Parvarish 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Ahluwalias house

Raavi is trying to convince Rocky to support her in her Earth Day mission. Rocky is not willing but Raavi tells he can bring his friends, can use bikes and will come in TV. Rocky agrees. Raashi, Ginny, Tanmay and Ragini also comes. Raavi asks if Tanmay and Ragini has got permission but Tanmay says it is not needed, they make their own decisions. They start their mission Light Bujau Bijlee Bachao mission.

Sweety and Pinky on phone. They decide to somehow find out Mathurs secret of parenting.

Ahujas Apartment outside

Rocky’s friends and other society kids all arrive. They join together to work out the plan.

Mathurs House

Ahujas and Ahluwalias come to Mathurs house. Sweety and Pinky decides to question Sidhant and Meera. Pinky asks Meera about Sid being house husband. Meera tells it was his condition to be house husband and her condition to continue work and hence they are perfect for each other. Sweety questions Sid about having kids. Sid tells they all had everything planned and hence they are perfect. Lucky and Jeet are thinking about Sid and his cartoons.

Sweety asks for washroom and she takes Pinky along. They go searching for some clue and finds loads of books on parenting and understands.


Raashi goes and takes keys to meter room. Ginny-Raashi and few other kids goes to off the main switch. Secretary comes and he also supports and switches off the main.


All wonder what is happening as light goes off in the house also. Mathur explains to Lucky and Jeet that it is Earth day and there is no harm if switching off lights for 5 minutes and all the children are out there celebrating this day and they should also do it. All go outside and see the children with candles. Nanu is also there.

Raavi gives a speech about how important Mother Earth is and they should do everything to save it. She asks everyone to take oath. Everyone including parents does it.

After that, Rocky comes and tells sorry to Sweety for not telling. Raavi says sorry to JP. Nanu also comes and says he is proud of them. Lucky-Sweety and Jeet-Pinky are happy. Mathurs asks them to come for dinner. They all go in.

Sid comes and gives the book that Sweety had seen in the room. Sweety tells how he can do parenting by reading books. What does he know about parenting. She says he needs to ask them what parenting is. Sid asks her what is parenting. Sweety is shocked.

Precap: Sweety tells she does not need any expert advice for parenting.

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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