Patiala Babes 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Khatri Creates A Scene


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Patiala Babes 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita and HS’ prewedding rituals continue when Khatri walks in inebriated and starts drama. Kammo tries to control him, but he continues and asks Babita to get Minnie married along with her wedding as daughter will be a hindrance between her and HS’ romance after marriage. Kammo tries to stop him again, but he continues that he is telling truth and he has 3-4 alliance ready for Minnie and after her marriage, they can romance openly. Minnie confronts him that he doesn’t have worry for her as her Babes and HS are there to think of her betterment. Babita asks Minnie who gave invitation to cheap Khatri and why did they let him in to spoil their happiness. Kammo gets offended and says she got invitation, but by mistake they wrote Mr and Mrs Khatri; though Khatri is bitter tongued,

he is her husband and she cannot see him being insulted; she is tired of HS, Babita, and Minnie insulting Khatri repeatedly. Minnie asks if she did not hear that Khatri told. Kammo says Khatri told truth and anyone also would say what Khatri told. NB warns to shut her mouth. Kammo continues that she cannot stop her from revealing truth, Minnie will be Ashok’s daughter forever and after marriage, she will be a hindrance in Babita’s life. NB asks if she doesn’t see how much HS loves Minnie. Kammo says to reach Babita, he has to act and its simple, she will see till when he will tolerate Minnie. She walks away holding Khatri’s hand while Khatri smirks following her.

Minnie gets hurt a lot and tells Mickey that people are senseless and filthy minded and she shouldn’t have let them in. She asks Mickey to go home now as her Babes is hurt and she needs to attend her. Mickey asks if she is not hurt. Minnie says she doesn’t bother about people’s garbage tongue. NB calls Minnie saying her HS uncle is calling her. Minnie asks Mickey to go now and walks up where Babita asks not to bother about Kammo’s words. NB says Kammo is supporting Khatri as a wife, else Khatri will kick her out of his house. HS says Minnie will be his favorite than Babita always. Babita says if Minnie wants, she will cancel this wedding. Minnie asks if she has gone made, she worked so hard for this wedding and would never want it canceled. Babita and HS smile. Minnie does down and sees Mickey still there, asks if he did not go home yet. Mickey reminds that they all will sleep in her house till wedding finishes and says she forgot one important thing. Preet brings Minnie’s camera and tripod and says she forgot to take pics. Minnie rejoices.

In the morning, Babita does tulsi pooja and seeing HS walking to her asks why he is looking nervous. He says he is nervous regarding his wedding. She says he already married once, so he shouldn’t be nervous. HS says he is marrying second time for the first time. She laughs hearing that. He says they both are marrying first time, so he is nervous. She asks what can she do to ward off his nervousness. He asks to get him some tea.

Precap: Minnie dances on Banno Rani tumhe sayani…song.. during Babita and HS’ haldi ceremony.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Babita and HS should have spoken more and comfort more Mini in today episode
    Ppls will always talk garbage in other re-trial difficult life step….. but life isn’t prefect is how we find and make our own little world perfect for ourselves…. That Kammo aunty is so RUDE is taking her Khari side but no ones like him why with him she is brave as BABITA that why jealous of their happiness what new? lol HS should adopt Mini after marriage to show all that he is a better father than ASHOK ……………………Series need to keep focus on BABITA N HS MINI life not outsider
    i believe even ashok side family will turn against babita too more
    they are all jealous and envy her happiness is not Mr. Ashok re-married too?

  2. I am not surprised that Kammo spoke in Khatri’s favor today. Instead i used to be surprised that Kammo so easily started supporting Babita and going against Khatri after working with Babita for only a month. Like, Khatri is her husband, she always knew how he taunts people, how he is corrupt and cheats, and yet she never had a problem with him before. Now to think that suddenly she was silently bearing all of Minnie’s arguments and even scolding Khatri for so long was not very realistic… I mean, this same Kammo took her relative for Preet’s marriage proposal and treated Preet’s family as shit. So Kammo was never very progressive to begin with. I had fully expected her to say something negative as soon as she found out about Babita-Hanuman’s marriage. So her ready acceptance had been a surprise for me… but today i guess she finally broke. Minnie arguing with Khatri was okay. But babita saying Khatri was ‘ghatiya’ person hurt Kammo’s ego. Don’t know what Kammo-Babita’s relationship will be like after today.
    I wish babita would stop seeking approval from everybody about her decisions. Even today after the scene, when Babita talked with Minnie, she was not really focusing on whether Minnie is upset or not. Rather her point was ‘i am making the right decision, you believe me right? Please give me your approval else i will stop this marriage right now’. Why can’t Babita be confident? Why didn’t she give Kammo a reply right there? She could have said ‘just because you have never seen a perfect family doesnt mean our family cant really be perfect’. or ‘if you think Hanuman’s love for Minnie is fake then it truly goes on to show you don’t know your so called “brother” at all.’ Instead, Babita just ran upstairs and everyone again surrounded her to console her. As if only Babita’s feelings got hurt. Hanuman, Minnie, Dadaji, Biji… literally everyone was upset about what happened. But only Babita had to start crying… like get a grip and please start behaving like an adult!
    As for Minnie, my suggestion is exactly opposite. Stop pretending to be the adult and for once act like your age. I am tired of her big fake forced bright smiles every day. She has tears in her eyes, but her reply goes ‘no, i am not upset. Upset? What’s that? Never heard of that word before. can’t you see my smile?’ When she said ‘my babes needs me’ there was a hint of exhaustion in her voice. But girl, who is asking you to do all this? Nobody is forcing you. The more you treat your babes like a child, the more she is behaving like a child. Unintentionally, you are making your babes dependent on you. What will happen if Minnie once says ‘grow up babes, enough with your drama’? Babita will have to learn to handle situation herself. But no. Minnie has to pretend to be Babita’s mother in every situation and it does nobody any good. Doesn’t she trust Babita enough? Babita could leave her in-laws, get divorce, consult psychiatrist, file police cases, turn the factory workers in her favor, start her own business, support Mita… but Minnie still doesn’t trust that Babita can live her life on her own? Ironically, Minnie is turning like those over-protective mothers who shelter their child too much and the child has no idea what to do without the mother’s direction. Too much of anything is bad.
    And with the Mickey-Minnie scenes again! When Babes ran upstairs even Preet, Minnie’s bestfriend since childhood, didn’t stay back to look at Minnie. Only Mickey stayed back because only Mickey cares for her. None of the adults thought to even say a one line ‘don’t mind those words and don’t lose sleep over what one angry neighbor said’. Nope. Only and only Mickey, Minnie’s apparent soulmate, realizes that he needs to cheer up Minnie. When Minnie came downstairs again, i thought all the females will be there waiting. But nope. Again, only Mickey. Is Preet dumb to not even suspect him? She knew Mickey had feelings for Minnie even before they started college. He stays every moment with Minnie. Its not like Preet doesn’t have self esteem issues herself. During her engagement she did extreme dieting to lose weight and even became unconscious as a result. Why doesn’t oh so caring and sensitive Mickey spend half the amount of time taking care for Preet? My whole problem is… If makers want to push Mickey-Minnie so mcuh, why so Mickey being in a relationship with Preet in the first place? I just find him such a hypocrite and dishonest.

    1. SsiyAa

      Makers are making it too difficult for viewers to understand what’s wrong with Minnie that mickey everytime hints at. For me all that is irrational and over-pretending. Pretending something is wrong when actually nothing is. Especially when whole family is there to support, listen and already understands the behavior of society. Instead of giving befitting reply to khatri like people and proving their union in such times everyone is busy in consoling babita and mickey alone in consoling Minnie.

  3. I think that Khatri got off lightly and Khamo reacted like the typical wufe defending her Husband after Babita went in to him. She knows his fault but is weak to take the next step like Babita for her self esteem and she lashed out at them 3.
    I think that Mini is getting more worried by what Mickey sad. Which is sad really and seriously want Mini to tell Mickey to only meet her when Preeti is there.
    Very nice that they both said that Mini is there 1st priority over them.
    I think that they will be fine after a few hiccups.

    its sad that when Babita married she was Mini age still a child mentality but a women physically.

    So horrified Babita was at the tought of her daughter married at this age.

    Nice precape of haldi etc.

  4. Btw, loved Hanuman-Babita scenes in the end. How Hanuman replied ‘but i am marrying second time for the first time na?’ So i have no experience how to handle second marriage and thats why am nervous… Babita should take a lesson from Hanuman and start chilling out too

  5. Don’t turn the serial like others. Hs adopt Minnie before she goes off track with all she has to listen with babes wedding before breakdown babes must realize she too clinging to Minnie and make her decisions and leave it to Minnie

    1. Minee character will become bad now they will show minee mickey love It will be silsila badalte rishton I they are cheating Preet

  6. Babes should make her own decisions and not leave it to Minnie the time . Its like she wants to be centre of attention. This may cause a problem with hs and babes as he feels babes is inmature at times.

  7. Babes should make her own decisions and not leave it to Minnie the time . Its like she wants to be centre of attention. This may cause a problem with hs and babes as he feels babes is inmature at times. So far good apart from katri disgusting man.

  8. SsiyAa

    Hello everyone 😀.. Finally I watched this episode though I missed previous few episodes and still left to watch this. For today’s episode, here khatri is a single person but he is indicating all those people from society who have thoughts like that.
    Many second marriages have such consequences, I can say almost every. In one of my far known relative too this I have heard this, she lost her husband as he was drunkard and died at early age due to damaged liver. And later her mother got her married to some well settled professor who’s wife died with some medical reason and he had 3 kids with them. And what may be the reason in real but now when even she owns one child with him they are on point of divorce. His kid always had issues with her and husband wife also never stays on same page. For more than 6 months she stayed at her mother’s place and always had fight to call for divorce. I don’t know what litigation or arbitration or settlement they had, but they are again together.
    My point is however individual partner is affected, the one who suffers more is a child. There are many cases where couples almost send child to boarding schools or outside to reduce their headache and enjoy their peace and privacy, and in many cases child is abused by any of the step-parent. We as a society always talk on possibilities and all that we heard, read and saw on TV or newspaper or real cases we see on TV. So Khatri is here a single but speaking on behalf of every negative and predictive people from society.
    And what kammo did was expected calling anyone ‘ghatiya’ and uninvited infront of their family is equally insulting to both husband – wife. Khatri is cheap all know they could have made him out of function with permission of kammo even forcefully. Then even kammo would had left silently. And a women may not know right or wrong but always know how to to fight for her husband’s respect.

    1. Hey Siya, welcome back!
      I agree that usually in marriages where couples already have children of their own, it leads to a lot of adjustment issues and usually children suffer a lot. But in this case its not like Minnie is a 5 year old. Minnie herself keeps saying ‘i am a woman now’ and ‘i will soon be 18 and adult’. This is actually the time for Minnie to get out into the world and find herself. Thousands of children move outside their hometown for studying in college. even Minnie’s dream college is situated at Delhi and even if Babita hadn’t married, she couldn’t have left her business and moved to Delhi to be with Minnie all the time. The point is, whether Babita remarries or not, it is time for Minnie to find herself. At this point, children usually get away from parents, become closer to their friends and later colleagues. Soon they start their family also… I just feel that to bring the topic of Babita growing distant from Minnie at this point is not that important anyways.

  9. SsiyAa

    Babita’s behavior has become very childish and unpredictable. It feels as if makers forgot they showed us the emotional journey of babita to us through which we got to see positive, confident and self dependent babita. The way she is behaving doesn’t portifies sometimes to what she was shown to us before marriage topic. It’s all going very contradictory.
    Still can think as makers want to show all shades of flaws that even she can have and how that can affect her relationship may be..
    But my main concern is Minnie here. Why they are trying to give so much footage to Minnie. I mean I know HS and Babita are together because of Minnie but that relationship is just not for Minnie even the two carried mutual feelings. They can give up on their feelings for Minnie’s sake that makes point as HS many time said he first felt in love with Minnie than babita. And that is the strong point of his relation with mother-daughter. But if we leave all that happening between trio, the way they are showing us how Minnie forgets herself in taking care of babita is something undigestable. That’s what mickey everytime try to instigate in both Minnie and viewers mind. I’m not at all liking it neither agree with it.
    As far as I have learned on watching Minnie, she does have missed her father’s love but except that she had received all that love and freedom from her dadaji to babita. And she had been the person of her first thought and and wish. And always did of her wish. And I don’t see anything that Minnie has to hide in her emotions and everything is so open and supportive of her. Her concern for her babes is always solved by HS, her bond with everyone is going so well. All that is wrong here is with babita for me and not Minnie. Why makers trying to show it’s Minnie alone who is dealing with every wrong. That is something really unacceptable and undigestable. Because of her growing popularity is that in makers mind!! Are they in mood of rounding up the complete show over her..??. Will she be the only lead now??… They are not at all showing the growing bond of Babita and HS but always of Minnie-mickey, which is highly disappointing. Are makers thinking more about TRP now?.. as stories of young couple do bring that high ratings. But everytime showing Minnie is hiding her emotions, not living her own self, forgets her self in babita, she has no one to confide, and etc etc. All of sudden she sees her non-romance soulmate but best friend in Mickey… And preet is always missing from the screen. The dance on ‘hello-hello’ song showed mickey Minnie and Bobby in one line and preet in second line alone. I can guess preet doesn’t know dance as she was missing all her steps and that’s why wasn’t there from starting but still she should have been shared line with mickey and not mickey with Minnie. Makers should take care of that and whatever mickey is directly telling to Minnie the same could be expressed by both preet and mickey, in fact that would have made more sense… Imagine preet and mickey together making Minnie understand anything.

    1. I too feel the show is becoming more Minnie focused gradually. Earlier there used to be a fine balance between all characters and i never felt i was missing on something. Only Mita’s scenes and Khurana house scenes were less but they were always side characters and what was shown used to be enough. Babita-Minnie were the main characters and later Hanuman also became important… But now it feels that Minnie is in every scene and the story is now more from her point of view… How she is working for the marriage. How she views Babes and Hanuman relationship. How she is dealing with Mcikey… But Hanuman-Babita’s relationship is not given enough time.
      And correctly said that Minnie doesn’t have any problem as such. I dont know why Mickey gives her those long sad looks as if something wrong is happening with Minnie. Yes, Minnie should focus more on herself. But its not like she is doing it out of some compulsion, or someone is forcing her, or if she doesn’t do it something bad will happen. Minnie needs to chill. And if Mickey is telling her to stop focusing on babes so much, he should also convey it lightly and not loaded with sadness eyes.
      I noticed that dance sequence too. It nowhere feels like Mickey and Preet have connection going on between them. Only in the starting when Minnie had appendix operation, that time Mickey and Preet were holding hands. After that its all Mickey and Minnie only. Preet who was always with Minnie before, is totally ignored and now Minnie finds that only Mickey understands her. How the hell was she bestfriends with Preet for so long?

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