Patiala Babes 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Feels Like A Free Bird

Patiala Babes 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie cries profusely. Babita consoles her and says no relationship will trouble them anymore, now they are free. HS looks at them. Babita smiles at him, and he leaves. At Nayem Bi/NB’s house, Biji eagerly waits for Ashok to return. Dadaji says she should not expect anything from Babita and it is wrong. Ashok returns. Biji asks if he apologized Babita and if she forgave him, he should not ruin his life. Ashok says there is nothing left now, Babita has changed and she did not forgive him, she wants him not to interfere in her and Minnie’s lives. Dadaji says Ashok is speaking right for the first time. Ashok says Babita does not want him to stay here, so she gave him London ticket. Dadaji asks when is he going. He says tonight and he wants to give the love to Mita’s child which he could not give to Minnie.

HS and Laala get heavily inebriated sitting in front of Babita’s new shop. Hanuman blabbers what he felt today. They both reach home. Babita angrily looks at them. They both blame each other. Babita says she knows who is commanding here. HS goes and sleeps on sofa. Babita scolds him to have some food and then sleep, else he will get gastric trouble with his inebriation. She gets him food. He asks why she cares for him so much. She says who else will if she does not, then gets nervous. HS looks at her with wide open eyes.

Babita then goes to sleep and tells Minnie how she feels a free bird now, how Ashok had dominated them and what she felt when she gave ticket to Ashok, etc. She remembers the days when she used to dance freely, lohri event, etc.. and starts dancing holding her veil. HS hears her anklet sound and walks to her. She gets conscious and says she wants to make ice cream. He asks at this time? She says yes. He brings her ordered ingredients. She checks each ingredients and then changes her mind. He asks what will she prepare now..

Precap: Dadaji asks Babita if she has thought about second marriage as she has a long life ahead.

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  1. SsiyAa

    episode was beautiful.. especially the end portion where i saw babita dancing in her orange dress and now with that white dupatta… loved that portion….
    next i loved the precap where biji bauji want babita to settle with someone.. so open mind and unbaised to advice her so… thinking out of the box from society… happy to see that..
    so with that promo it.s clear next focus is on minnie to learn about hs feelings,,, in my opinion she will be reluctant and resistive in starting but will soon be in favor for them.. as somewhere that emotion from past doesn’t allow to do the same in present and her philosophy of complicating the equation due to relationship will be the reason of denial but soon she will accept her mother also deserve to be loved..

  2. papaji asked the right questions. I am glad that at least Babita’s ex-in-laws wont create trouble if Babita decides to remarry. Papaji will convince Biji too. But seeing the promo in youtube, it seems Minnie will have hard time accepting Babita and HS relationship.
    Dont know what this Ashok will do in London. He is not fit for any relationship. Dont know whether he even realizes how he must change or what he did wrong
    Nothing much to say. But i hope the writers give a scene where Minnie apologizes to Preet for her behaviour. HS always says that Minnie is short tempered and says anything when she is angry. She is going through a rough time and she is a teenager too, but she needs to have control on herself and how she behaves around the people she cares about

  3. She is a caring daughter surely would not grudge her mother happiness aft. er seeing what her father put them both through. Instead of objecting she should help babes and be happy for her and herself as hs will be good for both of them. Hs is loving and caring

  4. send minnie to uk with mita and wed hs with babita and send them to switzerland for honeymoon # happy ending

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