Patiala Babes 10th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Decorates Hanuman and Babita’s Room

Patiala Babes 10th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

NB asks HS if he remembers his mother wheneve rhe sees Babita and asks him to open his mother’s room. HS picks key from cupboard with his mother’s voice echoing in his ears and opens room. He sees spiderweb and dust all around and cries hugging his and mother’s photo. He fixes his mother’s photo on table. NB says this will be his and Babita’s room, till now his mother’s weeping was heard in this room and now it should fill with Babita’s laughter. HS says in his haveli, no woman will cry ever. Mehandi designer applies mehandi again in Babita’s hands. Saroj says it is not easy to reapply mehandi and Minnie is running from pillar to post to keep Babita happy. Babita says she unnecessarily became concerned over her mehandi and dress border and troubled Mehandi. Saroj says she went through a lot of troubles and its not easy to overcome them, she has Minnie who can do anything for her happiness, so she should cheer up and enjoy her wedding, else if Minnie sees her sad, she will also get sad.

Minnie returns home with Mickey after getting Babita’s bridal dress corrected and says now both mehandi and lehanga are fixed, Babes will be very happy. Mickey says he did not understand what she means, like their unconditional bonding, their happiness should be unconditional. Minnie asks what he means. He asks if she will be happy only if Babes will be happy, she is doing so much to keep Babes happy, what is the guarantee that Babes will not get sad again, so she and Babes should learn to be happy at any situation. Minnie says she cannot understand his gyaan and asks him to come in. She walks to Babita and showing corrected lehanga asks if she is happy now, where is HS’ name in her mehandi. Saroj walks in and praises Minnie’s effort. She asks Babita to have food soon while she goes and feeds cerelac to her baby Bahar. Babita asks how will she have food with mehandi hands. Minnie asks Saroj to feed cerelac to Bahar while she feeds Babes.

After feeding Babes, Minnie gets back to taking care of decoration and asks Mickey and Preet to finish their task fast. She sees HS locking a door and asks if there is a room there. HS says yes and he keeps it locked. Minnie asks why he opened it today then. HS says he and Babita will stay in that room after marriage and its NB’s order, so he cannot deny his foster mother’s order. Minnie takes keys from HS and giving them to Mickey asks Mickey to get flowers to decorate room and asks HS whose room is it. HS emotionally says his mother’s. Minnie stops Mickey and Preet and says she will decorate this room with her hands as it is very special. HS emotionally nods yes. Minnie opens room and cleans it alone happily. She then picks HS’ mother’s makeup box from cupboard and looks at items smilingly. HS tries to enter room. Minnie stops him and asks to remove his shoes outside, else his footprints will be on wet floor. HS removes shoes and walking in says footprints have already fallen in his house for good since she entered his house. Minnie lights lamp at god’s idol in the room.

Biji with Dadaji enters with shagun pot and lamps over it dancing and singing. Minnie, Saroj, Lovely, Kammo and others join her and dance along. Poooja and Laala join them next. HS takes pics of Minnie’s energetic dance. Sukhi, Pinku and Dadaji and all others join and dance. Babita and HS clap for them.

Precap: Khatri comments to get Minnie married along with HS and Babita, else she will be an interference in their love.

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  1. I want to know what the last function was? the one where they kept pot on their heads one by one and danced. I have never seen such function before and i am guessing it is specific to punjab…
    The episode was good. My one complaint is that i want to see more Babita-Hanuman scenes. Hanuman’s bond with Minnie still feels hundred times stronger than his bond with Babita. They maybe dance once in function and look at each other a little, but there is a lack of real interaction between them. I would have liked if Babita at least had at least some part in the scene where it was revealed that the room belonged to Hanuman’s mother. It was such a emotional scene, but Babita seems to be missing out on everything and her part is just wedding and wedding related problems.
    I am glad that when Minnie and babita sat together, Minnie was thinking about what Mickey said about happiness, and at the same time Babita too was thinking what her sister-in-law said about Minnie’s happiness. Recently Babita’s character has become a lot insecure and self absorbed. It was good to have a scene where she was thinking about Minnie’s happiness instead of worrying about some problem or other
    The rest of the episode was good. I am waiting for the marriage but i am also waiting for this marriage track to end. I dont know if others will agree but It feels like the marriage track has been going on for too long now. I want to see Babita do something else, and also see Minnie do something else other then only planning for the marriage everyday. And Mickey do something else other than roaming around the Haveli. and has Hanuman taken leave from police station for a few days? Its just that for many episodes now its the same things going on in different versions…

  2. Its called Jagoo ceremony and it is done before the menhdi. Its the girls side who take turns in havinv the Matki on there head while singing and dancing and trying to keep it in 1 piece as the boys side try to break it.

    Did not like Mickey lectures today. Why does he not pratice what he says and go home and do it there. Does he not have a home to go to.
    Loved the Ladies dance and HS and Babita talking and laughing and taking pictures of Mini and Selfies.

    Khatri is going to get beaten up tomorrow by HS as he insulted them but worse dragged his Daughter in it. HS and Babita took his taunts on them but dragging there daughter’s in it is a new low and HS is not going to let me get away by insulting his daughter.

    1. I dont know why they even invite khatri anymore. The number of times he has insulted babita is enough to completely forbid him from entering their house. Maybe he is tolerated because he is kammo’s husband. But they way he conducts his private and personal life, i am surprised no has thrown khatri permanently in jail yet… Btw, thanx for mentioning the cermony’s name and rituals

  3. It seems Babita is playing the part of an indecisive woman who is not sure if she is happy to be Hanuman’s wife or is sad-guilty for breaking the Riti/Riwaj of society where a second marriage for a woman is frowned upon, especially when her own daughter is almost of marriageable age. Babita, thus, does not come across as a happy blushing bride-to-be, but almost-doubtful nearly-regretful of her marriage plans. Adding to the lack of single-minded motivation for Babita is the odd fact of Minnie and Mickey making all the wedding arrangements . This is quite odd. Cute but odd, Whoever has heard of grown-up people leaving their marriage arrangements to underage children? Is marriage a child’s play?

  4. I may be old fashioned but If I were in Babita’s place I would certainly feel odd and embarrassed to see my adolescent daughter doing the wedding preparations …the writers are definitely helping a social cause by adovocating that Indian women ,who are subjects of unhappy marriages ,shouldn’t hesitate to go ahead in life and find happiness in a second relationship but showing an adolescent daughter planning her mother’s romantic life is certainly odd…anyways it is just my opinion but I am not comfortable with a young girl doing all this…
    Like Dhara ,I too feel that it is high time they wrap up this wedding track and get on to the next one…..looks like the writers are prolonging this one as they haven’t yet decided on the next track…Just reading the updates as nothing new is happening…

    1. Hey lakshmi, where have you been? No comments for a few days…
      When you think about it, it does feel odd that minnie is always pushing hanuman and babita to ‘thoda romance somance karo yaar’, but i suppose minnie really views babita as her bestfriend? Her reaction seems more reasonable if you think how would we gush if our bestfriend is falling in love or getting married… but i guess even babita does not always feel comfortable with it. She keeps telling her you are my daughter dont forget that, but minnie always retorts ‘i am a woman now’. Doesn’t seem good enough to me, but i suppose this is progressive? Really, i dont know if the message of the show is ‘too modern’ or i am too old school.
      Whatever the reasoning, its high time minnie gets a life of her own. Love for mother is good. But she shouldn’t become completely codependent, or like mickey said, its not right that minnie becomes happy only if babes is happy. She should chart out her own independent identity and find her own happiness.
      Btw, i think after marriage soon we will get minnie’s 18th birthday too. For weeks they have been mentioning minnie is going to be adult soon… I hope to see something normal and track regarding day to day struggles again. Seeing all functions of marriage is good, but dance sequences everyday becomes tiring after a while

  5. Is Minnie really Homo sapiens sapiens or half human half alien? What’s the secret to her super human level of energy?

    1. Good point ?? since morning minnie has recalled the mehendi designers, gone to tailor to have the dress altered, cleaned the old room completely which includes sweeping, dusting, mopping, putting on new bedsheets… And by evening she has changed and dancing full on bhangra… If i was in her place i would have been hiding in a corner and stuffing my face with food, too tired to even move a muscle ??
      Minnie is doing ALL work. Babita’s only job is to sit, try on dresses, and worry… and dance in functions. No business or taking part in organization or anything… But atleast she is getting mehendi applied or being pampered. Hanuman’s sole arc in the entire marriage track has been to fold his hands behind his back, appreciate minnie, and click photos/dance during the functions. And spend time with babita when minnie is pushing him…. Arrey! I would have really liked if hanuman and lala had thought of giving more gifts to babita, or even babita thinking about him and on her own buying/making something for him to show how much she appreciates him. The marriage track is less about hanuman-babita’s love and more about minnie’s joy and energy for her parents

    2. Babita has acted immature about mehandi and dress She should behave in mature ways

  6. who thinks babita needs to grow up….. the way she was upset that the mendhi did not come dark.

  7. Dont know were Mini And Mickey’s relation will go but loved the episode and the energy ledl of Mini is so high thr I asked mysel that “Babita ne Mini ko kya khakar janam diya tha ki wo it i energetic hai…Mereko bhi itni energy chahiye”

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