Parvarish 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 24th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with everyone standing as in rocky lucky jeet Ravi rashi Ginny n sunny. They all start talking about how they can make sweety n pinky to start talking again. They give different ideas but Ginny sunny says lets go to the mall so that they will collide into each other and be forced to talk to one another. Both jeet and lucky r super scared as they don’t want their wives to find out what they r doing with the kids.

Both sweety n pinky r at the mall with their families n keep going by each other without noticing. Pinky n jeet go to get food n leaving the kids behind n they go to catch up with rocky n Ginny. Sweety finally sees pinky n gets irritated because she doesn’t want to ever see pinky. On the other hand pinky tries to enjoy her time but sweety who is digging near her keeps taunting her.

The kids notice their plan is not working so they says start of plan b. with this the kids go n start screaming at each other m sweety n pinky come there n r shocked so they start talking to each other through their kids. Pinky gets mad n says let’s go. But her kids want to stay so she says she will stay n play so that the kids can have the golden ball. But sweety says u will just copy others. Sweety says a winner Is born a winner n I will show that to u. Jeet n lucky just hug each other. They start to play but then walk out n the kids r sad that their plan didn’t work.

Precap: pinky says Ginny can’t come over.

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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