Parvarish 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parvarish 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 17th April 2013 Written Update

Raavi is happy as she gets internship. She calls Jeet to share her happiness. By mistake she tells that she will come home after her classes. Jeet doubts as she had said that the internship is in the coarse itself. She excuses and hangs up. At Ahluwalis’s, Lucky tells Sweety about the ticket in waiting list and therefore Bauji’s arrival would get cancelled. She becomes tensed. At Ahuja’s, Jeet is extremely happy due to Raavi’s selection and informs Pinky about the same. He comes up with an excellent idea to conduct a party/a short get-together. Pinky supports him in this idea as this will distract the tensed atmosphere for a while. She also calls Sweety to invite about the party. Sweety questions about the internship as Rocky hasn’t got any kind of coarse of internship. Pinky guesses that

asRaavi is on the biological side whereas Rocky is on the mathematical.

At Ahuja’s, the door bell rings and when Raavi opens the door, she is surprised to see Khanna and Ahluwalia family. She mesmerizes. All have loots of fun and also they also sing altogether. Rocky asks Raavi about the internship which Sweety had asked Pinky to which Raavi excuses as she is on the biological side. While all are singing, Sweety urges Lucky to book ticket. He goes in Raavi’s bedroom to book tickets to avoid any disturbance due to the noise outside. Raavi enters inside her bedroom to attend the call from her office reception who calls her Megha as Raavi had changed her name to Megha to get selected and do the investigation. She doesn’t notice Lucky and behind, Raashi. After she hangs up, Raashi immediately questions Raavi why did she change her name as well as Lucky questions. She explains all the truth behind her false rumor about her internship as a part of the school coarse. Lucky feels proud of his niece so as Raashi of her sister fighting for justice of her father. He accepts to support her on one condition – i.e. If she would call him for help even in a slightest difficulty. She agrees. All the three – Lucky, Raashi and Raavi promise to keep this as a secret between them only.

The next day Raavi is reading herself to leave for office when Raashi is calling her as “Megha.” At that very moment, Pinky listens her conversation as she approaches to give her curd which is considered to be given to have a proper start to any good work. Pinky asks about Megha. Raashi takes action in a jiffy and excuses. Raavi is about to leave when Jeet asks the location of Raavi’s office. He offers her to drop her at her office as her has some work there. Raashi tactfully distracts them with the excuse that Jeet had promised Raashi something and he hasn’t kept that. He confuses and gives stress to his mind to remember the promise . Taking advantage of the situation, Raavi slips away and when they try to stop her, Raashi again distracts them.

When Raavi reaches office she comes to know about her early arrival to the office because of her Siddarth’s appeal. She fumes in anger as though he knows about her classes, he purposely called her to office. She enters his cabin to know that Siddarth [the man because of whom her bought eggs broke] is her boss. He orders her to apologize for making him wait for 11 minutes. As ordered she apologizes and begins to work. He asks about her uncle’s phone number other than his mobile no. as it is not reachable. Raavi is in a dilemma.


Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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