Parvarish 2 SS : Friendship vs love (1)

The plot will revolve around the hit and run accident, followed by the inter school competition and Jassi getting the truth of adoption.

Jassi decides to tell the truth to Suri but Ria and Jogi stops her.
Suri : look Jassi, we are trusting you both don’t break our trust (leaves)
Simran : Suri, why did you not force the kids to tell the truth, they are hiding from us
Suri : I know but we will find out by ourself, they will not tell us that easily, lets see for how long they will hide it from us
Simran : you are right we will find out, and it was good you did not force them they will think we are not doubting them
Kids sit outside the garden in the evening trying to think the way out of the mess. Suddenly Aditya gets a video in his phone showing the four getting out of car which was shown in the footage.
Aditya : guys look at this video
All shocked

Jogi : who sent this video ?
Aditya : its a private number
Ria : what will we do now, if somebody see this video then we will be finished
Jassi goes back to her room upset for everything happened.
Jogi : we should go back home right now or else our parents will doubt us
Khurana house
Jogi : Jassi, we will figure out something don’t worry
Jassi : I am telling you we will land up in big problem that day you will remember my words (leaves the room)
Next day Jassi and Ria goes out to buy things their mom told them to bring from store.
Ria : Jassi, do we have everything

Jassi : yea I think so
Both of the after checking out goes to their car when Ria realizes her phone is inside.
Jassi : what happened
Ria : I think I left my phone inside, you stay here I will be right back
Jassi : okay come quickly we are getting late
While Jassi is waiting for Ria somebody from behind puts chloroform on her mouth and takes her. Ria comes out and sees the goon taking Jassi away and tries to stop them but is hit by a rod on her head. At house the family gets worried when girls does not return home.
Suri : what’s wrong

Simran : Ria is not picking up the phone, I hope she is not in trouble
The drivers brings unconscious Ria at home which shocks everybody.
Simran : Ria (pats her face) open your eyes, Raj come quickly
Jogi too gets worried seeing Ria’s condition. Raj puts bandage on Ria’s head.
Simran : Girish, how did this happen, and where is Jassi, I sent the girls on your trust
Girish : I don’t know ma’am when they came out I went to get the car and till I came back I saw Ria lying on floor, I don’t know where did Jassi go
Khurana family panics after learning the incidence from Ria.
Jogi : who were they Ria, tell us

Ria : I did not see their face, when I came out from store they were taking Jassi and somebody hit hardly on my head
Raj, Kulvinder, Jogi goes out to find Jassi. Jogi informs Adi about Jassi and tells him about the blackmailer kidnapped Jassi.
Adi : Jogi, before it gets too late we should tell the family everything,
Jogi reminisces Jassi’s words on getting in big trouble.
Jogi : today this happened because of us, if anything happens to Jassi I will not forgive myself

  1. Lovelyyyyyyyyy episode ashini??❤️❤️??……..and your title is friendship vs love so I hope you will show some love scenes because I’m very disappointed from parvarish 2 there was only friendship nooooo love so you are only the hope??…….lovelyyyyyyyy start plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue

  2. Alisha

    OMG OMG OMG! I am literally jumping in excitement and happiness now. Thank you so much Ashini for writing a fanfiction on Parvaarish. I always wanted someone to write one. I don’t have words to describe how happy I am right now. Plus you write so well, please keep writing. I am desperately waiting for the next episode. ??

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