Parvarish 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Lucky ji is in full on anger mode. Ginni crying. Pinky hugs and laughs. Everyone’s taken aback. Pinky understands Ginni’s situation and tries to make up a story. she says once in their childhood she n pinky had applied lipstick without the knowledge of their mother and also knowing that their dad would not like it but still they did it. it was hot and they started sweating. they wiped the their face and accidentally the lipstick spread on their entire face and everyone started laughing at them. they became a laughing stock. Sweety is surprised as she has no clue about any incident like this. Pinky then adds on saying that there comes a stage in a child’s life where they need parents support; they need their parents to understand their inner delimnas and feelings.
sweety interupts saying she has no clue of any such incident and also says that she should not try to cover up Ginni’s mistake. Pinky takes her out of the room. She tells Sweety that today Ginni has just tried to lie under peer pressure but tomorrow she may not even tell her true feelings or share her mistakes with her parents. Sweety says Ginni deserves to be scolded. Pinky then says that the lipstick incident happened with her and at that time Papa jee was damn angry but her mother not only saved her but also let her heart do the talking. Sweety understands Pinky’s point of view.

she goes inside the room where lucky is still scolding Ginni. she tells everyone to leave the room. Nanu and Pinky decide to leave the Alhuwalia family alone. They all leave.

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Ginni says she is horrified with Lucky’s anger as she has never seen him so angry. Sweety tells her she’s come to talk about her and not her dad. she tries to console her saying that we all make mistake in life but what’s important is to learn from them. and has very well learned from her mistake. Ginni says she wont be able to face her classmates now. Sweety tells her that she is a brave girl who need not worry about any one else.

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Lucky is still furious. Sweety enters the room. lucky inquires if she has made things clear to ginni or not. he says he never expected his children to do something so stupid. Sweety tells him to try to understand the situation from Ginni’s point of view instead of being a parent to become her friend.

she’s terrified and horrified. she gets nightmare where her classmates are humiliating her and she is geting calls from all weird guys asking if she wants a boyfriend. she screams.
lucky, sweety and rocky come running. ginni says she wont go to school n insists on getting admitted in a new school or else she l commit suicide.

Update Credit to: nb.neha

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