Parvarish 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 25th March 2013 Written Update

episode starts with one girl says that rose day became garbage day. Other girl says tht atleast we found out that someone likes us. Ginny gets sad hearing this and doesnt realize. She collids with bike. Guy from bike tries to facilitate her. Guy says i horned but u didnt hear. Ginny says sorry. guy says should i drop u off? guy says come i will drop u bcs u fell bcs of me.. 2 friendz say ginny is behind dev. friendz say tht ginny hid this from us. Ginny gets off and thanks dev and goes away. two friendz come and tell her tht u didnt tell us tht u and dev are dating… ginny gets confused when teacher tells them to go to class. friend tease her more. her friendz insist. they ask her to give them tips bcs grade 12 boy is giving her importance. she goes on saying since when r u guys friendz? ginny decides to lie abt her and dev. ginny says not much time.

Raavi complains abt sunny to jeet. Jeet calls sunny. sunny comes and sees him eating wafers and questions. sunny says there is no time to eat wafers. Jeet tells this is junk food. u are getting fatter. sunny puts down chips. sunny cries and sys this is wrong. pinky makes him understand tht they are not stopping him but to control. sunny says okay and they hug.

Ginny enters class wen her friend says sit with us. teacher comes in and tells abt rock competition. everyone nomitates ginny… ginny agrees. class starts.. at the end of class, girls say tht there rose day got cancelled; so why not celebrate today.. they say after coaching class we will go out with our rose boys. they tell ginny to bring dev. they all force her. ginny says no. her friendz walk out. when ginny walks out of class she sees dev; dev waves to her. she wakes back and her friend sees tht. Her friend goes to ginny and says i know why you are not coming bcs u have plans with dev. ginny says i cant come. her friend says not even for a coffee. she says do you think we are not cool enough to talk to dev. her friendz say tht u are bringing dev to coaching classes thts it. her friendz walk away. ginny gets annoyed.

sunny comes to dinner table and says tht i cant eat this. pinky forces sunny to eat this food. sunny says no. sunny says i am going to fill my tummy with water. pinky gets emotional and agrees to sunny’s demand of cheese pizza. pinky is about to order when jeet walks in. Pinky cuts call. Jeet says sunny is eating then why. Pinky lies but jeet realizes. Sunny says i tried but its not going in. Jeet sys i am gonna come home for lunch. Jeet says eat food. sunny eats.

Ginny says okay i will bring but i have to ask. ginny says i will go and ask. Her friendz say tht lets see if ginny can bring dev, other one adds we will also realize whether he is actually her bf or not. they laugh.

pinky calls sweety and discusses sunny’s issue. sweety says dont get angry. what i did when ginny started to eat from outside is tht i started to cook tht at home. She advices pinky to do same. pinky agrees.

at school rocky spots ginny and asks what she is doing here? Ginny says my pen ink is done so do u have any? rocky says u came here to get pen? ginny says yes why? ginny says r u giving? rocky asks his friend for a pen and gives it to her. He tells her to go away. Ginny sneaks to go to dev’s class. She is ducking and realizes someone is standing. its dev. he aks what she is doing here? ginny says my pen fell. dev says its senior section so. Ginny says i came to say thanks. dev says for what to hurt u? ginny says to save my life. dev says no big deal. Ginny says it is for me. Dev is like excuse me? ginny says it is and if u want i can take u for a coffee and tells time and address for it. dev is shocked. devs friend comes to say his sir is calling. dev excuses and goes away. Ginny says will he come or not? ginny goes back in her section. she is walking to class. raashi calls her and tells tht i went to ur calssroom adn u r coming from here? ginny says why? rashi says abt buying physics project materials together. raashi says lets go after school. ginny says i have coaching class. rashi is like i will come at ur coaching class at 5. ginny says no. raashi is suspicious. raashi says u r hiding something from me. ginny says no. raashi goes away. Ginny enter her class her friendz say she is here. thy ask whether he is coming. Ginny is like yah but he will late bcs he has some important work. her friend is like what is more important than meeting gf. friendz are like atleast he is coming. Her friendz say tht we will make him pay for the coffee. ginny is like as u wish. she is thinking.

Ginny taunts rocky. rocky says what do u want? ginny is like i want money. rocky is like okay i get it and gives her money and ginny thanks him. sweety comes home and says did ginny go? rocky is like she jst left nad she is going to coffee shop. sweety is like again?


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