Parvarish 2 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Whole Khurana family sits in society garden after gas leak and power outage in their home. Jogi loudly says parents that they made them sit in garden. Simran hears his voice and comes out. Raj also comes out and asks why are they standing out. Jogi says they have gas leak and power outage at home. Raj asks to come to his come. Kulvinder asks if he has special connection at home. Raj says he has inverter. Kulvinder says even he has 2-battery inverter, but he cannot switch it on due to gas leak. Simran signals Surinder. Raj says it is not time to argue and asks darji and biji to enter in. They enter in. Surinder asks Kulvinder and children to come in. Whole family gets in. Jogi and Jassi sit next to Ria and study. Simran tells Surinder not to get tensed as Jogi is studying and Jassi is topper and needs just revisions for student of the year competition. Surinder says Jassi has hairline fracture, how will she write exams. Simran asks her to relax and consoles her.

At school, Ankita tells her puppet that she is worried Jassi will win competition and she has not prepared well. Jassi comes with bandage on hand and puppet signals Ankita. Ankita tries to bully Jassi, but Jogi interferes and bullies Ankita instead.

A student sees kiddy student who is very brilliant and starts taunting her. She asks to let her study. He says her toughes competition is Jassi who is topper of this school. Kiddy student says she will study and win competition.

Jogi walks outside school and clashes with biker girl. He scolds her to watch and ride and starts jokergiri. Girl leaves in bike.

Ria enters school. Adi says he gave her wrong papers and apologizes that she did not prepare well. Ria reminisces Simran’s words that she should prepare honestly and should not cheat and says as always her momsie is right even this time, her parents made her study honestly and she is well prepared. Adi gets tensed. Adi then goes and starts taunting Jogi. He says in this competition he cannot hide under dustin bin. Ria reminisces Jogi’s words and asks Adi what he means. He says it is between him and Jogi. Jogi taunts Adi that when he and Ria are confident of each other, why are they worried. Adi hugs him and says he should be worried now.

Precap: Principal introduces new coach Divya Saxena. Jogi identifies her as bike girl and prays god to save him.

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  1. Thank you MA for the update. 🙂
    But a small request from my side could you please make the update more expressive because I’m not able to watch TV due to my exams 🙁
    I hope you understand. 🙂
    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Really sorry?

    1. Nidhi didi, I’m just curious to know how you put the profile picture Next to your name at the comments section

  2. thanks for the update
    what is wrong with aditya hes tuning out to be be like yuvraj version 2. lol (tashn e ishq)
    divya is the new entry she is the coach
    divya role is played by an actress named megha she was in channel v best friends forever and sony channel show called reporters

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