Parvarish 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 16th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ravi all set for her internship interview. Pinky tells her to pick up Sunny from the bus stop and buy eggs as well.

@Raavi and a stranger
Raavi is preparing for her interview and is hit by a car. she falls on the windshield and all the eggs break the guy in the car gets furious. he shouts at raavi for being careless. raavi notices that he was shaving his beard inside the car she taunts him for being so stupid and careless. he gets out of the car and they have a verbal argument. he gives her money to buy eggs and raavi returns the money telling him to buy a cleaner for his windshield.

suuny come and tries to act like a big brother by threatening that guy!!

@Lucky jee and his father

Lucky calls his father who in turns asks him for the train ticket. lucky says he has booked via internet and so will msg him the e-ticket. his father says he doesnt trusts him at all.

@Ginni and Rocky:
Ginni asks Rocky about the gifts they be getting from their dada jee. they both get excited and plan up calling dada jee telling him not to get any gifts from the village so that they can have their choice of gifts from Delhi as if he gets gifts then sweety wont allow him to give the kids any thing more. ginni wants a guitar n rocky wants 3D games.

@Raavi’s office:

Raavi reaches the office. there she hears a girl (who came for the interview) grumbling and stating that everything is planned. they are asking weird questions and moreover they already know who to appoint.

then raavi also overhears the receptionist talking on the phone about some Megha who is related to the company’s boss and will get appointed directly.

@Ginni and Rocky:

both are trying to call dada jee. sweety comes. they tell her their plans. sweety says their dada jee has never asked a single penny from their father so how can they (kids) demands such expensive gifts from him. both of them insist Sweety for buying the gifts (guitar and games) for them as Baisakhi gifts.

@Raavi’s office:
Receptionist is calling out “Megha Goel’s” name who is now where to be found. Raavi stands up saying she is megha goel.

she then goes to the cabin for the interview. there to her surprise her boss is no one else but the same stranger.
he thinks she has come all the way to say sorry. raavi says she doubts any one can learn anything under him. he then calls her dumb for giving a stupid advice like cleaning the windshield with acid.

raavi then says she is Megha Goel. the guy asks for her papers. Ravi is hesitant. the man gets irritated. some one else enters the room inquiring about Megha Goel. Raavi says she’s megha. the man directly appoints her for the internship without looking at the papers.


Update Credit to: neha

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