Parvarish 2 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi finds India and her story book on shelf and shows it to Jogi. Jogi brings ladder and with his jokergiri picks book. Jassi gets convulsion and falls down. Jogi drops book and attends her. Another student escapes with book.

Jassi and Jogi get tensed how to get book. Jassi says mamma ji. Jogi calls Surinder, but she is busy shopping grocery for birthday party. She reaches home, calls Kulvinder to get more groceries soon and keeps mobile in grocery bag by mistake. Jogi calls repeatedly to no avail. They both then go to parking lot and Jogi tries to open car and alarm starts. They both run and hide. Ms. Saxena hears alarm sound and comes out. They both hide. Peon informs principal that someone tampered his car. Principal walks out. They both hide again.

Surinder finds mobile, sees Jogi’s missed call, and calls him back. Jogi says syllabus has changed and asks her to bring India and her story book. She calls Kulvinder who says that book is out of stock and he will search from his friends. Surinder calls Simran and asks her to get book for Jassi and Jogi. Simran searches book in her house and finds it. Raj asks her what happened. She tells exam’s syllabus changed and she is getting book for Jassi and Jogi. He asks what about Ria.

Ankita comes searching Adi. Adi hides in library and studies alone. Dolly asks Ria not to trust Adi much and go and search book with him. She goes in searching him. Ankita finds him and asks to share book. Adi says they are not partners anymore and he will not share. She snatches book and their fight starts. Book falls down and other student runs with book. Ria finds him and asks if he found book. He says not yet and asks her to wait out until he finds book. She leaves blindly trusting him again. Ankita blackmails him that she will inform about his intentions to Ria. He shows her footage tampering Jassi’s exam schedule and says he will show it to principal. She says he is so cheap. He says effect of companionship and smirks.

Surinder calls Simran and asks if she found book. She says yes, but Ria may need it. Surinder says it is okay, she will find somewhere else, but gets tensed.

Precap: Jogi and Jassi take book’s printout from principal’s cabin. Rival student locks them in. Jogi from window sees principal coming and informs Jassi. Jassi panics that principal will catch them and mamma/papaji’s dream will shatter.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. jasssi and her mammaji…!
    pls. end the madness and don’t drag it like other serials.

    1. I am also fed up with this mama ji stuff. But sangita, if you take a look, this is what parvarrish is all about. Learning how to be a better parents. So slowly, surinder ji will learn how to be a better mother.

  2. its 2 and half months now they should end this sotyi ts been like 2 episodes and the students are still running lol . wait why does jhonty shut jogi n jassi in princi room according to the precap

    1. Ikr ankita.

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