Parvarish 2 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder calls Jogi and Jassi and informs them that she could not get book. They both get sad and think of getting book’s printout from principal’s room. They enter principal’s room asking Jonty to guard outside and take printout. Jonty remembers kiddy student’s warning to forget friendship and trap them. He locks door from outside.

Simran calls Ria, but she disconnects her call repeatedly. She calls via Raj’s mobile and Ria picks call and asks why did she call. Simran says he knows syllabus has changed and she called to help her. After a bit argument, Simran gives her notes and she notes down on a piece of paper and thanks her, but then starts her usual tuants and disconnects call. Dolly says she should thank her mom. Ria says she has no intention to make her happy and says she will share notes with Adi.

Jassi and Jogi take printouts and try to open door, but see it locked from outside. They see via window principal coming towards them and panic. Just when principal comes near his cabin, Ms. Saxena stops him and starts talking. Rohan opens door and asks them to rush out and reminisces seeing Jonty locking door. They walk out silently. Principal stops them and asks how do they feel about today’s act. They get tensed. He asks if they are happy with today’s exam and asks Jogi to take Jassi’s help in studies. They both relax.

Jogi fumes that he will not spare whoever has locked room from outside. He sees Jonty who tries to escape seeing him and asks why did he lock door. Rohan interferes and says he locked door as they were making noise and opened it on time. Jogi thanks him and leaves. Jonty asks why did he save him. Rohan says he wants them to win by brains and not by tricks. Ms. Saxena hears their conversation.

Jassi and Jogi study printouts in a corridor. Adi snatches prinout and starts blackmailing that he will inform principal and get them arrested. Jogi fights. Ria interferes and asks Adi to give Jassi and Jogi’s notes. Adi angrily returns prinout. Jogi warns him. Ria asks him to leave. She then tells Adi that her mom called and gave her notes and she is well prepared now. He is shocked. She says let us review notes. Ms. Saxena listens to even their conversation.

All students study in a room and dance and sing on song Ratta maar… Ms. Saxena calls them all and says they have 15 min to revise and it is final chance for them. Jogi tells Jassi that she was unncessarily worried. Ms. Saxena says they should be worried for their heinous act and says she saw their act, but distracted principal for them to escape. She warns them that she attacks her prey herself.

Precap: Ms. Saxena tells students that she changed competition rules again and now they will make team of different schools and not same school.

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  1. I hope jassi and jogi rock the competition!?

  2. his name is not rohan its rahul mehta plus rahul mite decieve jassi and jogi in the end
    jhonty and amy lol donno made for each other 🙂
    \this aditya is getting on my nerves
    wait principal heart is meltiiing towards khurrana sibling suprise element

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