Parvarish 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 21st March 2013 Written Update

Sunny returns from school, he is hungry and unhappy. When Pinky asks him why is he so hungry when he had Tiffin .Sunny calls the food boring, Raavi who was eating, gets angry. Sunny convinces Pinky and she requests Raavi to order Burger.Raavi says when Jeet will come back,she will tell about Sunny.
Sweety is searching Ginny, who in her room is also sad. She does not say any reason, but she does ask about Sweety’s school life her friends etc etc, Shall girls in her age keep friendship with guys or not. Sweety says she had many friends but they never used to mix with guys in her age, because in those days it was not possible and in this age you don’t know yourself why to waste time understanding guys. Ginny informs sweety that she wasted around 100 rupees on coffee .Sweety says she will tell her father to increase pocket money that makes Ginny very happy.
[A healthy mother daughter conversation]
Ginny is eating some snacks, when her friends Meenal calls her and informs her that next day they all will celebrate rose day .As there will be traditional day also in school Meenal will wear her mother’s sari, Ginny shall also wear a sari.
There were promotion of Chanchan the new show starring Sanaya Irani .
Ginny is ready with blue sari, She wants to keep open hair,but Sweety insist to tie it.Lucky and Rocky compliments her. Sweety does not want her to use lipstick, but Ginny steals her mother’s lipstick.
In the school no one give rose to Ginny, she is visibly sad, Meenal comes with lots of roses and gives one to Ginny so that no one calls her looser as she is now part of their gang. One guy was actually starring at her. The teachers inform about rose day to principle ma’am , who get angry and tells the student, she will call their parents.Students ask for mercy, she orders them to throw the roses in the dustbin outside their school gate. While Ginny after throwing them is coming back, when ginny faces an accident ,where she gets wounded by a bike ,which have a new guy ..Who will be linked with Ginny for sure.


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