Parvarish 2 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria performs stretching exercise and slips. Jogi holds her and says once again he helped her. She calls him creep. He says he held her on time. She says he wll be the last to take help. He says in that sense, she would not have sought help in disco and says let us forget past and start new frendship. She continues stretching exercises. He says someone is very arrogant here.

Coach assembles all students. Simran asks what is happening. Surinder says making team and prays god to make Ria and Jassi as team. Simran prays same. Coach annouces each student’s name and they all assemble separately. Kulvinder says Surinder Aditya should not be with Jassi. Surinder asks him to chill and says he was just following duty. Coach calls Aditya, Ria, Jogi, and then Jassi. Jassi and gives chits. Jassi sees her chit and panics. Jealous student Ankita laughs while Jassi nervously calls her name. Kulvinder says she is same girl who falsely trapped Jassi. Ankita comes and hugs Jassi. Coach gives 10 min break and asks to assemble after 10 min.

Aditya’s dad comes to meet him. Aditya asks he had a meeting, then why did he come. Dad says he had to find time, but thinks he made mistake seeing his performance. Aditya says he will win for sure. Ria comes and gives him headset. Aditya says dad that Ria is his biggest opponent. Dad praises Ria that Aditya never praised any girl.

Surinder and Kulvinder encourage children to play confidently. Ankita comes and gives weird comment. Kulvinder says he feels she is up to something. Jogi suggests Jassi just to do her work and not listen to Ankita. Surinder asks to remember he coach’s words and encourages Jassi with her motivating words. Jassi says Ankita hates her and she may cheat and get her out of competition. Surinder says it is Ankita’s problem, but her children has to be loyal if they have to win and if they feel difficult, they have to turn back and see their mamma encouraging them.

Announcer announches Ria and Aditya’s turn first. Ria blindfolds Aditya and wishes him good luck. Coach raises hand to punch to check if Aditya is correctly blindfolded. He asks Ria to give her headphone to her partner. He gives some moral gyaan and asks to start. Ria guides Aditya. Simran encourages Ria. Aditya passes hurdle in 2:16 min.
Ria’s turn comes. She crosses hurdles blindfolded with Aditya guiding her over headphone. He starts coughing, looks at his dad and reminisces his words that to win concentration and committment is needed, but he is falling in love. He tells dad that he is using opponents weakness in his favor to win. Coach gives him cough syrup. Ria crosses hurdle in 3:03 min. Announcer announces Ankita and Jassi’s name next. Ankita’s friend asks why did computer operator pair her with Jassi loser. Ankita says he did what she asked.

Kulvinder gets a call that Bebe is unwell. He leaves with Surinder and Raj. Ankita asks Jassi if she will remember past enemity and will make her lose. Jassi says never and guies her correctly. Simran and Jogi watch nervously. Jassi guides Ankita and Ankita crosses hurdles in 2:33 min. Ankita jumps in happiness. Jassi sees her mammaji missing and gets nervous. Ankita removes cord from headphone and thinks now how will Jassi cross hurdle.

Precap: Coach announces that out of 12, 8 students will move to next competition. Jogi asks Jassi to remember mammaji and think she is praying for her.

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  1. so finally they showed a lot stuff
    ankita and her twisted drama
    aditya and his dual personality
    plus aditya and his dad mr puri sly team lolpp
    while is jogi goin after riya jogi desesrves a nicer girl than riya
    let riya and aditya be together
    and get some other guy for jassi
    too much dragging they need to end this soty track fast

  2. I agree with your point of view. Jassi deserves are cuter and better boy than Aditya. Aditya is not suitable for her. It’s better if they pair Aditya and Ria together. Even Jogi deserves a better girl or maybe they are planning a love triangle involving Jogi,Ria and Aditiya.

    1. Totally agree
      I’m 100 percent sure that there will be a love triangle between jogi riya Aditya.
      I think rajesh, rohan or Kuldeep will suit jassi

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