Parvarish 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parvarish 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 29th April 2013 Written Update

At Ahuja House:

Episode starts with raavi coming out of her room scared that someone will see her and pinky might have told jeet about her internship. as she is walking she bumps into who question her about where she is going? raavi replies she is going to classes. Jeet allows her to go. She tries to sneek out from pinky wen pinky calls her raavi gets caught. Pinky says where are you going? Just then sweety comes and manages the situatuion so that raavi can go.

At Ahluwalia house:

Lucky is making dough when his father comes and says atleast you listenened to me and started helping sweety. Lucky replies you are talking as if i never help her. His father says you dont tell someone that you are lazy. By looking at you i understood that you enjoy the whole day and my daughter in law works the whole day. your fat tommy says everything. Lucky father goes away and he is annoyed.


Sid enters the office and asks soniya for megha gohel’s records. Sid says okay fix my meeting with Mr. Gohel but no one should know. Not even dad. tell him i want to meet him for business proposal. Sid greets raavi and tells her welcome to the office. raavi replies thank you. sid says have a nice day. raavi goes and sid is still smiling.


Pinky and sweety are outside when pinky says thts why i did not want to let her go. Sweety says i know it bcs lucky told me last night. pinky is shocked and asks why she still let her go. Sweety explains wen lucky first told me i also thought she was wrong but later i realzing that she is doing nothing wrong but just wants to take responsibility. pinky says its dangerous sweety says its dangerous wen she is alone we are all with her.


at office raavi is looking for her USB key but cant find it anywhere. then she goes outside to look in garbage bin.


Lawyer says we havent found any clue that we can prove jeet innocence. lawyer says if judge gives his decision in 1st hearign the jeet can go to jail for about 7 years. Pinky is shocked. Lawyer says i dont want to give you false hopes. Lawyer says if you wan to change your decision then i am okay. i mean if you want to change lawyers or if jeet wants to accept his mistake.


When raavi goes outside she hears Tharani talking to employee of NDFC bank on phone. He says the comittee hasnt found anything so dont worry we will meet in hotel tommo at 6. Raavi is happy to hear and decides to follow them. she says now i will know who is involved.

sweety and pinky go to shopkeeper and he says no one comes in this kholi anymore so despite the good dresses we cant sell them so if you guys can sell dresses at your house then sales will increase. every dress you sell you need to give me 500 rupees anything on top will be yours.

At Ahluwalia House:

dadu, lucky rocky and ginny on dinng table when dadu complains about cold food lucky says but wen i put it, it was hot. they have an argument in the end ginny and dadu decide to take care of kitchen and lucky and rocky decide to clean house. they decide to see who is better.

sweety says to pinky should i drop u home? since pinky doesnt reply sweety asks whats wrong she says i am scared for raavi. sweety says be positive. sweety gives her hope. Pinky says i will call jeet and say tht i will be late then could u pick up sunny. Pinky says dont worry i will tell neelu to pick him up. pinky says u will be busy js tthen she realizes. jeet syas i will pick him up. jeet goes one auntie asks how are you here? jeet doesnt replies.

raavi searches the hotel finds 3 locations but one is nearby to both offices to decides to go in tht one. Jst then sid comes and tells her tht there is a parcel for her. She says for me? sid says u are megha rite? then yah yours. wen she goes sid searches through her stuff and finds her ID card of coaching class gets shocked that she is raavi ahuja.

Update Credit to: cool127

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