Parvarish 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 26th June 2013 Written Update

Ginny is making sandwiches for herself. Lucky comes. Ginny tells Sweety is upset and is in her room. Lucky goes to check.

Sweety is trying to sleep. Lucky is concerned and asks what happened. Sweety tells headache. He asks if she needs tea. Sweety stops and tells him what happened with Pinky. Lucky is shocked. He asks her to forget all that and sleep and he will take care of house.

Next day. Pinky is doing yoga. Raavi tells she is going to Sweety’s house. Pinky stops her and says not to go. Raavi tells Pinky needs to forgive Sweety after yesterday evening. She says her sister needs her and she leaves.

Ginny is trying to study. Sweety looks at them. She thinks she has her own family to look after and comes and gives milk and badam to Ginny. Ginny tells she needs Raavi’s help. Sweety again becomes angry and tells there is no need.

Rocky is sitting sad. Mathur comes and cheers up saying he will patch up Sweety and Pinky.

Ginny is trying hard to study and has eaten lot of chocolate. Sweety asks her to stop. Ginny asks her to leave. Sweety leaves. Raavi comes and helps Ginny.

Pinky comes at Sweety’s house thinking she will apologise first. Sweety opens the door to buy bread and sees Pinky. She closes door. Pinky goes to Mathur. She sees a cartoon on her and Sweety’s fight. Sid tells he is thinking of printing it. Pinky gets angry.

Raavi is helping Ginny. Sweety is happy seeing this, gives them milk and goes to kitchen. Raavi goes to kitchen and asks what happened. Sweety tells Pinky has changed. Raavi tells no, she is still the same. Sweety tells what happened when she went to apologise to Pinky. Raavi is shocked.

Back at Ahujas, Pinky is angry with Sid. She wants to tell it to someone. She thinks of telling Sweety but realises she cannot. Raavi comes. Pinky asks Raavi if she had fun at Sweety’s. Raavi tells it is Pinky who is having fun from yesterday. Pinky asks why she keeps mentioning yesterday. Raavi tells Sweety had come to apologise to her. Pinky realises about earphone. She feels bad.

Lucky opens door and finds Pinky. Sweety comes and sees. Lucky prays to god to keep both sisters save and leaves.

Update Credit to: Shweta1502

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