Parvarish SS : Friendship vs Love Part 8

Later in the evening the kids plan to go out for dinner with their families. Simran decides to talk with Suri about Jassi’s condition.
Kulvinder : dinner for outside? why suddenly, no way
Daardji :at least go out sometimes with your kids
Kulvinder : okay if you all are insisting then I will but what about Jassi, she is not in condition of standing up
Jogi : papaji, our Jassi has grown up she is strong and will go with us
Kulvinder : okay fine we all will go in you insist so much
Jogi : oye Jassi, get ready we are going out for dinner
Jassi : really? (gets off from bed) we are going out,
Jogi : why do you look so happy? we are just going out to eat not for picnic
Simran invites Aditya and his dad too for the dinner with them.
Adi : okay aunty we will be there

Everybody gets ready for the dinner. Ria and Jassi have hard time selecting their clothes.
Ria : what should I wear? I want to wear that Jogi gets impressed (looks at one of her red dress she wore during friendship day)
Siddharth sees his wife Nandini after so many years in his office. Both of them have contract deal with each other’s company.
Siddharth : how are you and Payal (Adi’s sister)
Nandini ; I am fine, how is Adi?
Siddharth : I didn’t know you remember that you have a son
Nandini : whatever happened it was between us, why drag children in our fight
Siddharth : you are right, but perhaps you might not know how much your son hates you
Adi overhears their conversation outside feeling awkward seeing his mom after so many years. However he did not hear about his sister from their conversation.
Siddharth : Adi why are you standing there, come inside
Nandini : Adi, you have grown up (tries to touch him but he moves away)
Adi : dad, I just came to tell you that I am going for dinner with Jassi and Ria’s family, I am sure you are not coming now (ignoring his mom)
Nandini : won’t you talk to me dear? you are so angry at me
Adi ; I don’t talk to strangers
Nandini : you can take your anger out, but at least don’t call me outsider, I am your mother
Adi : really? I didn’t knew I had a mother, the mom who deserted me when I needed her the most, that time you didn’t care for us?
Nandini : your dad forgave me long time ago, will you not?
Adi : never, because no matter who won in your fight, I was the one who suffered in this mess, my childhood became the victim (says angrily)
Siddharth : enough Adi, this is not the way I taught you to talk with elders
Adi : sorry dad, I forgot that she is your business partner now, anyway I don’t want to spoil my mood, I will talk later dad bye
Nandini tries to stop him but in vein.

Siddharth : wounds from years are not filled in one day Nandini
The families head to the restaurant for dinner.
Simran : after so much time we all are together for dinner
Suri : You are right and it also cause for our children’s victory
Raj : Kulvinderji, what are you thinking ? I am sure this is first time you are going out
Kulvinderji : Doctor, you are right, today when kids asks for dinner today I agreed
Ria : I tell you uncle, you will never forget the taste of this place
Suri : we will see that later dear, lets order first
Jassi waits for Adi to come but he does not come for dinner. Adi calls Ria and tells about not coming.
Ria : but why?
Adi ; I am not feeling good, I will talk later, bye (cuts the call)
Ria : strange, he never talked like that before
Jassi ; what happened Ria, what did he say?
Ria : he is not coming, today, he is not feeling well thats why
Jassi realizes about Adi’s excuse and feels bad
Ria : dad, I will have hakka noodles, I heard they have best Chinese food here
Everybody enjoys their dinner and goes back home. Raj and Kulvinder goes to their house while Suri and Simran chill outside on bench.
Simran : what are you thinking Suri?
Suri : I am thinking, my children are so happy today, I feel our decision was right to bring them here in Delhi
Simran : even I never saw my Ria so happy, she is enjoying Jogi and Jassi’s company
Suri : but there is one thing I am always afraid for them
Simran : what is that?

Suri : Jassi and Jogi are very naive, I don’t want them to do anything wrong in this age and after that MMS thing
Simran : you forgot your own words by explaining me, now I am not worried for Ria and you started worrying for Jassi
Suri : I know but now all of them are grown and they are at the age where lot of things happen
Simran : you are worrying for no reason, nothing will happen like that, and even if they think of that our upbringing will stop them from doing anything wrong
Suri ; I hope you are right because this time if something wrong happened then Kulvinder ji will not forgive them, we have raised Jassi more than our own daughter
Simran : what do you mean by that? is jassi not our child?
Suri : Nicky, sometimes giving birth does not make relation stronger than raising a child who’s is not our own blood,
Simran : does Jassi know about it?
Suri : you think we would tell her, she would have broken long time ago
Simran : but Suri, why didn’t you tell her?
Suri : why does it matter now when she is grown up
Simran : Suri, it matters, she will not be able to accept this truth and you know how sensitive she is
Ria overhears everything and goes to Jogi who tells her not to reveal to Jassi
Ria : Jogi, you have no idea what you all are doing, the more you hide more she will feel hurt
Jogi : and you are not understanding that how much she will break, I don’t want to lose my sister, the sister who is my life, my Jassi will be shattered
Ria : Jogi, you guys are doing very big mistake, I am your friend Jogi, and Jassi is like my sister too,
Jogi : Ria, please )holds her hand) if you want to see Jassi happy, then you will not tell her anything, Jassi looks strong from outside but any child will not be able to accept this truth
Ria : fine Jogi, I will not tell her anything till you all want, I promise
Both of them gets shocked to see Jassi standing on door but luckily she did not hear anything.
Jassi : what are you both doing? were you talking something important
Ria ; do you really think your brother can do any serious talk, anyway its too late good night (leaves)
Jassi : bro, what was she doing here at this time
Jogi : when will you stop being detective, she just came to meet us
Jassi tries to call Adi but he does not pick up her phone calls.

Adi : sorry Jassi, I could not come today, I did not wanted you to see my pain (wipes his tears)
jassi : I know Adi, you are hiding something from me and I will find out that
Adi is quite upset with the encounter with his mother. Siddharth comes to meet him
Adi : dad, why does this happen to us, when she left us why did she came back
Siddharth : Adi, I know you are the one who lost everything in our fight but I want to tell you something that another name of life is moving on, dear
Adi : I understand what you are saying, but dad some wounds are never healed
Siddharth ; dear, you will remember my words one day and realize time will heal every wounds, anyway its too late, good night, go to sleep alright
Adi : good night dad
Suri goes into Jogi and Jassi’s room and finds them sleeping peacefully. She covers duvet to Jogi and kisses his forehead. She also goes to Jassi and caresses her hair
Suri (in her mind) : I am sorry Jassi, I know I am doing big mistake of hiding from you but now you are my daughter, and nobody will separate you from me
Next day the kids get ready for their inter school competition. Ria does the decoration while Jassi helps her.
Jogi : oye Adi, why didn’t you come yesterday to dinner
Adi : sorry yaar Jogi, I was not feeling good
Jogi : you can pacify me but who will pacify that tigress (looks at Jassi who is pretending to be angry)
Adi : sorry (hold his ears)
Jassi : Ria, I will get the box of balloons (ignores Adi)
Adi : Jassi, I am trying to talk to you, and you are ignoring me
Jassi : really? when you did not bother to inform me anything, why should I talk to you
Adi : so much possessiveness, I love it (says teasingly)
Jassi : you, leave it I don’t want to talk you (is about to leave)
Adi holds her hand and twists her arm gently
Jassi : what are you doing? leave my hand
Adi : You have to talk with me sweetheart after all we are partners remember
Jassi : unfortunately, but after this drama I will not talk to you (leaves his hand)
Adi : I will see for how long will you stay angry at me sweetheart
Jogi admires Ria climbing the stair to tie the balloon for decoration. She is about to slip when he holds her. Both of them falls on floor and have intense eye lock.
Adi : wow, the competition did not started and you have been practicing from now
Ria : shut up Adi, and Jogi you always break my hip,
Jogi : you should say I saved your bone from breaking
Ria : you don’t want to do any work and tease me like this, unbelievable Jogi
Adi : Yaar jogi, why are these girls always aggressive
Jogi : you are right, but you know what I will do something special after this competition
The principal appreciates the decoration for the inter school.
Principal : I hope everybody remembers, we only have three days, I am expecting you all are practicing for your part, all the bed kids
Jogi : Oye Ria, did you hear that, come on start the practice
Ria : oh god, help me
Jogi forwards his hand for dance. Ria puts her hand on his. Both of them hold their hands and do the rehearsal.

Precap : Interschool competition changes the dynamics between both couples. Jogi plans candle light dinner for Ria and both cherishes their moment. Jassi maintains distance from Aditya after the drama competition

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