Parvarish 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 24th April 2013 Written Update

Raavi sees the NDFC Bank folder in Mr.Tharani’s laptop. She opens that folder and to have a glimpse on it. She quickly copies the files in that folder in her USB. Unfortunately Mr.Tharani arrives to ask about the problem of the printer. She hides her USB but he asks her to show him the method to solve the problem if the problem persists. She excuses and after copying is finished, she asks him to see the test page printed from the printer. She goes to her table to have a look at the files in the USB copied from Mr.Tharani’s laptop. But at that very moment, Sid arrives to inform that the boss has some work and therefore they have to wait in the office itself and they can get late.
Sid shows her his remote control car which can record anything just like the helicopter which has a camera. She tries to ignore him and attends Raashi’s call which comes to tell about the Baisakhi Milan at the Ahluwalia’s. After she hangs up, Sid gets a call from Mr.Tharani/boss that they can leave home early. Raavi gets happy as she can leave for the Ahluwalia’s for the get-together. But Sid defends her as he had given her some files to which she had to tell him the tally results. She urges him that she is getting late. Sid agrees and offers her to drop her at her house and and then en route she can tell him the tally.
At the Ahluwalia’s all are having fun with the dancing of Sweety, Dadaji, and Papaji to which Lucky joins. They all dance on a Punjabi song [may be]. All are cheering and clapping with joy and enthusiasm. The atmosphere is filled with lots of fun and enjoyment while the familiar conflict between Papaji and Dadaji is continually on. On the other hand, Sid drops Raavi at the Ahluwalia’s. She forgets her notepad and hence he rushes to give her. At home, the partying and dancing is on and Ginny, Raashi and Sunny join Sweety’s dance, The song changes and they stop and now Lucky, Papaji and Dadaji begin to dance. Raavi arrives and feels the atmosphere of joy. Nanu shouts to stop the song because Raavi has come. To Raavi’s unluck, Sid arrives with the name Megha. All are confused and Raavi hides her face. Lucky handles the situation by telling that he is calling Mehra which is a part of his office work and takes him out. Raavi comes out avoiding everyone and Lucky assures her that he will handle inside.
Raavi asks Sid the reason he came for and he handles her the notepad. She immediately grabs it and asks him to ensure that he hasn’t read it. He invites himself in the party but Raavi argues as it is her relatives house and party is of her family and also they don’t like her outside talking with a boy. Inside, Dadaji challenges Nanu to dance again but now Nanu challenges him to play antakshari as it is a mind puzzling game. Ginny and Sunny are in Dadaji’s team while Raashi and Rocky in Nanu’s. When Pinky goes to call Raavi, she sees and overhears their conversation. Lucky comes to call them over for antakshari. Pinky refuses to question Raavi. Before her questioning , Raavi tells the truth behind her internship in JSE enterprises. Pinky is shocked to hear that. When she comes to know that Lucky also knew it she questions him that why didn’t he explain her not to take this step at her own risk. Pinky comes inside with an upset mood. Jeets asks but Pinky refuses. Raavi becomes the judge and is upset because of Pinky’s anger. Jeet notices it.
Both the teams play good but at the last chance, ‘A’ comes on Dadaji’s team. They think very much in vain. Then Dadu comes up with a song ‘aam chur badaam chur’ but the opposite team of Nanu declines the song as it a non-filmy song. They ask the judge who is Raavi but Raavi’s thoughts are out of the game as she is upset. Pinky tells that how Raavi can decide as she cannot indentify even the difference between the good and the bad. Raavi depresses. Rocky comes with the idea with the help of internet they can find the song. Rocky searches for the song but to no avail. Nanu sees the sad faces of Ginny, Sunny and Dadu due to their loss. Rocky’s about to say that there is no such song but Nanu interrupts that the song is there. Raashi and Rocky argue to tell him that he is telling false. Nanu tells a lie to see their happy faces of winning. Ginny and Sunny are happy as they won. Sweety comes to call everyone for lunch as the game is over. All rush. Dadu knows that Nanu told a lie to make them win and also tells Nanu that though he is weak, he is a kindhearted man. The episode ends with their reconciliation and a hug.


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