Parvarish 2 SS : Friendship vs love Part 4

Jassi is flipping through the book remembering about the competition.
Jogi : oye Jassi where are you lost
Jassi : I am thinking if all get good marks why don’t we find the best college in Delhi and stay in hostel
Jogi : what? you want to stay in hostel ? are you serious
Jassi : I want to stand up on my own feet
Jogi : by the way tomorrow is friendship day, I hope you remember it
Jassi : if I am not wrong you consider more than friend right ?
Jogi : I don’t know but whenever I see her, my mind always freezes, I forget everything
Jassi : I can clearly say you are having soft corner for Ria
Jogi : you are right but I don’t know I have doubt she still have feeling for aditya
Jassi feel disturbed hearing Jogi’s words and gets in dilemma.
Jassi : are you sure about this
Jogi : I have doubt but why are we discussing this (wipes his tears) lets go down
Jassi notices his tears and ask him about it
Jogi : nothing, something went into my eyes
Jassi : I am your sister, I know you very well, don’t try to fool
Jogi : for first time I liked somebody from heart but bad luck
Both brother sister share their affection with each other for a while. Aditya looks at the picture of SOTY of the foursome.
Siddharth : Adi, are you busy dear
Adi ; no dad, you can come in
Siddharth : no actually Ria’s dad called me, they want you to join them tonight, I have meeting early tomorrow so I can’t go but I will tell driver to drop you off safely
Adi : okay dad
Later Khurana and Gupta family joins together outside their house
Jogi : wow aunty what frickles you made, just mind blowing
Simran : thanks jogi, and kids from tomorrow till exams you all will follow our instructions alright
Suri : who knows maybe after that this kids will listen to us or not
Ria : aunty you don’t worry we will listen to you till we are here
Raj : what do you mean till we are here
Ria : we might go to hostel if we have to, I want to live college life, oh Adi is here (runs to him)
Adi : hi Ria
Ria : thanks for coming, come lets go
Jogi ; oye adi, somebody was missing you from long time (refers to Ria)
Suri : come dear, have some snacks
Adi : thank you aunty, wow it is so much fun here
Ria : momzie tomorrow is friendship day, I am so excited
Raj : Adi, where is your dad? I told him to come
Adi : actually he have meeting tomorrow early morning so he could not come
Suri : jassi, go get some more plates from kitchen
Jogi : mamaji, how about we all kids go inside the house
Simran : but why
Jogi : just like that, you old people can have your dinner together we kids have our talks
Kulvinder : who are you calling old (runs after Jogi) wait i will you fool
Jassi goes inside the house to get more plates when she hurts her finger while closing the door. Aditya comes to her help. Both of the share intense eye lock. He hold her finger gently caressing it. Jogi sees them together and snaps his finger in between
Jogi : what is going on here, Jassi I thought you came here to take the plates
Jassi : I was just leaving (jerks her finger and leaves for outside)
Jogi : Aditya are yoyo flirting with my sister in front of me
Adi : no way, anyway she is not my type
Jogi : watch your mouth
Ria : jogi if your brother duty is done can we go back to room
Jogi : yes (says lovingly)
Ria leaves irritatedly hearing his antics
Jogi : Ria, listen (goes after her)
Ria : shut up jogi, I don’t want to hear anything
Aditya goes to Jassi’s room and looks around the room. He finds Jassi’s personal diary and is about to open but turns back. He again clashes onto Jassi spilling drink on her dress.
Aditya : I am so sorry, I didn’t see you (tries to wipe her cloth)
Jassi : its okay, by the way what are you doing here
Adi : Jogi said to go inside but I don’t know where he went
Jassi : never mind, and you were about to open my personal diary, bad manners
Aditya : no, actually
Jassi : its okay, but I will show you
Both of them sees the pictures of SOTY round and trip they went during competition.
Jassi : by the way did you think anything about that drama thing
Adi : not yet, we will see that after exams so just relax, whats that (sees a gift)
Jassi : wait thats something you cannot see, I am sorry chocolate boy
Adtya : funny (throws pillow on her)
Jassi : what are you doing?
Aditya ; don’t mind sweety, thank you (snatches the gift)
Jassi : give me that back
Both keep throwing pillow and end up falling on each other. Suri inform Simran about the upcoming wedding in their relative.
Simran : really who is it
Suri : do you remember my cousin, the one in Amristar
Simran : Oh yea
Suri : they invited you too, we can go after these kid’s exams are over
Simran : Raj, what do you say? they called us
Raj : well if you want we can go together,
Adi and Jassi gets up when Ria and Jogi comes inside by fighting
Jogi : what is this mess? were you both playing pillow fight not bad
Ria : as if you are tideness, I am sure she would keep the room better than you

Precap : Jogi sees Aditya and Ria together misunderstanding their conversation and leaves with heavy heart. Jassi too feels bad and leaves

  1. Really very nice story good love feelings but my question when will be this episode on air inform me

    1. Ashinipatel3

      I will try to update by weekend. hopefully by Saturday

  2. Alisha

    Yaar.. You are so good! This is the only fanfiction on Parvaarish and I severe it’s perfect. You manage all the characters so well. I am just waiting for Jassi’s past to revealed, it’s gonna be interesting to read.
    Update the next part soon. Sorry ek din baad comment kerne ke liye! ???

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