Parvarish 2 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj and Simran tell Ria that person’s clothes describe their personality, a doc wears white apron and lawyer black coat, her skirt will describe her personality infront of student of the year judges. Ria says she will not wear it and asks Raj to take him for shopping and walks towards door. Raj and Simran shake hands happily saying their plan worked.

At Khurana house, Darji and Kulvinder tell ladies that they will prepare food today. Jassi in disbelief asks them?? Kulvinder says they will prepare best pakoras today. Darji says pakode shakode, paneer khurana. Surinder says they will spoil her kitchen. Daadistarts her turn. Jogi says most chefs in the world are males. Jassi says it needs practice. Darji they have to start at some point. Their cooking starts with baar baar haan, chale from Lagaan. Darji sheds tears while cutting onions. Dadi gives him kerchief. Kulvinder peels potato skin with knife and makes potato half. Surinder gives him peeler. Their drama continues…Surinder says pakoda burnt off a little bit and drops batter on him. Surinder asks him to go and wash. Jassi asks Darji to accept defeat. Darji says he will not as he worked hard and says real sports person is the one who runs continuously and does not feel defeat till he wins. Jassi says mammaji says same. Kulvinder says she just heard but did not follow it. Surinder says losing is not bad, but hiding face is bad. Jassi says she understood what they mean and she will attend party today and asks Kulvinder to get her a new dress. Kulvinde says he will get her whole shop.

Kulvinder takes Jassi near bike and says he will start bike in 1 kick and tries. Jassi smiles and says it will not start in 15 min. Kulvinder continues trying. Raj comes in his car with Ria and says his bike has accepted defeat and even he should. Kulvinder angrily kicks and bike starts. He says some people get things easily and some have to work hard. Ria asks Jassi if she is attending party. Jassi says yes. Raj comments that even after losing she is showing her sportsman spirit. Kulvinder says he taught children that winning and losing is part of life and leaves. Surinder and Simran watch their verbal fight and discuss that they are still kids and they will make them play a game tonight.

Raj comes back home after shopping. Simran asks why did Ria buy. He asks to have patience. She says she is very nervous. Ria comes out wearing a beautiful long blue gown and asks if she is looking pretty without her fashion clothes. Simran nods yes. Ria leaves.

Simran with Surinder drops children at party venue and tells her that she is nervous now. Surinder says she is acting as if all are behind her daughter. Simran says what if Ria lies even this time. Surinder asks her to concentrate on tonight’s party. Simran asks if she will convince Kulvinder for party. Surinder asks not to worry and Simran leaves. Kulvinder asks Surinder which party they were talking about. Surinder gets tensed.

Party starts. Host announces to enjoy party. Coach Sumer Singh shows trustee other school competitors. Ankita asks Aditya he wanted to get Ria out of compeition, but let her in. He says he will not keep quiet until he gives trophy into his dad’s hand and says he has planned something for Ria. She asks what he has planned. He points at Ria and tells Ankita he needs her help.
Jogi and Jassi enter party venue. Sumer Singh asks even she came here instead of hiding behind her mamma’s pallu and cry. She should dream of her level. Jassi says she came to thank him for making incerase her level. She can think of bigger dreams now. Sumer asks Jogi if he taught her. Jogi says his level is different. Sumer says welcome to party and leaves.

Precap: Ankita shouts at Jassi why did she come to party and confesses that she lost repeatedly because of her tricks. Jassi is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. vichari jassi………… Plz put her in SOTY comp. And adi is also of bad chrachter . Ria is looking very nice

  2. I hate aditya and ankita pls kick these evil plotting students out of soty competition.
    In that way Nishant and Jassi can have their places . Even Dolly is 100 times better than that ankita .
    Rriya and Jassi should team up and give a very nice big kick to ankita -aditya .

  3. Today episodes pls

  4. 24 feabuary episode fantastic kyoki student of the year participater rahul mehta and jass nice couple lag rahe tha

  5. jassi looks very nice

  6. 24 feabudry episode fantastic student of the year participater rahul mehta and jassi nice couple lag rahe tha jassi looks very pretty

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