Parvarish SS : Friendship vs Love Part 7

Ankita smartly throws cheat sheet on Jassi’s desk when the teacher comes from back.
Teacher : what is it? (reads the cheat)
Jassi : ma’am I swear this is not my cheat
Teacher : I did not expected this from you, now I understood how you come first in class every time
Jassi ; Sir please trust me
Jogi : Excuse me Sir, you cannot do this, maybe somebody might have thrown the cheat sheet from back
Teacher : fine, you tell me the name and I will take the action
Jogi remains silence as he does not know who threw the sheet
Teacher : if you are not sure then continue with your paper, Jaswinder Khurana you have to come with me to principal’s office
The whole class gets shocked to witness the incidence. Jogi feels helpless to see his sister getting blamed for no mistake. Much to everybody’s surprise Adi stands up for Jassi and takes the blame
Adi : this cheat sheet is mine, I was trying to open it but it flew to her desk
Teacher : are you sure Aditya? do you know what does this mean?
“Yes Sir, you can take whatever action you want” says Aditya without any fear attitude
Principal : Fine then I guess you have to come with me to principal’s office instead of her
Aditya nods. Jassi tries to stop him but in vain as Aditya is taken to principal’s office

Principal : Yes what is the matter today
Teacher ; your favorite student and this school’s very famous student tried to cheat in the exam
Principal : what are you saying? (Stands up in shock) Aditya is this true
Adi : yes sir (says looking down)
Principal : why are you hell bent of becoming my least favorite student?
Aditya : I am sorry sir, you can give me whatever punishment you want
Principal : I will have to call your dad, this is the second time
Adi : fine Sir, I am ready to bear the punishment for this mistake
Principal : I will have to suspend you, one thing is for sure you will not be able to give your exams this year
Aditya sadly agrees to the condition and goes out of the cabin. After the final bell Jassi drags him outside the school.
“ What the hell, why did you do this Adi” grabs his collar angrily for messing his future
Adi does not respond to her question
Jassi : I am asking you something, answer me
(grabs his collar more tightly)
Adi : would I have let you suffer the mistake you never did
Jassi : even you did not do any mistake then why did you mess with your career
Adi : because I did not want you to be the victim of Ankita’s deed

Jassi looks at hiim tearfully
Adi (cups her face) : Jassi, you have always worked hard to reach your goal, I want to see your success and I will not let anybody come between your success
Jassi : Aditya how will I get success putting your career at stake
Adi : no you will not fall back because of my mistake
Jogi : Ria, do you really think that Aditya can do this deed, I don’t think so
Ria : that Ankita is behind all this, she wanted to trap Jassi
Jogi : oh I knew it, only she can do this deed, I will not spare her
Ria : Jogi, all classes have CCTV cameras, lets go to projection room

Both of them goes to projection room and asks the person to let them watch the footage
Ria and Jogi are not surprised to see the footage. They both rush to principal’s office only to find that he left an hour ago.
Jogi : what? he left?
Peon : he will be back after two days
Ria : what? two days? (shocked) Jogi what will we do now
Jogi : what can we do? we have to wait till he comes back
Ria : are you crazy Jogi? you want to wait till exams are over
Adi overhears their conversation and tells them not to mess up their future
Adi : Jogi, Ria you both don’t have to come in between, you both just focus on exams, and don’t worry about me (leaves sadly)
Jassi too feels bad seeing Aditya’s state. At home Siddharth shouts on Aditya for cheating on the exam and letting him down.
Adi : I am sorry dad, I could not be a good son
Siddharth : really Adi, you made ashamed again, not me but you will not be able to face yourself in mirror
Adi : I know I made a mistake, you can give me whatever punishment you want
Siddharth : you don’t deserve that either, go away from my sight
Jassi : why didn’t you tell your dad everything (talks on phone)
Adi : whats the use? I always disappointed him with my deeds, I thought I would make him proud again but then again destiny did not favor on me and pushed me hard on ground, anyway its too late, you go to sleep, you have exam tomorrow (hang up the phone)

Jogi sees Jassi talking to Aditya
Jassi : bro actually, I was just talking to Aditya, he is too worried
Jogi : why do I feel you are more concerned than him, Jassi I promise you that this year the person who will leave this school will be that Ankita not Adi
Jassi feels relieved hearing his words while Jogi thinks of idea to save Adi before the exams are over. Next day luckily the principal returns back. Jogi tries to convince him to look at the footage.
Principal : Fine, I will look at it
The principal look at the footage and realizes Aditya is in fact innocent and Ankita is guilty. He goes to class and tells Ankita to get up
Principal : Ms Ankita, you are rusticated from this school and I will call your parents
Ankita : Sir, I didn’t do anything, this Jogi is trying to frame me
Jogi : did you see her, she is lying openly
Ankita : sir, he is jealous of me because I tried to frame his sister in SOTY (unknowingly reveals truth )
Jogi ; Sir, did you hear that ?
Principal : Ms Ankita, you come with me, I don’t want other children’s exam to suffer because of your indiscipline.
Ankita is rusticated from the school but decides to teach big lesson to Jogi and Jassi in future. Later Adi thanks Jogi for saving his future

Adi : I don’t know what should I say, I tried to harm you and Jassi so many times and you did not even thought before saving me
Jogi : oh yaar, stop this emotional, I am very delicate (cries sarcastically)
Adi and Ria laughs at his antics and drama
Ria ; such a drama King jogi, nobody can defeat you trust me in that
Jogi ; something reminds me for drama that we have to do rehearsal for dance, tomorrow is the last exam
Adi emotionally give a buddy hug to Jogi as he got a brother
Adi : you don’t know what you did for me, that day Simran aunty saved me for my mistake and today you saved me for good
Jogi : Adi, we all made promise to stick with each other, and don’t consider it a favor,now come on, cheer up today is our last day of exams
Ria : yes of course, we all will go out for dinner tomorrow, I am so excited
Adi looks at Jassi who is still in bad mood and asks Jogi about it
Jogi ; ignore it, her face is always like that
Adi : but she might be thinking something else
Jogi : then why don’t you ask her about it
Jassi suddenly starts getting some flashes and gets unconscious.
Jogi : Jassi, are you okay (pats her face)
Ria : wake up Jassi
Adi : Jogi what happened to her suddenly
Jogi : I don’t know, lets take her home right now

Khurana house
Raj tells Surinder that Jassi got some kind of stroke and has affected her brain too.
Surinder : what?
Raj : if possible, keep her out of stress, and let her rest for sometime
Jogi asks Suri if it was about Jassi’s past.
Suri : I don’t know, but you stay out of it, don’t worry, you relax
Kulvinder : Suri, what is going on, we should do something
Suri : we cannot change the past, I know it will be hard but we have to be strong

Gupta house
Ria is working on her computer when Simran tells her about the upcoming wedding they have to attend in Amritsar
Ria ; mom, I don’t have mood to go anywhere
Simran : come on it will be fun, and its your vacation now
Ria : okay fine, when are you leaving
Simran : next weekend, so do your packing early and you might have to wear salwar kameez too (teases her)
Ria : mom stop it, I will go buy some but I wanted to go with Jassi and she is lying on bed
Simran : what heppened to her, I forgot to ask you
Ria ; nothing, she just unconscious suddenly
Raj : she got a stroke due to some stress on her mind
SImran (in her mind) : Suri is definitely hiding something from me, I should talk with her

Precap ; Suri reveal about Jassi’s adoption to SImran overheard by Ria. Jogi tells Ria not to inform Jassi about the adoption at any cost.

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  2. Alisha

    You rocked it once again! Way to go girl… I am so in love with your fanfiction. Finally, we are kinda Jassi’s last would be revealed to someone else other than Jogi. I always wanted that to happen but unfortunately CVS forgot about Jassi’s past and Simran’s past too..
    It’s like a dream come true.. Keep writing and have a nice day! ??

  3. Awesome episode…..i really like your fan fiction….plzz upload next episode asap…..

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