Patiala Babes 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Receives Eviction Letter Again

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Patiala Babes 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neighbors request Nayeem bi to sign Hanuman’s eviction papers as he is supporting Mini her mother Babita who trashed their innocent children Happy and Billa ruthlessly. Nayeem bi says Happy and Billa are biggest mischief mongers and trouble her each day. Khatri says she should support neighbors and not strangers, boys will not trouble her again. Happy’s mother says Happy considers her as grandma, so he plays mischief with her. They emotionally force Nayeem to sign on papers.

Hanuman prepares rotis and asks Laala to come and join him in dinner. Laala says he cannot have burnt rotis. Babita with Mini gets roti and sabji for them asks Mini to tell her uncle that he does not have to have burnt rotis from hereon. Hanuman says he prays 5-star food. Khatri says he cannot lie. Their conversation continues when Khatri enters and with her irritating drama gives eviction letter saying he got 30 signatures. Hanuman warns him. Khatri says he gets violent always, was too proud of himself, now he has to vacate his house inn a few days. Laala warns him to be in his limits. Khatri taunts him next and then Mini and Babita. Mini angrily rushes to hit him, but Babita stops him. Hanuman gets emotional and pours out his emotions in front of Khatri and says he will not stop supporting Mini and Babita as his wife would have asked him to continue path of truth. Mini also cries in front of Babita that because of boy’s mistakes, they are blamed and Hanuman uncle has to evict his own house because of them. Babita consoles her.

Rocky warns Happy and Billa to apologize Mini and accept their mistake, else he will take back all the money he gave them. They request not to. He says he will inform their parents. They say their parents will kick them out, so they will apologize Mini.

Babita walks to terrace to dry clothes and sees Nayeem bi feeding pigeons and saying usually 10 birds come daily, today they are 11 and counts 1 bird twice. She tells Nayeem bi that she is counting bird twice, there are only 10 birds. Nayeem says one can count wrong and repeats. Babita realizes Khatri must have repeated names twice and wakes up Mini excitedly.

Biji gets phone call from Lovely that she and Sukhi have reached holy pilgrimage city safely. She informs Dadaji. Dadaji says Lovely wanted to escape and left their parents alone. Biji says good at least daughter and SIL will be out of all these issues for sometime. Ashok walks to them and after a bit drama showing divorce papers informs that he wants divorce from Babita. Dadi shouts how dare he is to show divorce papers to his parents, he may have broken up with Babita, Babita is their bahu and will always be. Dadaji also reacts. Ashok says he will get divorce from Babita at any cost.

Hanuman asks Laala to read names signed in eviction papers. Laala reads 1 name twice. Babita asks if there are 2 men with same name. Hanuman asks Laala if there are. Laala says no. Hanuman says Khatri was fooling them and thanks Mini for her idea. Mini gives credit to Babita who in turn gives credit to Nayeem bi describing whole incident. Hanuman says that is why Nayeem bi’s name is missing and she gave clue to Babita.

Precap: Khatri says he was explaining association rules, but Babita got angry. Hanuman says according to association rules, one who stays in society is association member. Khatri asks how are Babita and Mini related to him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ashok is bent on leaving his wife for another woman. Never separate husband and wife for too long because one of them will cheat and hurt the other. Not all will cheat you have some good husbands out there. The parents have to face the embarrassment and the spouse who was cheated on will suffer heartache.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting show, and somewhere truth of some hard rural villages, my family members watch it without missing single episode… slowly slowly babita is using her lilttle mind…

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