring back babita’s brother. Show something about mickry’s family. Show something about college. I miss all those subplots now

    1. Shade

      Thank you Dhara. Even though I watch the serial both in TV and Sonyliv, only after reading your comment I feel happy coz ur analysis is so good.

    2. SsiyAa

      oo you are lecturer… now i feel how you can write so beautifully and organised manner.. it’s a talent.. ????????????????????

    3. Thank you shade for so many compliments ❤❤❤
      Thank you ssiyaa… Actually i do want to be a published writer some day. I am also writing a novel currently. So if i ever do get published hopefully i will be able to share the information with you all somehow ??

    4. SsiyAa

      will wait …. ????????❤❤❤❤❤❤

    5. Hs is feeling guilty that he is betraying imarti . That’s why he’s getting cold feet. If u can’t move ahead from past present has no future. Hs and babes should move on together from past and to future.

  8. Shade

    Thank you Dhara. Even though I watch the serial both in TV and Sonyliv, only after reading your comment I feel happy coz ur analysis is so good.

  9. That is the ideal situation SsiyAa,understanding the present to build a future …but how many couples can actually put it into practice…one should have extraordinary mental stamina to do that….even our adorable couple HS and Babita seem to be hesitant to step into this second relationship of their life which is evident from this lack of confidence in each other….so ,what next…..resolving their misunderstandings and getting married…will it be as simple as that?

    1. SsiyAa

      i agree

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