Patiala Babes 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Insults Mita

Patiala Babes 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mickey with Preet waits for Shalini at roadside coffee shop and says Minnie is always late. Preet says let us go without her and they can go AC market to have chat. Mickey says he has some work. Minnie walks in apologizing and informs that college is off today, so if Mickey can accompany her to AC market to buy mic. Mickey happily agrees and says his friend deals in electronics there. Preet yells he did not want to when she asked him to accompany her to have chat. Minnie says she has fractured leg and should rest. Preet angrily asks Mickey to get auto for her. Minnie walks home to get money from Babes.

Mita walks to Babita’s house and rings door bell. Babita opens door. Mita asks if Minnie is at home, she needs to talk. Babita takes her in. Minnie walks in asking money for her camera mic. Mita greets her and thanks her for her help. Minnie says she would have done same for anyone else as her mother taught her to be kind on everyone even though if the person has harmed us, in fact she helped a puppy once and brought it home, so Mita should not thank her and should stop interfering in their lives. Mita sadly walks away. After sometime, Minnie with Mickey tries to buy mic from Mickey’s friend who quotes 2000 rs. She bargains. He shows another one for 800 rs with only 6 months validity. She says she needs 2000 rs one but has only 1000 rs. He says will not get same quality mic for 1000 rs in whole market. She asks Mickey if they should check other shops. Mita walks to her saying she should not compromise on quality and offers her money. She yells at Mita to stop interfering in her lie. Mita asks if the can’t be friends. Minnie says no and never and continues insulting her. Mita sadly walks away again. Minnie returns home and informs Babita what Mita did. Babita angrily shouts how can Mita interfere in her daughter’s life. Minnie says she verbally blasted Mita. Babita asks her to go and buy same mic. Minnie says she will get better one for less price. Babita says it is question of her reputation and giving her 4000 rs asks to buy that mic. Minnie says she does not have to prove herself and Mita does not know that her Babes is her best friend and they both are pillar of each one’s life, etc..

Biji asks Lovely if she is going to Amritsar tomorrow. Lovely says yes to Gurdwara as Sukhi got job in Babita’s company. Biji then asks Ashok to take her and his father to Gurdwara tomorrow. Ashok says he is busy and she can go by taxi, he will pay. Biji sits sadly. Dadaji walking from behind showers bubbles on her and wishes her happy wedding anniversary. She says it is tomorrow. He says so what, he still remembers their wedding day and remembers marrying a petite 16 year old girl. Biji says her friends complemented that he looked like Dharmendra. Dadaji says she looked like Basanti. Biji says between their children’s fight, they lost their peace of mind, their children don’t remember their wedding anniversary. Dadaji also feels sad.

Minnie returns home. Babita asks if she bought mic. Minnie shows Dadaji and Biji’s anniversary gift, transistor and bangles. Babita asks if she did nit buy mic. Minnie says mic and says it is better than branded one. She asks if she forgot Biji and Dadaji’s birthday. Babita shows her preparing walnut cake for them. Biji says it needs oven. Hanuman walks in carrying heavy bag and says Minnie’s Babes learnt ordering things online, this one is not less than 50 kg. Minnie opens box and finds oven. Hanuman asks Babita if she prepares cake at home. Babita says Minnie helps her always. Minnie says this time she cannot as Mickey is coming to pick her, so Hanuman uncle can help her. Hanuman says he is also good cook, she can ask Lala. Babita stands nervously. Hanuman asks if they can start.

Precap: Minnie keeps mic on and leaves. Hanuman express his love for Babita in front of Lala. It gets recorded.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Please it should not go online or in wrong hands or any misunderstanding b/n hanuman and babita or Minnie,their relationship is very cute.

  2. I get it mita is not evil…intact she is a fair kind-hearted women but i don’t want babita or minni to be friend with her. The trio can be polite to each other but more than that seems unnatural nd forced. With time i only hope mita nd ashok become so irrelevant that minni or babita doesn’t waste time taunting or insulting them. They have to reach sky for that need to put past behind…that doesn’t mean forgive nd patch up with people who hurt them but just be unaffected by them

  3. I know mita wants everyone to accept her and she wants minnie to become a part of khuranna family again, but she should understand that minnie or babita wont accept her like this. Praising minnie or giving her money to buy things? Seriously? Mita now has everything that once used to be babita’s and minnie’s. All babita-minnie can see is that mita took their place and now they are literaaly without any of their past relations or support. Once in a while maybe bauji comes to inquire about them, but living in another house is completely different from living with family members. Babita minnie lost so much… I know mita is nt bad, but she has to accept that the best thing to do is leave minnie and babita alone. If their relation mends naturally in future, its ok. But now imposing herself on their lives will only gain her more insults. And mita is trying to get along only with minnie. How will babita feel about that? When babita thought minnie was getting too close to HS, she reacted so strongly. How would she feel if minnie even talks nicely with mita? She will feel the other woman who snatched her husband is now stealing her daughter too…
    HS voice got saved. I think minnie will listen to it next day. Surely she wouldn’t have left random voice notes to be uploaded to the internet. The voice note only got saved… If minnie listens to it, i wonder what her reaction will be…

    1. SsiyAa

      you got that point correct. babita don’t wan’t minnie to be snatched. for her minnie is the only reason for her life…..

      even i’m waiting to see what will happen with that saved audio.
      and i don’t understand why mita want to be friend with minnie. is the reason biji or she has started to feel her as her daughter!… whatever, this should be left on time.

  4. Yes, Mita really now feeling minni as a daughter but Its time waste bcz both minni-babita is real mother daughter and a daughter cant live without her mother…….at all

    And its boring H.S love…for babita…
    But I guess that one day Babita will accept H.S love..or our tutty fruity Minni will get Babita and H.S marriage one day…..and may be she will got 1 & 2 sibling…
    When this serial was started than I were not expecting this type of mellow drama….will be in this serial really..what the Story!!!
    Think what want Mita
    What want Babita
    What want Biji……oh my god…..
    What want Story makers……babes is poor……minni is tutty fruity….haa haa…..?? H.S is now lover boy???

    1. What u have commented makes no sense at all. should check what u have written before sending its all dumb

  5. Yes; I know what I said……or written..but in angry mood…just…on the story line….and If you all are unhappy or I hurts than plzz sorry…..Iam paridhi sharma fan…since jodha akbar….so Iam also connected with this serial like all of you….and Iam not pointing on nigative thoughts… think what my opinion….again sorry if you are feeling bad….for Babita and H.S…

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