Parvarish 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Sid finds Raavi hiding under the table. He questions her. She makes a vague excuse saying all the washrooms were locked so she came in to use the washroom. Sid tells her if the boss comes to he l screw her. There’s another girl who thinks Sid is the boss and questions him. He is trapped in his own lie Raavi grabs the opportunity and saves Sid from being caught thereby saving herself too. Sid is happy to have Raavi by her side. They both leave. Raavi calls Pinky saying she l be leaving for home soon.

@Ahuja house:

Raavi comes home tired. after a sweet conversation with her parents she offers to make tea for them.

@Alhuwalia house:

Sweety is praying for her family’s well being. It’s baisakhi. Bauji comes. He asks about Lucky and the kids. Sweety informs him they all are sleeping.

@Bauji and Lucky
Bauji is at the door shouting at lucky for sleeping till so late. Lucky thinks he’s dreaming but suddenly realises Bauji is actually shouting at him. he opens the door. bauji scolds him for sleeping so late as well orders him to get ready as quickly as possible.

@Ahuja House:
Pinky is praying for her family and Jeet (really find them cute ). then both of them go ahead with “bachaon ko uthao” mission
Raavi is all set to go the office. she says she needs to complete her pending work.

@Raavi’s house:
The head (always forget his name) comes out calling some one. he says his laptop is giving some problem so he needs some one from the IT dept to fix it. Raavi offers help. while fixing the problem she finds a folder named “NDFC Bank”

@Alhuwalia house:
Everyone’s having Baisakhi celebrations. Rocky is the DJ Bauji and Nanu have a sweet argument regarding their hair loss. Lucky says Papa jee is always right. Bauji gets jealous.

then bauji tells pinky to give some food to Sunny as he’s becoming weak. Nanu says more than eating having healthy food is more important. Bauji raises her objections. both of them again enter into a verbal argument. lucky too says that over eating can cause health prob. Bauji gets jealous. every one can sense it now

the kids add fuel to fire. some take nanu’s side some are on bauji’s side. pinky and sweety try to calm them all down.

Update Credit to: neha

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