Patiala Babes 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Gets TV Interview Offer

Patiala Babes 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita decides to make ice cream and says she will not add other flavors in mango ice cream as it will overpower mango’s flavors. HS says he did not understand. She says she wants to live a pure life without any artificial additives and explains her philosophy excitedly. She then shows mangoes and says she loves its rich flavor. HS says he will asks Lala to bring 4-5 boxes of mangoes. She shows him how to whip cream and then add mangoes. He just enjoys her smile and pure happiness with wide open eyes. She says once it is set in the morning, it will give rich flavors. Next morning, she scoops ice cream and offers HS. Just when HS is about to take it, Dadaji walks in and takes it saying it is his favorite and if Babita made it for him. She shyingly looking at HS says yes. He sits and informs that Ashok reached London yesterday and was feeling very guilty, he told he will return Babita’s ticket money soon. He then thanks HS for keeping Ashok behind bars for 2 days as Ashok’s attitude changed after that. HS says he just did his duty. Dadaji asks Babita if she has thought about second marriage as she has a long life ahead. Babita says she just wants to be herself and grow her business, she wants to enjoy each flavor of life in its own pace. HS stands silently. After sometime, Minnie tastes ice cream and says it is very special and not like her usual mango ice cream, it is something like desire, it is an amazing name and names it as mango desire ice cream. Babita gets nervous hearing desire.

HS informs NB what Babita told. NB says Babita wants to just grow her business and concentrate on it. HS asks if she is high on success. NB says she got her freedom from Ashok just now and just like a cut routeless kite, she does not know what she wants to do, so HS should make a move first and propose her. HS says Babita will think he was waiting for Ashok to leave her life, so he wants her to take her own time and he will wait till then.

Minnie with Bobby’s help meets Preet and apologizes. Preet says because of her Mickey is not even speaking to her. Minnie asks if she should speak to him. Preet requests not to interfere again and asks Bobby to either drop her home or she will go by auto. Bobby asks Minnie to wait for 4-5 days till Preet calms down, then she can set Mickey with Preet, he is always there for her. Mickey gets angry. Preet takes him away.

Babita nervously tells NB she does not know what to do. NB asks what happened now. Minnie returns home and tries to speak to Babita, but she is engrasped in thoughts. NB calls Babita and says Minnie wants to speak. Minnie asks why she is murmuring nervously. Babita says she got TV channel’s call who wants to take her interview for their program Patiala Ke Sitare. Minnie jumps in happiness.

Precap: Reporter asks Babita how she describes her relationship with HS. Babita freezes nervously.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. SsiyAa

    episode was ok… i feel now i’m less enjoying the serial…
    .i liked that minnie apologised to preet…. and preet’s anger was justified too…. also, happy they atleast showed us the shop… but interior i feel is of no use… i mean i don’t feel that shop is fulfilling any purpose….
    .one thing crossed my mind that babita is mother of 17-18 year child.. it’s ok for her to be not sure about second marriage but how she cannot be aware about her feelings or attraction…. i mean at age of 30-35 that age is enough to understand such type of feelings, they they hold or even if someone else hold for them or for their kids.. !…. it’s too long since she knew about HS feelings and now her actions tells the same.. then what is stopping her?… is she really confused or afraid or unaware?

    1. For the first time, Babita’s business looked totally fake. What were the three ladies doing inside the shop anyways? are they still setting up? If not, then how can we believe only these three women are running the whole business. Babita spends a lot of time cooking single items for online video, keeping track of likes and comments, meeting sponsors, and now even interviews. Nayeen Bi is the society president and has lot of extra work. Only Kammo is full time worker. the show should show delivery boys, and extra hand for cleaning the utensils and the shop. Babita should also be shown buying extra utensils and machines for her shop. There should even be a cold storage area for the catering business. till now i feel they were using Hanuman’s fridge only? Babita bought a new oven but they did not have a fridge of their own. None of the practical aspects of the business are shown
      I think Babita totally realizes that she also has started liking Hanuman. She still knows Hanuman has feelings for her but she does not get angry anymore and even cooks for him with possessiveness. But she wont take a step because she wants to be an ideal for Minnie and judging from Minnie’s initial reaction, Babita is right to be cautious. Hopefully, Dadaji will be able to make Minnie understand the situation. I wish Minnie was there when Dadaji questioned Babita about her future…

  2. Babita also has feelings for HS but is reluctant to express because she knows that Mini will not accept her relationship with HS or any one else. Because her parents had a bad marriage, Mini has totally gone against the idea of love or marriage.

  3. I feel that Mini is self centred and always thinks about herself first, not her mother, friends or others around her. She should understand that her mother will need a companion in her life, not every man is like Ashok. May be one day she will like someone and then will realize the need for her mother to have someone in her life!

    1. I think to further her business Babes will buy the factory where she worked and the workers there will want to work with her. Let her fly fulfil what she could not with ashok and will surely marry HS. Minnie might surprise us all and say yes to babes and HS.

    2. Yes i too feel the same about Minnie. Minnie has lots of positive qualities, she is very strong and has a lot of self-respect and confidence. She also has a positive attitude towards life and is always searching for paths to move forward. But Preet is also right in what she said about Minnie. Minnie can often be very disrespectful and always takes out her anger on others unmindful of their feelings or reactions. She is self centered in that way. One, she is a single child, and two, she is going through a lot of difficult situations at a young age. At times she can really act like a spoilt, entitled child. Anyways, hopefully she will introspect a little from Preet’s reaction and try to rectify herself

  4. Can anyone explain why Mini, Preet and Mickey are torn apart?
    Kinda don’t understand

    1. SsiyAa

      Minnie in her pain very badly spoke out about preets feelings to Mickey making situation very awkward and embarrassing for both.. That’s it they are hurt by her this behaviour…

    2. Preet has developed a crush on Mickey and told Minnie about it. Minnie advised her to be honest about her feelings and tell everything to Mickey directly. At that time, Babita got Ashok released from jail and was being very secretive about her intentions. Minnie tried to question Babita but Babita did not give a straight answer. Then when Minnie returned to Preet she found out that Preet has still not told the truth to Mickey. In her anger Minnie scolded Preet a lot that people always talk in round about ways and not direct about their true feelings and it is wrong. Then she went on to tell Mickey very rudely about Preet’s feelings while Preet was still standing there. The situation became very awkward and embarrassing for both Preet and Mickey and they left. Now Preet is angry at Minnie for betraying her trust like that and Mickey is avoiding Preet too.

    3. Owh, stupid Mini

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