Parvarish 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 25th April 2013 Written Update


Daddu and Nanu hug each other. Sweety sees this and tells Lucky to learn from Nanu how to become friend of Daddu. Lucky in no mood leaves

Raavi tries to speak with Pinky but she does not listen. Lucky also tries to convince saying she is doing this to save Jeet. She is capable of doing it. Pinky says Jeet is innocent and one day it will be proven(Kaise) but for that she cannot let her daughter risk her life. How will Jeet feel when he comes to know of it. Pinky leaves from there. Lucky and Raavi stands helpless.


Kids are talking about how much fun antakshari was. Sunny said he also ate well. Pinky starts shouting at him telling no one listens to her and goes to her room. Jeet follows and asks what happened. She does not tell anything and goes to washroom. Jeet calls Sweety and asks if anyone said anything to Pinky.


Sweety says nothing like that and tells she will ask Lucky and tell. Lucky comes. Sweety asks if anything happened. Lucky makes her sit and tells Raavi is working for the company which is involved in the scam. Sweety says how can Raavi take such a step. Lucky asks if it is wrong. Sweety tells in circus children walk on rope. Lucky asks then if it is right. Sweety continues that does not mean we can leave our children to do that also. Lucky feels guilty for having supported in this matter.


Jeet again asks Pinky. Pinky tells she is having headache and leaves. Jeet tells “aurtho ko samajhna mushkilee nahin naa mumkin hai”!


Daddu is preparing milk for kids. Lucky comes. Daddu asks why he is here. Lucky tells to help him. Daddu tells he does not help his wife and he is here to see what he is doing. Lucky tells he will put chocolate in the milk. Daddu asks what chocolate, He will add haldi. Lucky tells Delhi kids wont have haldi. Daddu tells him he has spoilt his children and they will have haldi. Lucky starts galti ho gayiji galti…Daddu catches his ear. Lucky runs away.


Pinky gives milk to Raavi. Raavi apologises and asks for 2 days time. Pinky leaves.

Sid Car

Sid notices that Raavi has left her pendrive in car itself and decides to check what she has kept in it.


Raavi realises about pendrive, searches it and could not find it. (How quick)

Sid House

Sid is about to see the files when his father, Mr.Tharani(Shocking) comes. They both have a chat(which I did not listen) about pocket money. Tharani leaves. Sid looks at Raavi family pictures and realises it is Jeet Ahuja. He also finds the office files.

Ahujas and Ahluwalias.

Raavi gets up in the morning and calls Lucky and tells she cannot find pendrive. So she wants to go back. Lucky asks what is Pinky telling. Raavi tells Pinky might have told Jeet and she will not allow her to go. She says she just need one chance and if she gets the pendrive everything will become easy. Lucky tells if Jeet and Pinky has come to know and if they are not allowing her to go, he cannot help now. They are her parents and he cannot interfere anymore. Raavi tells ok and she will speak with Pinky and see and keeps the phone. Lucky sits thinking. Sweety looks at him from distance with phone in hand. She has over heard the conversation and is shocked.

Count- Sweety said the word bahaduri once…Lucky said you are bahadur to Raavi once.
So count 2 for the day

No precap..

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