Parvarish 2 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi and Ria inform Suri and Simran all the incidents happened and that Adi and Jogi went to bribe ACP to shut hit and run case. Suri asks Jassi to call Jogi and ask him to come back. She tries, but he disconnects calls. Simran scolds them both that they did a big mistake and are doing another mistake. Suri says let us go there and stop Adi and Jogi. They get into car and Jassi prays god to set things right. Suri says god always helps human and it is only human who make mistakes and think they are right.

Adi and Jogi hide behind wall and look at ACP waiting. Jogi says they should not open one more case by showing their face. Adi asks what will they do now. Jogi makes plastic cover mask. Adi says they will meet him without any mask. They both start walking towards ACP. ACP over hands-free orders his team to be alert. He sees SOTY winner students walking towards him and thinks what are they doing. Just when they come near, Suri, Simran, and Jassi come in car and stop it. Simran gets out hurriedly and asks Pandey what is he doing here. He says he is doing duty and asks what are they doing here. Simran says they are going for a movie. ACP asks they came just now but Adi and Jogi are here beforehand. Suri says they both go to gym in this area and asked to pick them. Jogi says yes. ACP asks Adi what is in his bag, takes bag and sees something wrapped in paper. He unwraps paper and sees kerchief and snacks. Jogi and Adi reminisce discussing they will check ACP first and then will give bribe. ACP says he is here to catch a culprit who thinks him as a corrupt officer. They all get in car and rush from there.

At home, Kulvinder slaps Jogi and scolds that he used to think rich children are spoilt, but his children are more spoit. Raj says Ria she made him shameful. Adi’s dad says Adi stole money from him to bribe ACP. Simran asks what to do now. Suri says they will handover them to police. Kulvinder says they cannot. Raj says Kulvinder is right and if they meet accident victim boy and and convince hm to take back case, police will not interfere then. He says he knows ACP is very strict and they cannot push children in trouble. Suri says if they spare children, they will make many mistakes in life, so it is better to teach them a lesson and hand them over to police. Simran says Suri is right.

Precap: Suri, Simran and team reaches police station to handover children to police and get afraid inspector ordering constable to torture a criminal.

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