Parvarish SS : Friendship vs Love Part 6

Jassi and Ria goes home after the event.
Simran : so Ria, how was the event
“It was good, we enjoyed a lot” says Ria with happy face but yet sad from inside
Simran ; okay now go inside and change, then go to bed, you have to start for exam preparation from tomorrow right
Ria : yea mom (leaves to her room)
Simran senses change in Ria’s behavior but ignores it thinking about the past. Ria notices a gift in her room and opens it only to find a small box of bracelet with her name on it. She gets overjoyed to know that it was from jogi and finds letter with
“ A small gift for a girl who deserve this today”
Ria hugs the letter and gets happy. Bg music
(Pehla Nasha )
Jassi looks at the ring Adi gave to her. Jogi wonders Ria’s reaction to his gift.
Jogi : I don’t know if Ria liked my gift or not
Ria wears the bracelet at night but decides to surprise him. Adi looks at Jassi’s picture in his mobile he clicked during the party.
Adi : I don’t know what’s so special in this girl, I never had this feeling for Ria or any other girl (asks himself confusingly)

Next day the school is preparing for their final exams. Jassi meets Aditya who is sitting quietly outside on bench
“Aditya are you okay” says softly putting hands on his shoulder
Adi comes out of his sense and greets her
Jassi : why are you sitting quietly here, is everything okay
Adi ; nothing, I am fine
Jassi : you know yesterday we all planned to go out for dinner after our exams, it will be so much fun
Ria : before that hear the great news, dad agreed to let us stay in hostel if we get good grade
Jogi : haye, then i will see beautiful girls
Ria stamps on his foot. Jogi notices the bracelet in Ria’s hand he had given yesterday.
Jassi : now lets go, we are getting late for class
All leaves for their class later. Adi looks at Jassi’s finger to see if she is still wearing the ring he made her wear.
Jassi : Adi, what are you looking? (Says blushingly)
Adi : nothing, you wore the ring I gave you thanks
Jassi : its a friendship ring, why would I remove it (questions him)
Adi nods positively being overjoyed from inside and holds her hand when she is about to leave. They stare lovingly in each other’s eyes holding their hands. Jogi sees them together and does not feel right seeing them
Jogi : Jassi (pats her)
Both of them come to their senses and leave each other’s hand. Jogi takes Jassi aside and asks her about it
Jogi : Jassi, what is going on, I am noticing this from that get together
Jassi : nothing at all, you are thinking wrong (says bit nervously)
Jogi : then why are you so scared and sweating, look I am not saying anything to you because you can take your own decision but if there is anything you have to tell me first okay
Jassi nods positively with assurance
Jogi : okay lets go

Jassi : you go I will be there soon
Jogi : okay (leaves touching her cheek after getting relieved)
Later in the evening the group plans to study at Adi’s house for exams.
Ria ; but who will convince parents?
Jogi : for that one needs talents which you don’t have but I do
Ria : yea right thats why you never got in rank of SOTY
Jogi : rewind your memory we both were first for dancing round and now the inter school
Ria : whatever (leaves with attitude)
Jassi is organizing the room and lost in deep thought when Jogi comes to her
Jogi : where are you lost?
Jassi : nothing, I was thinking, why don’t we all go to dinner after the exams
Jogi : thats a great idea
Jassi ; okay lets get ready, we have to get ready and go to Adi’s house
Jogi : you are so impatient to go to his home, whats the matter
Jassi : nothing at all (leaves the room)
The parents allow the kids to go at Adi’s house to study but tells them to be back by 11:00 ’o clock
Ria ; okay dad we will reach before 11 promise
Raj : take care dear

The driver drops the kids at Aditya’ house later in the evening.
Jogi : Adi where is your dad
Adi : he went out for meeting, he will be late at night so we can study
After a while the four start studying for their exam next day. Jassi decides to make coffee for everybody and goes to kitchen.
Adi : its okay you don’t have to take trouble, servants will make it
Jogi : you just taste Jassi’s coffee, you will forget servant’s coffee
Ria : Adi, lets not argue or else this brother sister will not stop praising themselves
Jogi : Jassi, you make coffee we will go back in room, lets go Ria
Adi stays back to help Jassi in making the coffee.
Jassi : you can go if you want, I will bring it to the room
Adi sits on the table noticing her innocence and simplicity
Jassi is busy preparing the coffee when they hear the noise of rain outside with loud thunderstorm. Hearing the noise Adi stands near the window noticed by Jassi. She goes to him and hands him the coffee. Adi does not react to her action
Jassi : are you okay (puts hand on his shoulder)
Adi nods positively but Jassi is not convinced.
Jassi : its okay if you don’t want to share your feelings (is about to leave but Adi holds her hand to stop her)
Adi : this rain is witness of my traumatic childhood
Jassi though feels but curiously wants Adi to bare his heart with her
Adi : I saw my parents fighting everyday in my whole childhood, then mom left us alone leaving everything behind not even thinking what would happen to me and then dad got busy in his business, I was living like orphan even having my parents alive
Jassi gets in tears hearing his plea realizing the pain he went through even having his parents and longing for their love. She gives him the solace by kissing his forehead. Both of them share warm and friendly hug.
Adi ; I think we should go before anybody comes here
The friends starts their preparation by helping each other. Ankita calls Adi at night when everybody leaves.
Adi : what is it Ankita? I told you not to call me
Ankita : did I hear it right that you are going to partner with that boring and studios
Adi ; mind your language Ankita, not a word against her, I will not tolerate it not anymore
Ankita : really? you seem to be really interested in her, what is happening
Adi : that is none of your business, but I will not let anything go wrong with anybody, so watch better your step Ankita (hangs up the phone)
Ankita : looks like I have to give big stroke to this lover boy, Adi you didn’t do this right but your Jassi will have to pay for this
Adi starts feeling scared about Jassi and decides to talk with Ria. Next day parents wishes luck to the kids. Jassi keeps reading when Jogi interrupts her
Jogi : what yaar, you read enough last night, now relax for a while
Jassi ; give me my book back bro (tries to snatch from him)
Surinder : come here both of you (feeds them curd happily)
Jogi : oh mamaji, you feed us this everyday so we always comes first and our day goes sweet
Suri twists his ears when he starts his funny antics
Jogi :mamaji, leave my ear, don’t change its shape or else how will I look good
Suri : listen both of you, this is your last year and I know all of you have worked very hard for this day, god bless you before leaving all three of you go to gurudwara

Gupta house
Ria : momzie, can I go to gurudwara before leaving to school today
Raj ; Ria, are you okay (touches her head) you know what are you saying
Simran : stop it Raj, let her go, Ria you go, god bless you and best of luck
Ria : thanks momzie, bye dad (waves them)
Raj : bye princess
The kids reaches school where everybody is busy in studying. Adi calls Ria alone before exam outside in garden
Ria : what are you saying Adi?
Adi : this time her target is not only Jassi but she will trap Jogi too
Ria : I will show her right now (is about to go but Adi stops her)
Adi : stop it, what do you think you are doing, don’t do anything in rush, now lets go we are getting late for exam
The bell rings for exam to start. The teachers start giving out exams to students. Ankita takes chance in the middle of the exam and throws the cheat sheet on Jassi’s desk

Precap : Adi takes blame on him to save Jassi but is saved by Jogi who record Ankita’s confession. Family out for dinner

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    Superrrr chappy dear. Loved it. Both pairs are rocked. Keep it up. When you will post nxt part???
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