Parvarish 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parvarish 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the kids playing and the new kid comes to play with them. They had an argument and fight thereafter. Pinky tells Sunny what he is upto. Sunny replies he started by calling me cheater. His mother asks what proof do you have against my son. Sunny shows the newspaper which teejay stole. Teejay’s mother supports teejay and says he didn’t stole the newspaper but borrowed it. She complains Pinky about her bad upbringing. Pinky asks sunny to say sorry to Teejay. Sunny says sorry, Teejay smiles while his mom smirks. Pinky takes Sunny with her and asks him not to play there. Sunny tells his family about Pinky asking him to say sorry. Pinky says fighting is not the solution to the fight. His sisters cheer him and says we will make a good milk shake.

His sister brings milk shake

for Sunny, he gets happy. Sunny gets a message from Teejay through a flying rocket paper that the war have just started. Sunny sister says she will not leave Teejay. Raavi and Raashi says Teejay is a mad boy and they will start a war now. Raashi says papa was tensed and now mamma too. We will fight with Teejay. Sunny calls Rocky and informs him about Teejay. Rocky asks him not to worry as he will come soon. He tells is friend about Sunny’s neighbour Teejay, who is creating nuisance. Rocky says he have to find out.

Rocky comes to Pinky mausi and greets her. Sunny asks Rocky to come to his room. Rocky tells the girls and sunny that there is name for every mission and Raashi named their mission as Charlie. Rocky thinks of the strategy of their mission. Rocky says he have an idea. Teejay’s father tries to steal the newspaper but doesn’t succeed by seeing Raavi. Sunny takes her inside and pushes the newspaper towards him. Pinky asks the kids to bring milk from the dairy as they woke up early. Sunny says we have to see the results.

Teejay’s father opens the newspaper and all the colors in it, stuck on his face. Jogi tells Pammi that he is feeling pain in his eyes because of the irritation.

Pinky asks her husband Rajesh to have breakfast, he says he will have food on the way. Raavi goes with him. Rajesh sees his car tyre punctured and gets shocked. Raavi says someone did it intentionally, Jogi uncle. Rajesh says he is mad guy and is about to leave but Jogi comes and greets him. Jogi offers to drop them on his bike. Rajesh gets angry for his doings. Jogi gets trapped. Rajesh argues with him, he leaves in a huff.

Rocky tells Lucky about Sunny’s neighbour. Lucky asks him not to do anything bad. Rocky says he will see them. Teejay shows his team partners to Sunny and decides to play cricket. Sunny and Teejay argues over who plays first. Teejay plays good while cheating but gets out and his remaining team members plays then. When sunny turns come for batting, Teejay make excuses that they have to do home work and leaves.

Sunny tells his mother Pinky about Teejay’s doing while Raavi informs her about Jogi’s puncturing their car tyres. Pinky tells them to maintain distance from them. Sunny says he is feeling hungry, Pinky says she will serve food. Sunny tells Rocky and Raavi to make a plan, meanwhile he will keep his mum busy. Raavi informs her that Ganga, the servant didn’t come. Pinky calls Ganga and asks her why she didn’t come for work. Ganga tells her that she left their work and now working with Pammi as she is giving her double money.

Rocky tells Rajesh, sunny and Raavi that Jogi’s next plan of action is disconnection of the cable network. He says he will cut the cable wire and plans to catch him red handed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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