Patiala Babes 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Alleges Minnie

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Patiala Babes 11th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita tells HS that she wants to stay with him, doesn’t he want to. HS says very much, but she has established a business here with her hard work and Minnie always tells truth. Babita says she doesn’t want her business and just want to stay with him. He asks where will Minnie stay then. Babita says Minnie will accompany them to Abohar. He asks what about her studies. She says he can get her admitted in some vocational course and anyways she is going to be married soon. He says girl is still very young. She says all fathers think their daughters are very young, but truth is they grow up fast.

Minnie informs whole incidence to NB who says Babita is trying to erase divorcee image from herself and doesn’t bother about shop or hard work; she had earlier trying to run away when Ashok divorced her and now she is doing same, so she is not to be blamed. Minnie continues trying to explain what is going in her mind. Babita passes by shop smiling at them and walking into Khatri’s shop says she needs 3 lakhs instead of 2 lakhs to sell her shop. Khatri says her shop doesn’t have any clients, so she should reduce the amount abit. Babita says 2.30 lakhs and if he is okay with it, he can send property papers to her house. Once she leaves, Kammo says Minnie challenged she will never sell the shop, what happened to Babita now. Khatri says Babita just wants to swin in an small well, we should benefit between mother and daughter’s fight.

Minnie explains her situation to Mickey and Preet and says she doesn’t know what to do. Mickey suggests her to accept scholarship and go from here. Minnie says Babita is doing wrong and she has to stop her. Mickey says its Babita’s decision and she has already settled Biji and Dadaji’s lives, so she need not worry about them. Minnie calls HS and says she needs to talk something important. HS says he knows what she wants to say, women needs to be independent, etc., but she should understand his situation and when Babita doesn’t want to listen, what can he do. Minnie asks what about the promises he made and his stance to support truth. HS continues to explain his situation and should he tell Babita to take care of herself and her daughter and to become a bad husband.. Minnie says she read a proverb in a book that the best husbands prepare their wives for widowhood and asks to think about it.

HS returns home and says he wants to withdraw his transfer as an option. Babita asks if Minnie forced him to do this. HS says she didn’t and it is only an option. Minnie walks in, and Babita scolds her. HS asks not to scold kid. Babita says then she should behave like a kid and not interfere between elders, yells at Minnie that if HS cancels transfer, he will not get promotion and Minnie wants to snatch HS’ self-respect. Minnie says she didn’t do anything. Babita yells why she wants to spoil her happy married life and doesn’t want to see her happy. Minnie asks why would she think like that. HS says he just kept an option. Babita continues yelling if Minnie wants to break her married life. HS asks her to calm down. Khatri rings bell and walks in with property papers. HS asks why did he come here. HS tells Babita that he brought his final offer, but looks like he came at a wrong time, so he will come later. Babita calls him and asks to tell why did he come. Khatri says his final offer is 2.15 lakhis. Babita asks him to give him pen and papers. Khatri hands her over pen and papers. Minnnie and HS request her to think well and then take a decision. Babita says she has taken her decision and will not budge under anyone’s pressure.

Precap: Babita tells HS if she had accepted defeat in front of Minnie. HS says he didn’t realize at all that she was competing with her daughter. Saroj brainwashes Babita that Minnie also Ashok’s daughter and usually after second marriage, people send children away from them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Babita has totally lost it!

  2. the writers have completely murdered babita’s character. now there is no difference between her and Rano or even Kammo. stupid woman has learnt nothing, she bought the shop for 10lakhs and sold it for 2.15 lakhs. She is talking about taking Minie wherever she goes with no care for her education as if Minnie is her personal property. She even said she will get Minnie married soon… lol, if Minnie finds all this out, she will run to Australia and she totally should… and how badly she talked with Minnie. After she got a new husband she has become selfish, stupid, arrogant, stubborn to the core. Damn… i wish the show had never taken the turn of Hanuman and Babita’s marriage. Babita was far better when she was single. am completely disgusted. i dont watch the show anymore, just scan through the updates waiting to see how the writers end Babita and Hanuman’s character. with the new promo it seems the writters will kill both of them and leave Mahan Minnie to raise her step-sister.
    i guess i should have known when Mita left the show that the writers have no respect for good characters. Mita was a wonderful character but the writers wrote her off. then Ashok, Lovely, Sukhi one by one everyone left the show. the writers couldn’t send Babita away that easily because she was the co-lead with Minnie. so the writers decided to butcher her character before killing her so that no viewer would want to watch Babita anymore anyways… i hope the writers will be happy after the leap with the grown up Minnie being the only mature, independent and strong woman. She can then continue shutting everyone and distributing wisdom around Patiala and to her little sister. this show is not for the likes of Mita or Babita. Only Minnie.

  3. Verma4

    it’s a good think babita will hopefully not be there after the leap. I would say that mini should take the uni offer and leave the head less hen back home.

  4. After leap they should also change the title from Patiala bebes to something else as it will have no meaning after Babita will say goodbye to this show as it was based on her, her journey from Babita to Patiala bebes well as for now I am completely disgusted by her character hope she will leave show with her old charming character I miss old Babita

  5. Never really liked Babita. Minnie and Hanuman have always been my favorite characters. I hope Minnie takes up the offer of going abroad. Hopefully after the leap it will be better.

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