Parvarish 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 21st May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Sweety asking Ginni to join a dance summer camp in the holidays. Ginni says that this dance camp requires u to have a partner with urself. sweety suggests her to take Rashi with her.

@School Award Function:

jeet and pinky are tensed regarding sunny’s lie. they decide to talk to him after the ceremony or else it will be embarassing for him as well as other kids. The teacher announces the bravery award winner. sunny hesitantly goes to the stage. jeet and pinky keep their fingers crossed thinking he wont accept the medal. but he does

however soon after he confesses his mistake infront of entire school. he says he is not deserving of this award. he confesses that the fire broke out because of him so in order to save himself he cooked up the entire story. he returns the medal. jeet and pinky are over joyed. he goes n hugs his parents saying sorry. his school mates ridicule him for saying lies. pinky says he is the brave child who has the courage to accept the truth in front of such a vast crowd. jeet tells the teacher that they would leave without creating any further chaos.

the teacher stops them. she says the award is given for act of bravery and there is no bigger act of bravery than accepting one’s follies. so sunny is the real hero today
sunny eventually becomes the rightful owner of the medal. Raashi teases him of being Maharana Pratap and recites his story to him.

pinky tells everything to sweety over the phone. sweety reminds her of the teddy dance classes. pinky goes to the kids room only to find raavi in deep thinking. she says sunny wanted to make money out of paper for her college fees?

pinky tries to explain her the truth of life. she says no day is same in life. happiness and sorrow –nothing is permanent. soon they too will witness good days.

@dance class:
sweety inquires if boys are also part of the summer camp and gets “yes” as an answer. Teddy Sir makes his entry. sweety is taken aback by his weird style of dressing up and talking. he looks at sweety and says the camp is for only young girls and boys. sweety clears off saying she came for kids admission. Teddy asks her to leave if the admission process is over


Update Credit to: neha

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