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Yayyyyy!!!! Jeall is back!!!! And so is her FF!!!!

Thanks a lot for your support, everyone!!!!

So here I am, with my birthday coming soon, and my exams starting the very next day, I can’t even celebrate my birthday???.

Anyway, I don’t wanna bore you all, so here I begin, and also, this time I know what a looooooooooooong episode really means, hopefully I won’t disappoint you.

So the story begins…..



Radhika was too stupefied to understand anything. Then she realised what arjun was referring to, and slowly opened the letter she had just received.

There, Sam had finally understood why Radhika had behaved that way in the evening. She had been dreading even the thought of meeting him for the past five years, and now he was back in her life, not just as an ex-lover, but as a potential husband to her best friend. Sam decided she would not let Radhika fall into his real again. However, Radhika had told her only bits and pieces of her past …. She hated talking about those times. So it was pertinent that Sam should know the full details of their relationship before taking any action against Arjun.

Sam flipped open the diary and saw the first page. It had a collage of ArDhika’s pictures taken at different times. She ran her hand over those pics and saw how happy both of them looked. She wondered why had gone so wrong then, that the much-in-love couple had to break up, and their relationship had to go so downhill that Radhika even hated the mere mention of his name.

(Guys I am gonna write this as a diary entry now…. It’s Radhika’s point of view on everything)



July 27, 2005
10:35 p.m.

What the hell is wrong with that senior? Why did he have to do that to me? There were so many girls there right, he could have made anyone of them dance with him. As it is, all my batchmates were literally drooling over him. But no, he had to pick me for the dance. The first dance. He had to rag me on the very first day if college. And also, he has no manners. Idiot!!! How dare he tell me that I am a pathetic dancer? I took training in Kathak for full four years. Even got the first prize in the classical dancing competition held at school! Who the hell does he think he is? Telling me nonsense about how Salsa is different from Kathak. How can I be put to blame if he does not know even the ABCD of dance? He mocked me without any reason, now I will show him. Radhika Mishra will show him!

P.s. he was cute. No, seriously. He is really handsome. I am sure all the girls envy me for becoming his dance partner on the first day itself.


July 30, 2005
12:42 a.m.

I saw him again. I had gone to the library and was just about to leave when he entered the reading hall and collided with me. All my books and notes fell down due to that idiotic senior….. Am never gonna forgive him for this. He did not even have the basic courtesy to pick up my sheets! Nor did he apologize. Oh yeah, why would he? After all he is known as the “DON” of this college. Infamous for ragging the poor freshers. Big drunkard. Always flirting around with the girls. Ughhhhh!!!!! I hate him!!!!

And, he is NOT cute!!! No way!!! He looks pathetic when seen from up close. Yuck!


August 15, 2005
02:30 p.m.

Umm…. I think I had been wrong in my judgement. I saw him today again, when he came in the lecture hall to announce the fresher’s party and invite us all. He had a really very serious look to his face and looked directly at me while speaking the last sentence, “It is compulsory for all to attend, no excuses.”

Wait, what? Was he thinking I would not attend the party? Why, do I look like some nerd who prefers to stay indoors and study while her own batchmates go out and enjoy? Of course I was going to attend the party, more so because he had (almost) invited me himself. And yeah, let me admit something…. I think I have a crush on him. I mean, those cute puppy eyes… Those curly hair… Those biceps…. GOD!!!! What the hell is happening to me?????

And yeah, I hope he dances with me tonight. I have just completed a fifteen-day Salsa teaching course, I will get to show him how wonderful a dancer I am.


August 17, 2005

No time because I have completely lost track of time!!!! God, I am so happy!!! He danced with me tonight!!! This fresher’s party was the best one of my life, ever. I can still remember the way the girls had been going gaga over him and he instead chose to dance with me!!! Thanks a ton to that blue off shoulder gown with silver borders, I am sure it must have done the magic!!!!

Also, he actually told me he was impressed with my dancing skills. We danced for a full ten minutes!!!


August 28, 2005
05:46 p.m.

I was returning from an extra lecture when I saw him talking to this beautiful woman. I wonder who she is? I hope it’s not his girlfriend. But yeah, they suit each other. He, a handsome hunk…. She, a beautiful fairy. Perfect couple. I don’t know why, but I feel really sad today. I mean, yeah it might be because of the crush I initially had on him, but hadn’t it got cured by now? So why do I even care? It’s his life, and he has each and every right to take his own decisions. But still, why do I feel sad???


August 28, 2005
08:30 p.m.

Just talked to my bestie Sam. She is going abroad for her studies. Am so happy to see her dream fulfilled!!! But yeah, am really gonna miss her. Miss those fun “girl dates” we went to back at home. Those “panipuri competitions” where she always cheated and won.

But seriously, this girl …. I don’t know what has got into her. As soon as she heard my voice, she was like, “oh God, someone is in love! And her heart is aching because her love loves someone else!” Sam laughed when I told her to shut up her dumb mouth and told me that I was being too touchy!!!!! Me? Touchy? Seriously?

God…. but wasn’t she right to some extent? Wasn’t I sad after I had seen arjun…. Oh yeah, I forgot to name the senior, he is Arjun! So yeah, I remember feeling really bad after seeing arjun with that hot beauty. But, but, how did Sam know about it? And what’s that nonsense about being in love? Ugh. This girl will soon drive me crazy.


September 20, 2005
12:30 a.m.

What is wrong with me? Today I saw arjun walking towards me and I was smiling like a total idiot. He came and stopped right in front of me and said, “Radhika, don’t smile too much, your lips will start aching!” At first I wanted to give him a sarcastic reply, but before I could do that, he pulled my cheeks slightly and said, “just kidding. I love the dimples that come to form when you smile. Keep smiling, and who knows, you might win my heart one day and I might take you out for a date?” He winked and left me with my jaw dropping down to the floor.

OMG!!!!! ” DATE ” was the only thing that went on in my head after that meeting. I could not even concentrate on my lectures. Now I have another two lecture left and I just heard some third year will be taking both the classes. I don’t know why, but I have an inkling that arjun is that senior.

Fingers crossed.


September 20, 2005
05:45 p.m.

Phew!!! Am back to my hostel. It was such a tiring day! And yeah, arjun did not take the classes. Another batchmate of his, Saral, was the quasi-lecturer. How I wish it had been arjun!!!!

Nevertheless, Saral was really fantastic … His concepts were clear, and he was really sporting. Loved those two hours to the core. And yeah, it might be another one of my daydreams, but I think I saw arjun outside the door, trying to get a glimpse of the class from the small glass opening in the door. But I don’t know, i mean why would he behave like that?

Anyway I am soooooo sleepy. I think I should go for a short nap.


September 25, 2016
06:54 p.m.

Oh my gosh, what’s happening???? I was talking to saral when I saw arjun with the same Beauty near the college gate. But as soon as Arjun saw me, he smiled and waved at me. I was shocked first but quickly waved back, and started walking in the opposite direction, because saral wanted to get a cold coffee from the canteen. However, within seconds, arjun was on my side, and he held (OMG I AM DYING)  my hand and asked me if he could ask me something. I signalled him to go ahead, and he (OH MY GOODNESS I THINK I SAW A DREAM) asked me if I would like to accompany him on a date!!!!!

Don’t know if I should say yes or not – he did give me sometime to think but – what about that Beauty then? Aren’t they supposed to be in a relationship? And why, oh why, did he have to ask me in front of saral? What if saral spreads the news?


While Sam was still reading Radhika’s diary, there in Radhika’s room, something entirely different was happening. Radhika had just finished reading Arjun’s letter, and it was as if her world had been brought to a stop. She saw that Arjun had already left after saying that he wanted her reply within two days. She reread the letter again.

“My dear first love,

I know you must have been expecting me to be the prospective bridegroom. But I also know you will try your best to avoid this marriage. So here, I have a deal for you. You marry me, and I pay off the loan of twenty five lakhs your dad has taken. And also, just so you may know, even the house that you are so happily living in, is mortgaged. I will pay that mortgage amount too.

Radhika, at the end of the day, you have no option but to lead a miserable life. Why not live that miserable life with me? At least I will help you in reducing your family’s poverty. If you live without me, it’s not as if your pains will lessen. You know I will still continue to torture you. So at least be a good daughter, and let your family live in peace. I am sure you know I can go to any limits…. I hope you do remember what I said about losing? I never lose, Radhika. Failure in my life ended the day you killed my Nandini Di. And if you don’t agree, I might just end up treating your family in exactly the same way you treated my Di.

So think about it, and I will be waiting for your answer, just like I have been for the past five years.


No! She couldn’t let her life be ruined. But, but… was she selfish enough a daughter to let her family suffer just for her own sake? Could she see her family going through what Nandini di had to face? Could she?






So guys, I hope this one was long enough? Keep commenting dearies, and yeah, love you all!!!! Sorry in advance for the delays that will happen now, I have not started with my course yet. Have just one and a half weeks left, and there are six subjects. Can’t fail, sorry.

Please please please pray for me to get the top rank in my batch, your one prayer can help me loads!!!



Till then bye, MMZ ROCKS!!!! AND IT’S FANS TOO!!!!?

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  1. Jeall

    No!!!!!!!!! Please TU please ardhika on the cover pic. Radhika won’t do!!!????????

  2. Jeal dear… such a energtic episode… hats off… marvelous baby… rocked it… nw radhika in a trap… bt i wish she shd get in the trap of Arjun dat to sooon… and sam was reading radhika dairy… the way u present its so real… i actually felt it… upld nxt part ASAP dear…

    All the best for your exams do well… n be the topper in your batch… luv u jeall.. tc…

    1. Jeall

      I love you more, crazy girl!!!!???

  3. Really loved the way you are keeping the suspense….

    About the picture you have a choice to choose when you are posting the story. You need to put the link otherwise by default TU team will put the cover pic of the serial. Hope it helps.

    And thank you for your regular updates. I am not a silent reader though but stopped reading the ff when not posted regularly. Not blaming any writers here they are wonderful.

    I liked your story. And read it today in one go all the chapters. Will be waiting for the next update.

    Big thanks for being regular. Even if the update is short I dont mind

    1. Jeall

      Um…. I know that I can use a pic, but till now TU has been putting various pics….. So I like being surprised.

      Also I am very lazy???

      And thanks for your lovely comment!

  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode love the way you write, the diary and the letter, how did Radhika kill Nandini, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jeall

      Thanks for your constant support, Brin?

  5. Jewel

    jeall, this is amazing yaar. the diary part was really really nice. I can see all the scenes infront of my eyes. and the letter, oh god he is trapping her…. how nandini died?? what happened actually?? i am really curious to know…. waiting for next part… and all the best jeall….

    1. Jeall

      Glad to know you liked it, jewel! The next part will be there on Sunday. ?

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Jeall

      Thanks kavina☺

  7. Fanficoholic

    Amazinggggggg epsilde babeee. Lovedddd it. Wohooooooo radhika responsible for nandini di’s death howwwww????? Very intruiging plottttt. Am becoming mre curious day by day. And yah i hav read ur other ff too. Do continue wth it. Its amazingggg. U r a great writer and hav a great potential. So kepppp writingggggg. Whn is ur bday? Even i am a december born. Mine is on 23.

    Love u loadss????

    1. Jeall

      Thank you so very much Fanficoholic!!!!! Also, do you mind me calling you with some shorter name? Sorry but this is too long???

      P.s. my birthday is on the ninth!!!! Which year were you born in????

  8. KK (Krishna)

    It was amazing episode?? everything was perfect. The diary part was nice….my guest radhika will sassasy yes for the marriage.. Let’s see…tanm you…

    1. Jeall

      Hahahaha KK, thanks!

  9. arti viswanathan

    Jeall nice one dear, but still i am confused that nandini di was killed by radhika… But i have strong guts that it might be saral who might have killed nandini di… And arjun might misunderstood radhika killed his di…i am waiting for next episode… I loved it darling….

    1. Jeall

      Arti???? if you keep Guessing like this my plot will be revealed!!!! ???

      Anyway, thanks for your comment!!!

  10. Superb.. Wait 4 next…..

  11. it was amazing jeall…..

    1. Jeall

      Tysm, jabbo!☺

  12. Thts some blackmail!!!

    1. Jeall

      Lol yeah.

  13. Well I still didn’t get my full answer,??? what I could make out is love Vs revenge bond between aradhika .seriously yaar your story line is tooooooooooo good.and the way radhikas emotions were expressed… That’s suberb!! Keep writing… N I’ll keep on pissing you off till I get my full answer???…… Oh haan.. Till then happy b’day in advance! ???

    1. Jeall

      Hahahaha. Thanks for this comment as well as your wishes!!!

  14. god but always in ff nandhini plans to kill radhika but here ulta supurb.I want to read your past episodes so please please don’t give too much gap

    1. Jeall

      I have my exams soon baby. I will have to give gaps.???

  15. Loved it,really the next one soon.All the best for ur exams Jeall.Do it well.

    1. Jeall

      Thanks sravya!

  16. Viprida Annuru

    Darling, how do you manage to keep us hooked!! The chapter was so good that I wished that it didn’t end so soon. Please update the next one soon!!!

    1. Jeall

      It will be there on Sunday, I promise!!!

      And thanks. Keep commenting!!?
      Even if it’s a single word of appreciation, it will do!

  17. Gauri

    Awesome loved it

    1. Jeall

      Thanks Gauri, keep supporting!!!!!.☺

  18. Myra

    yep, it was about the average length of most ffs here….great job too jeall….all the best for your exams…hope you perfeorm well.

    1. Jeall

      Thanks Myra. Please read my OS too.?

  19. Wowwww jealllll…my sweeeeeetu sissy …..mind blowing update. …it’s really very heart touching n lovely. …rads diary n her step by step….mindset ing n then casual talking to crush n then date….really awesome narration. ..narration then his present letter with all of his warnings n suggestions…leaving no way for rads to escape. ….so interesting plot n. Thx a lotttttttttt for loooong update…..loved it to the coreeeee. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Jeall

      Heya Roma sis!!!!! Unfortunately you are lagging behind!!!! This FF already has another long episode posted.

      Thanks anyway for your comment!!! Muahhhhh????

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