Parvarish 2 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach announces post competition celebration party and invites all students along with 4 winners. He says 5 winners will get trained under him. Jassi gets sad hearing that. Coach asks everyone to go home except 5 winner. Jogi asks Jassi to wait for him and walks sadly. Jassi sees Ria and congratulates her. Ria says sorry that she could not qualify. Jassi says it is okay.

Jassi goes to changing room and picks her bag. Swimming costume falls down. Ankita comes and steps on it. Jassi asks to remove her feet. Ankita taunts her that to win competition, one has to be intelligent and smart and ask Jassi to dream of her level. Jassi shows stained costume and says she is right and says this is her costume. Ankita’s puppet says her costume is dirty now. Ankita walks fuming dropping her winning number. Jassi picks it and reminisces promising her parents to win competition. Puppet comes, snatches it and leaves saying it is not hers.

Jassi reaches home with Jogi. Dadaji, daadi, Kulvinder and Surinder hug her and say they are proud of her. Jassi sadly comments that she saw dreams more than she should. Kulvinder says this time she should let Jogi win and next time defeat him. Jassi hiding her emotions says she will prepare halwa for Jogi and goes to kitchen. Surinder asks her to change her uninform first. Jassi walks towars her room. Kulvinder says his daughter has controlled herself and they need not worry. Surinder thinks her daughter has grown so much that she is hiding her emotions from her.

Ria comes to kitchen and asks Simran if she prepared cake for her win as she prepared for Jassi and Jogi when they qualified. Simran says she has not won yet. Ria says if she wins, she will lose control on her. Simran says if she loses or wins, it is her benefit. Ria asks what she means. Simran says she will understand it later and says she has prepared her badam halwa as badam/almond will increase her memory. Once simran leaves, Ria opens hot box and eats with bare hands. Raj comes and asks where is spoon. She says he is scolding like mom. He says between mother and daughter’s fight, he is suffering and leaves asking to have halwa nicely.

Jassi prepares halwa in kitchen and sobs. Jogi comes and tries to cheer her up with childhood story that she fell in childhood and became mad, so he has to take care of her and reminds that she did not add sugar in halwa. Jassi cries more and says she is really mad, coward, etc., and hugs him. He says they can add sugar now and pours sugar in halwa. Surinder comes and asks her to hugs and cry last time and never call her coward and loser again. Kulvinder also comes and consoles Jassi. Whole family hugs together and share emotional bond.

In room, Kulvinder tells Surinder that he is filling loan papers against PPF and asks howmany days are left to pay children’s fees. Surinder says 2 weeks are left and not to worry. Kulvinder says she is always calm and holds family together, how. She says why to take tension unnecessarily and should leave everthing on babaji. He sayos she sometimes makes him happy. She asks only sometimes. He gets shy and says family is awake. She laughs and says he is blusihing red. He gets more shy. She walks out laughing.

Jogi tries googles for tonighting party. Jassi says she will not go as she lost. Suridner enters and says let her not go and cry here. She needs sympathy and they should and starts joking.

Ria speaks over phone to Dolly and asks what to wear for tonight’s party to lure Aditya. Dolly asks to wear red dress. Ria says it is very short, but she will wear it. She picks dress. Simran enters. Ria says Dolly her momsie also will not mind if she wears short dress. Raj enters and says still it is winter and she will catch cold. Ria says this dialogue is old now. Raj says this dress must be of her childhood. Simran says it is recent dress, but Ria made it short. She should wear it as student of the year judges and many VIPs would be coming and they will create a first and final impression of Ria.

Precap: Raj tells Kulvinder that if Jassi participates in more competitions, she will gain confidence. Kulvinde says he does not mind if Jassi is underconfident but should be lier like Ria. Raj shouts what does he mean.

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  1. Guys can anyone tell me the pairs is it jassi-aditya or ria-aditya or ria-jogi

  2. Does aditya loves any one?

    1. aditya loves himself only

  3. Arzoo and Honey are u guys mad to think of pairs, they are just kids and the serial is not about love. I think u guys have a love marriage so u think this way. No offense.

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