Parvarish 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 8th April 2013 Written Update

First Ginny sings a prayer. everyone calls her behenji at first but once she starts singing everyone praises her and enjoying song including dev. she sing well everyone claps. at the end, ginny gives a little speech about how she decided night before about not to participate in this competition, because i was broken. I made a mistake i lied to my friendz and called someone my bf; my truth came out and people made fun of me to much. before i sang what people were saying was also because of that. i am not mad i made a mistake and i got punishment for it. Ginny says my parents helped me and made me realize that u are urelf. I am ginny whose teachers, parents love the most. Ginny says i don’t care how m friendz think of me. My identity is through my deeds. she says i know that i have to find myself. if you try to find the thing that you dont have you wont find it. i dont know how many marks i will get for my singing but all i know is that my family is proud of me bcs i am here because of my talent. she ends her speech with thank you. her family has tears in her eyes. Dev starts clapping for her followed by everyone.

Ginny and sweety have their moment. judges are shown discusing and they come on stage. host announces the winner starting from 3rd runner up 1st and the winner is ginny. everyone cheers. ginny goes to get trophy. she is smiling, people still clapping.

rocky and ginny give high five. they fight abt who was best during skit. dev comes and lucky goes to hit him but nanu stops. dev says i am sorry i shouldnt have done that. you are very talented and special. We were jst joking but you are the true rockstar. you dont need to be like us but we need to be like you. her friends also come and apologize and they says will you forgive us? ginny says i have forgiven you long time ago.

jeet comes home tired pinky and him have a chat. sunny come and is about to give news about Ginny just then raashi comes starts telling stories but pinky says later. pinky takes file but jeet keeps some papers and pinky is worried. pinky gives water jeet still worried. he hides paper and pinky sees it. jeet goes to take shower. pinky comes and sees newspaper where there is a news abt how jeet is involved in a bank scam of 350 crores.


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