Parvarish 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 28th February 2013 Written Update

Rinku is in the bus with Ashok and his friends. There Rocky is running behind the bus with all the strength. Ashok and his friends start weird and inappropriate conversation and Rinku shows her displeasure. She senses something fishy.

Then one of the guy takes out a small bottle of alcohol. Rinku sees it and also sees Ashok telling his friend not to open the bottle. she questions him if they had plans of drinking. he shrugs of the question saying no one is drinking here. Rinku then answer backs says they all already look drunk.

Ashok starts touching Rinku. she throws away his hand. He angrily tells her that because of this attitude he’s marrying her so that nobody can stop him from doing anything.

There Rocky manages to climb up the ladder behind the bus and reaches the top. he checks his phone and gets to know the message he had sent Rinku is still not delivered.

One of the friend (as per the plan) makes a fake call to fake friend named satish telling him they are crossing his village and going for Ashok’s wedding. He then tells Ashok that satish informed him about a famous “temple” in his village which is supposed to be good for couples willing to get married. Ashok asks rinku if they should get married there. Rinku agrees.

its already dark. the bus stops at some place. ashok says satish’s village has come and they all should leave the bus now. rocky sees them coming out of the bus and gets worried. he too gets down, the conductor on seeing him asks for double fees. he pays him the money and follows rinku.

there ashok , his friends take rinku to some horifying place. rinku gets scared. his friends start making indecent comments n start touching her. she looks at ashok for help but he remains cool.
rinku’s slipper gets torn and she starts walking bare foot. Rocky who is trying to follow them finds the slipper, recognises it and follows in the same direction.

there ashok’s friends take out the drinks and start drinking. rinku is now damn scared. she gets to know about ashok’s true intentions and is now in tears. they all gather around her in a circle.

rocky arrives at the spot. he sees all this and uses his presence of mind. he plays “police siren” on his phone listening to which the guys get scared. seeking the opportunity rinku pushes ashok.

rocky comes in to the picture now…

Update Credit to: neha

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