Parvarish 2 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

School dean asks coach Sumer Singh what is their biggest weakness. Sumer says all 5 student try to pull each other down and they have to be united, so he selected 5 students carefully. Nishanth’s father says 4 and says he does not want Nishant to participate. Dean asks why. Dad says all his family members are IAS officers and he does not want Nishant to spoil his career with swimming and other games. Sumer asks Nishanth if he wants to participate or listen to his papa. Nishanth says he cannot go against his papa. Sumer says student of the year needs encouragement and not cowards. Nishant says sorry and leaves. Sumer says he should feel sorry for his life. Dean asks from where will they get 5th student. Sumer reminisces Jassi. Dean asks if he has someone in mind. Sumer says except 5 all are losers.

Kulvinder asks Surinder what was she discussing with Simran. She says nothing. He says Ria lies a lot and she wants Jassi to befriend him. Surinder says it is common in childhood. Kulvinder says he was not like that in his childhood. Surinder says he must have forgotten. He says parent’s upbringing is seen in children’s behavior and he does not want Jassi to be like Ria and he wants her to stop planning with Simran and he will not attend any party.

Ria sees Aditya and greets him. He ignores her. She says when someone looks pretty, he should complement. He says he is busy and leaves. Dolly says Ria he is too arrogant and she should ditch him as he is a loser. Ria says he is not and something happened to him.

Jassi sits in a corner and enjoys cool drinks. Ankita comes and calls her loser. Jassi tries to leave, but Ankita stops her and asks where did her sportsman spirit go. She asks if she will not run after losing. Jassi says she did not do any mistake, so why will she run. Ankita says she does not have a level to compete with her and is just a book worm. Jassi says because of her, her water fever vanished and thanks her. Ankita says angrily says she is a loser and will always be and leaves. Jassi sadly sits alone.

Ria angrily gulps glasses of cool drinks. Dolly stops her and says she is consuming high calories. Ria says she does not care and will see how will Aditya not complement her, he is very moody. Dolly says they don’t know what is in his mind. A boy gives her bouquet. She asks who is he. He says messenger and her secret crush sent it. She asks to take it back, then sees Aditya busy with Ankita and accepts flowers asks boy to say thanks to her crush. Dolly asks if she knows who sent these flowers. Ria says who cares. Dolly asks why did she accept them then. Ria says to make Adi jealous. Dolly says she is very hungry and leaves to have food. Adi sees Ria sniffing flowers. She sees note in flowers and opens it and reads note that she is looking very beautiful in this dress, etc.. She searches sender all around and reads further to find him if he can, if she is okay she can keep flowers and start treasure hunt, else throw them. Ria holds flowers and starts searching.

Ankita tells Adi that she does not understand his new plan. He tells proverb that one should keep friends cose and enemies closer. Ankita says it may affect heart beat. He says it will affect Ria’s heart beat, not his. Ankita asks what is the plan. Adi says it is lengthy and he will tell slowly, he will not throw his cards at once. She says she is with him and Ria will not fall for him. Adi says Ria has soft corner for him and he has to use it. She asks what if she throws flowers.

Ria tries to throw flowers in dustbin. Jogi stops her and says she should sell them in signals for 20 rs each as she will need money after losing competition. Ria angrily leaves. Ankita tells Adi that she would have gossiped that Ria has crush on someone if she was not on his side. Adi asks her to hold on for sometime. She asks what to do next. He asks to send Ria second clue to reach him alone.

Raj cuts onion and tells Simran that she called Kulvinder who is abnormal.

Coach Sumer Singh addresses students and says he will introduce champions and only they will come in front. He calls Grand Unity School’s Preeti Patel, Red Belt International School’s Abid Ansari. Abid does stunts on stage and Jogi comments with his friend. Sumer announces next Silver Life English High School’s Amy Kapoor. Ankita comments that she is a kid. A man commments that baby is very genius and jumped from 7th std directly to 10th. Sumer announces next sudent and praises him. He continues announces other student’s names.

Jassi slips on gown and falls on Ankita. Ankita falls on another student. Jassi apologizes and leaves. Ankita apologizes student. Student insults her and leaves. Ankita thinks because of Jassi, her impression spoilt and she will teach her a lesson. She goes to Jassi and asks why did she come here. Jassi says she did a mistake. Ankita asks if she is trying to sabotage her and says she lost repeatedly because of her. Jassi reminisces Ankita purposefully tricking her repeatedly. Ankita asks where did her smartness go, she is such a big fool that she trusts anyone and loses. She can complain against her, but it is of no use as she lost already and says she is a big loser. Jassi stands in a shock.

Precap: Ankita says she did not cheat. Jogi says then have a recompetition with his sister and if his sister loses, she can call her loser whole life. Sumer listens to their conversation.

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  1. i knew it the dumb cvs will not throw witch ankita out of soty competition , really wanted ankita to be disqualified she doesnt deserve soty instead nishanth deserves soty

    i felt bad for that boy nishanth not all dads are like raj gupta thats reality

    i think cvs should pair jassi with nishath in my my opinion because jassi needs a normal guy and not a popular guy or me myself guy like aditya or that othrer boy rahul .

    coming to aditya ankita theyre perfect match pls pair them cvs im sick and tired of their planning plotting lol
    looks like ria is gonna be trapped sometimed you learn the hard way riya
    i want jogi n riya together
    dolly is 100 times better than than ankita

    1. Well, Jogi and Ria make a good pair together. Even I want them together. On the other hand, talking about Jassi she can paired with Rahul (the guy who insulted Ankita). They only problem is he is from another school, but somehow it seems like he also like Aditya. He is kinda overconfident. Anyways, everything depends on CVS, we can’t do anything. ☹️?

  2. Hi guyz I think jassi will replace nishant

  3. Realy hope soooo

  4. I seriously cannot bear it anymore. Sumer is being so rude and stubborn. He said, “I have chosen the 5 champions, no one can take their place.” Oh come on! Are Aditya and Ankita champions? Certainly not! I hope that Ria does not get into trouble and may Sumer after hearing Ankita’s and Jogi’s converstaion, disqualify Ankita and make Jassi take her place. On the other hand, Jassi and Ria were looking so pretty.??
    Anyways, I had to comment yesterday but couldn’t. I was a little busy as my Final exams are gonna start on 2nd Feb. ???

  5. Plzzz anybody tell me the real name of rahul mehta and jassi of serial parvarish -2

    1. rahul mehta is played by sushant mohindra
      jassi is played by diana khan she is half persian and half indian
      ankita mehra is played by jovita jose who is malyali christian

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