Patiala Babes 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Super Ego and Blind Trust on Saroj

Patiala Babes 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita signs shop’s property transfer documents in Khatri’s name and congratulates Minnie that Patiala Babes shop is sold and there won’t be hurdles. Minnie walks to her room shattered reminiscing encouraging Babita to life a free life, dreaming big, opening Patiala Babes, working hard, achieving success, Babita’s changed and rude behavior, etc.. She thinks if Babes can do whatever she wants, even she will do same. She emails college about her accepting scholarship and sending further details ASAP. HS confronts Babita why did she take such a hasty decision hurriedly, she built the shop with such a hard work and sold it so easily. Babita says she will not let Minnie continue her childishness and will not bend in front of her. HS says he didn’t know she was competing with her own daughter, she did wrong by selling the shop which Minnie also built with hard work, Minnie taught her to dream and got her out of problems, etc., she is right this time and is hurt obviously. Babita argues that he should scold Minnie instead for her childishness. He asks why should he. She says she will not let Minnie win. He says he didn’t know she was competing with her own daughter. Babita continues her adamancy while HS walks away fuming. Babita calls Saroj and asks her to come home immediately.

Dadaji chatting with his friend praises Sukhi for keeping Lovely happy and tells Biji it is not easy to handle Lovely. Friend asks about Ashok’s whereabouts and if he is in contact with them. Biji says no, but he calls Lovely sometimes. Dadaji asks her not get sad and prepare one more cup tea for them.

Khatri hands over shop papers to NB and informs employees that he is owner of this shop now. NB scolds him and says he bought 10 lakhs worth shop for 2.15 lakhs. Khatri says that is why he says women don’t know to do business. Kammo says Babita was given huge salaries to employees, now she will decide new salary for them. Khatri orders to cancel orders and don’t send any tiffin until new contracts are made. She asks employees to follow them to their office and asks NB if she will not accompany them. NB yells at her and sits crying.

Saroj meets Babita and brainwashes her against Minnie that she did right by not letting Minnie fulfill her demands, how dare a daughter is to confront her mother, it is all about blood as Minnie is also Ashok’s daughter. Saroj warns her not to badmouth about her daughter. Saroj says this usually happens with second marriage, usually children are sent away, so she should also send Minnie to Ashok or her grandparents. Babita warns her again, but Saroj says Minnie cannot misbehave with her mother and is trying to create rift between her and HS and starts praising Babita’s sacrifice. Minnie hears her and warns her to stop brainwashing Babes and make her feel as victim. Saroj yells that Minnie is Babita’s enmy. Minnie says Saroj is enemy instead who repeatedly makes Babes feel as victim, many go through the situation and there is no big deal in it, Babes fought her situation well and came out of it. Saroj angrily walks away. Babita yells at Minnie. Minnie says if she wanted to be happy peeping from her in-laws’ window, she should have, why did she dream big, she will go back into a feeling of guilt when she will realize her mistake, which Minnie doesn’t want to. She continues pouring her heart out.

Precap: HS asks Minnie if she is really going to Australia for studies and going away due to the recent wrong events.

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  1. Verma4

    Please Minnie, go to Australia and leave Baby-ta to sook in her own doings.

  2. Yes Mini should go n make her own life better..but aftr the leap I heard she wl be tkng care of B’s child..omg.. responsibilities agn on her shoulder shehh..that means mini wl be a mom no boyfriend reqd..thou minis role is good but too much on young shoulders..glad B wl no longer be in the serial..

  3. Never seen such a dumb n idiot mother like babita thank god she leaving the show she is super artificial wasted my time watching this serial better the end it

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