Parvarish 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 1st April 2013 Written Update

rocky comes in darm room and sees ginny crying and he gets shocked… he tries to facilitate her. ginny tells to go away. rocky says ur friend told me. ginny says everyone as laughing at me. they are giving me a big punishment for a small lie. rocky says stop crying. he tells her to take shower and come outside for holi. first she refuses but later agrees.
everyone is outside when ginny comes and all kids put a lot of color on her face and hair. she is still sad but manages the situation. rocky asks lucky why he played with colors when he refused at first. rocky says you should take out fears from childhood. all laugh. ginny goes in her room. sweety enquires about her holi with friends she says nice. sweety realizes something is wrong but rocky comes and manages the situation.
at dinner table, nanu says there is so much food and he cant eat anymore. but then sweety says its some sabji he is like then i am hungry.. :P. pinky enquires whether sweety made khichdi or not. sweety says yes. sunny doesnt want to eat it and complains. rashi says if he doesnt then she will tell tht he ate kachoris. sweety tells ginny to get lassi she doesnt listen and rocky shakes her and tells her. sweety asks rocky what happen to her . rocky says he doesnt know.
Ginny is coming out with lassi when dev and his friendz shout ginny, you want a bf? all look shocked. guys says do u want credit or permenant. you will get anytime you want. they keep shouting ginny. rocky, lucky and jeet go outside to see what is happening. rocky runs out and the dev and friendz go away on the bike.. rocky is about to throw a rock but jeet stops. when they come inside lucky gets angry and they call ginny and sweety asks who were they? and why were they talking like tht?who are they to you? sweety asks her to tell her the truth. they all ask and ginny is still quiet.
rocky says i will say it. he says i promised tht i wont tell this to anyone. lucky says tell me what it is. lucky asks whether he knows those boys. rocky says yes. he says i know what they are doing here. ginny runs to her room. sweety says what happen? rocky tells the whole story to them. everyone is worried.. lucky says ginny has done mad. jeet tries to stop but its in vain. they go to her room. lucky shouts at her. lucky says why did you do this unnecessary thing. ginny keeps crying. nanu asks her nicely. ginny says i was alone.. everyday they use to make fun of them and never talked to me. ginny says i felt like i was nothing. ginny says i wanted them to give importance and not to make fun of me calling me behenji. she says i let them think tht dev is my bf after what they saw. ginny says i got stuck when they wanted to meet dev. ginny says i dont know how he found out. he told truth to everyone. ginny says everyone made a lot of fun of her.


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